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Hey guys. So my rendering mood kinda died out and I'm trying to get my writing mood back on. I have 2 novels planned out for after the Zeref Saga (which should end in about 3 chapters). The first novel will focus on what happened to Karya in the 2 years timeskip. Why he chose to not follow his father's way of ruling the world and decided to just rule over Hell and not have anything to do with the World of the Living. The second one will be kinda like how Naruto Shippuden, Bleach and DBZ had movies. I originally didn't want to make it canon to the story, but I think I will. The story is set 2 weeks after the events of the Zeref Saga and it's gonna have something to do with time and space. I have the script for that one ready. If I don't finish the script for Karya's novel, then I'll do that one after the "movie" Novel. I found this song which works well with the "movie" Novel in case you're interested. [link] Stay tuned!
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John Wilson
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Name : Uchiha Dark
Specie : Hedgehog, Demon.
Gender : Male.
Village : Konohagakure.
Current Kage of the village : Uzumaki Naruto - Hokage.
Rank : Chunin.
Jinchuriki : Yes.
Bijuu : Kurama (Hell Clone)
Elements : Katon, Raiton, Enton.
Jutsu knowledge : Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Senjutsu.
Favourite Jutsu : Chidori, Enton : Kagutsuchi.
Kekke Genkai : Sharingan, Rinnegan.
Special Abilities : Modo RaienAku.

Relationships :

Family : Uchiha Angellica (Mother, Deceased); The Great Demon Lord Byoukaku (Father, Deceased), Karya (Brother), Uchiha Haruno Sakura (Adoptive Mother), Uchiha Sasuke (Adoptive Father), Uchiha Sarada (Little Sister).

Wife : Casey. :iconknuxrocks28:

Rival : Uzumaki Jorge. :iconj-thedemoniclighthog:

Best Friends : Uzumaki Jorge :iconj-thedemoniclighthog: and Galxina the Psychic Cat :icondarkmythicpsychiccat:

Team 7 : Uzumaki Naruto, Uzumaki Jorge :iconj-thedemoniclighthog:, Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Dark, Uchiha Haruno Sakura, Galxina the Psychic Cat :icondarkmythicpsychiccat:.
Leading Jonin : Hatake Kakashi.




The Devil you know :

The next day after the battle of Tartaros :

*alarm clock ringing*

Dark : *covered up in his sheets**slowly stretches his hand out and stops the alarm* Mmm... *gets up**fur all messy**stretches and yawns*... *rubbing his neck**gets out of bed**walking to the bathroom and washes up*.... *yawning*... *looks in the mirror* !?
Fleetway : *in the mirror* Keh!
Dark : *shakes his head and rubs his eyes**looks again and just sees his own reflection*... *washes his face*...

Downstairs :

Sasuke : *walks out of the kitchen* I'm off then.
Sakura : *washing the dishes* Okay! Be careful, Sasuke-Kun!
Sasuke : Yeah. Hm?
Dark : *walks down the stairs* =.= *walking towards the kitchen* Ohayo, Tou-San, Kaa-San.
Sasuke : Ohayo.
Sakura : Ohayo, Dark-Kun. ^_^
Dark : *sits down and eats his breakfast silently*...
Sakura : *looks at him* ?
Sasuke : How's your arm?
Dark : Mm? *looks at his left arm and rubs it* Good. Feels like it never got blown up in the first place. Gotta hand it to Gal. Her healing abilities are beyond anything I've ever seen. *eating*
Sasuke : Good. Well, I'm going. I'll see you two later.
Dark : Where are you going? A mission?
Sasuke : No, it's not exactly a mission. I have some things I need to check. *takes his cloak and puts it on* Once I have a lead I might be gone for a long time. For now I'm still searching for that lead.
Dark : Can I come?
Sasuke : No, it's alright. *walks to him and ruffles his fur* Stay here. You're still recovering. Don't force yourself. I'll be back by dinner time.
Dark : Okay.
Sasuke : Ja na. *walks out of the house*
Dark : *finishes eating* Gochiso sama. *takes the dishes away*
Sakura : *takes them from him and smiles at him*
Dark : *walks silently to the couch and sits down*...
Sakura : *looks at him*... *puts the dishes down in the sink and walks to him* Dark-Kun, is everything okay? You're very silent today.
Dark : Uh? Oh. It's nothing. I guess I'm still a bit tired.
Sakura : We've been fighting constantly for 6 hours. It's normal. You can go sleep some more if you want.
Dark : No, I'm okay. *gets up* I think I'll go take a walk and go practice my new power.
Sakura : Okay. Don't force yourself, okay?
Dark : Hai.

Down the streets of Konoha :

Dark : *walking*... *a few people run up to him* Huh?
Civilian : *male* Ooh! It's Uchiha Dark-Kun! *leans his hand at him* It's an honor to finally meet you, sir!
Dark : *blinks confused* Uhh... *shakes his hand* Likewise.
Civilian 2 : *female* We wanted to thank you for all that you've done! *bows down*
Dark : What'd I do?
Civilian 3 : *male* Are you kidding? You saved our village from that monster and his men! And word got out that you defeated the Black Wizard Zeref!
Dark : Oh. Yeah, I did.
Civilian : Na, come on, don't be so modest! *scratching the back of his head* I have a 7 years old son who wasn't too interested in becoming a Shinobi, but after hearing about you he dragged me to the academy to sign him up! He really looks up to you now!
Civilian 2 : You're a hero, just like Uzumaki Naruto-Sama!
Dark : *thinking : Naruto-Sama!? Never thought I'd see the day that I hear that.**scratching the back of his head* W-Well, thanks for the praising. But I didn't do it for fame. I did it because it was right.
Civilian 3 : Indeed. I've looked up on your other deeds! You freed Kagegakure from one of Zeref's demons, didn't you?
Dark : Ah, well it was all of Dainanahan there. I just delivered the final blow.
Civilian : And is it true that you're the son of a Demon Lord and you took him down?
Dark : I... Well... Yeah..
Civilian 2 : *hits the guy with her elbow* Hey, no! That's a personal topic! You shouldn't ask him about that!
Dark : No, it's okay. Anyway, I should get going. *walks past them and waves* Take care!
Civilian 3 : Yeah! You too!
Dark : *walking*... *stops after a while*... This place... *arrived at the neighbourhood where he fought Nova*... This is where it happened the first time...

Flashback :

Nova : You have wasted enough of my time, Uchiha Dark...
Dark (Demonized) : *opens his eyes widely**his eyes are pitch black, with no iris or pupil* YOU BASTARD!!! *aura bursts*
Nova : !? What's this?
Kakashi : Dark?
Dark (Demonized) : *stands up**light purple thunders striking around him* RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! *aura bursts*
Naruto : *comes out very slowly**holding his chest**panting hard* D-Dark... No... Ngh!
Sasuke : *stands up**panting hard, holding his shoulder* Ngh!
Jorge : *crawls his way close to the battle**panting* Wh-What the...?
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : *aura flowing**spreads his arms as the aura disappears**floats up as darkness surrounds him and drops to the ground, fading in the shadows*
Nova : !?!? Th-This is not what I expected...


Nova : *aura bursts hard* RAAAAAAAGH!!! THIS IS THE END!!!
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : *stops absorbing Chakra**spreads his arms as a large black aura bursts* HAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHA!! *dashes at him*
Nova : *dashes*
Both : *dash around each other at incredible speed, everyone only seeing shadows dash around each other*
Nova : *throws a hard punch*
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : *deflects it**kicks him hard**kicks him again even harder**punches him hard**keeps hitting him repeatetly very hard**spin kicks him to the ground**jumps and slams himself down on Nova**rapid kicking him deeper into the ground like a drill**curls up into a ball and spins very fast, cutting Nova with his quills*
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : *grabs him and punches him hard in the gut**lays a series of light speed and hard as steel hits* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *flashes through him repeatetly, thunders striking him each time*


Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : Hehehehehe!! *aura bursts* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *red blood veins slowly start to form at the edges of his eyes*
Kaera : *grabs him and hugs him from behind**hugging tight*... Dark...
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : !! *aura fades away*
Kaera : *sniff**sinks her face in his back* Stop it... Please... You're scaring me... You're scaring us all...
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : *eyes twitching*... *starts to revert back to normal slowly*

Flashbacks end :

Dark : .... *walks away*

Training Field, 3 hours later :

Dark : *panting**craters around him**looks at his hand* Still... Not enough...

Flashback :

Fleetway : *forms in front of him and uppercuts his jaw*
END (Modo Enryuu) : Agh!
Fleetway : *kicks him away* HAA!!
END (Modo Enryuu) : *slides back* Ngh!
Fleetway : *black aura engulfed in violet lightning forms around him* Heheheh! Fine, I'll fight in a manner that you're used to! *inhales*
END (Modo Enryuu) : !!
Fleetway : RaikageAku no HOKKO!!! *fires a black shadow blast engulfed in violet lightning*
END (Modo Enryuu) : NUAAAGH!! *thrown back into a wall*
Fleetway : *appears right in front of him**punches him hard in the gut*
END (Modo Enryuu) : AAAAGH!!
Fleetway : *punches him repeatedly at high speed* Hehehehe! HEHEHEHEH!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!
END (Modo Enryuu) : NUAAAGH!!
Fleetway : *grabs his head and pulls him out of the wall**smashes his head repeatedly into the ground very hard**smashes it in one more time and pushes hard* Heheheh! *fires a huge blast*

Flashback ends :

Dark : .....

In the village :

Dark : *walking*.... *thinking : Oh, it's lunch time. Come on, Kurama, I promised you a bowl of Ramen.*

Kurama : Mm!

Dark : *walks inside Ichiraku* Teuchi-San, Ayame-San! 2 extra large Miso, please!
Teuchi : Comin' right up, Dark!
Dark : *sits down and taps his belly**pulls hand away and a vermilion mass of Chakra flows out*
Kurama : *forms as a chibi on the seat next to him* Ramen time!
Dark : *smiles at him*
Kurama : You're troubled.
Dark : Huh? No, I'm okay.
Kurama : Dark, I live inside your body. I can hear your thoughts and I can feel your emotions. Look, if you're worried about the Demon inside of you, do something about it.
Dark : What can I do? He made himself pretty clear, yesterday. *looks down* He's part of me. Really part of me. I was born with him in my soul. And that's something I need to deal with. I can't kill him, and he needs me alive in order for him to survive. I'm not worried at all about what he'll do to me. I'm worried of what he'll do to those around me. I'd like to try and gain his trust like I did yours. He's strong. I admit that. And he's saved my skin more than once. But he made that part clear too...

Flashback :

Fleetway : I want to protect you, you idiot. Because if you get yourself killed, then I die as well, and that's no fun for me. But make no mistake, I won't bow down to you and hand over my power like the fox did. The moment I see an opening, I will take over your body and kill everybody in my sight... Hehehe... Besides... It's boring if the hero doesn't have a dark side, wouldn't you agree?

Flashback ends :

Dark : ...
Kurama : ... *closes his eyes* Hmmm... *opens them* Well, in the end it comes down to this. The only way you can keep him away is by overpowering him. And if you can't do that on your own... *looks at him and grins* Then I'll give you a hand.
Dark : *looks at him*... *grins* Yeah! Thanks, Kurama!
Kurama : Hn!
Teuchi : *gives them their orders* Yosh, have a good meal!
Kurama : Let's dig in. And then we'll go back for more training.
Dark : Yeah! Itadakimasu!

Training Field, evening :

Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : HAAAAAAAA!!!! *aura bursting around him**shaking* Ngh! Gh!

Flashback :

Fleetway : SWITCH WITH ME!!

Dark : *widens eyes* Ngh!! *holds his face with his left hand**falls in his right knee**shivering and struggling*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : ?

Fleetway : This son of a bitch deserves what's coming to him! Switch with me and let me kill him!! Come on!!

Dark : *struggling**left eye sclera begins to get covered by a dark mass very slowly**thinking : Go away... Go away, go away, go away!!*

Fleetway : You can't beat him on your own, aibou! Inside of him is also a-...

Dark : *thinking : Damare!! Just shut up and behave!!*

Fleetway : *grins* HAHAHAHAHA!!! Is that really what you want?! Or do you want to kill this punk?!! Strangle him! Rip him appart! Skin him alive!! Rip his arms out and beat him to death with them!! Let me at 'im!! I'm going to make him shit his pants before I strike him down and send him straight to Hell!!

Flashback ends :

Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *struggling**aura flashing and flickering* HAAAAAAA!!!!!! *aura bursts away* Nagh! *reverts back to normal and falls down**panting hard**hears footsteps* Uh? *looks behind him*
Sasuke : *walks up to him*
Dark : Tou-San. *panting*
Sasuke : *looks around at the destroyed area* I think I should find you a new place to train. This Training Field is used by everyone in the Village and you're pretty much tearing it apart.
Dark : *panting* Y-Yeah. Sorry. *pant*
Sasuke : *looks at him* ... Hn. Come on. Let's go home. I think you've trained enough for one day.
Dark : Okay.

That night :

Dark : *laying in his bed, staring at the ceiling*....

Flashback :

Fleetway : I want to protect you, you idiot. Because if you get yourself killed, then I die as well, and that's no fun for me. But make no mistake, I won't bow down to you and hand over my power like the fox did. The moment I see an opening, I will take over your body and kill everybody in my sight... Hehehe... Besides... It's boring if the hero doesn't have a dark side, wouldn't you agree?

Flashback ends :

Dark : *closes his eyes**thinking : It's strange... I've never encountered him before I died... Or did I? Back then, before I followed Tou-San at Orochimaru-San's place, I had a hard time befriending Kurama too. Maybe I was too busy with that to notice him...**remembers when he met Darkrai and demonized for the first time*.... *remembers when he fought Karya for the first time and started to lose himself a bit to his Demon Form's power**opens his eyes**thinking : Could that have been him...? That would mean that my Demon Form comes from him... Come to think of it, each time he came out, I was fighting in my Demon Form... Then... The more I use it, the better the chances for him to take over are...? I need to figure this out before-...*

Fleetway : Before what?!

Dark : !! *quickly raises his upper body*

Fleetway : You've kept your mind on this the whole day! Are you trying to scare yourself or something? Hehehehe! I thought I made myself clear, back then. I'll keep popping up whenever your life is in danger and I'm gonna slaughter everyone I see fit! And there's not a damn thing you can do about it! I'll say it again. I'm trying to protect you! To keep you from dying! But I'm not the good cop here. Oh no, I'll do things my way! I'll keep getting closer and closer to you until I can take over your body whenever I want, without needing to wait for an opening! So stop worrying your empty head over little ol' me! You want to keep me away? Then stop hesitating! Use your killer instincts! Stop thinking during battle! It only gives your enemies time to counterattack! If I see even a bit of hesitation, not only will I come out and go wild, but I'll also drag you down here and beat the living shit out of you! Did I make myself clear? Hehehehehe! See you around...

Dark : .... *smirks* Hn. Okay... I get it... *thinking : You can't have it... I won't let you have it... It's my body. My power. And I won't give them to you... You want to see me go wild and not give my enemies a chance to breathe? Fine. If that's the only way to keep you tamed, then so be it. But even so, don't expect me to be merciless. It's just not me. I won't kill my enemies unless absolutely necesary... But alright. I got your message. And I'll do whatever is in my power to push you back.*.... *leans back and closes his eyes**falls asleep*

Fleetway : Heh... Finally... *grins* I knew we could come to an agreement... King... Hehehehehehe!

The end.
Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's child Part 31.1
A shot special chapter that acts kind of like an epilogue before the epilogue (lol) to Part 31. The epilogue of Part 31 took place 2 days after Dark's battle with Jorge. Here's what happened with Dark in between that time. 

The story follows Dark as he goes about his daily routine, only he is troubled because of his Inner Demon getting stronger every day and starting to posses him much easier each time.

All Naruto related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.
Fleetway by foxmaster55
The Inner Demon. The raw power. And the source of despair.

I really love this character. Out of all the characters I made, I love Fleetway even more than Dark. There's just something about him which makes me love writing scenes with him. And it's always been that way since I created him way back. What about you guys? Any love for this insane bloodthirsty psychopathic devil?
Fairy Tail 470 - Acnologia by foxmaster55
Fairy Tail 470 - Acnologia
After reading Fairy Tail 470 I just HAD to color this panel! Human Acnologia in his full glory!I'm really proud of how this came out, honestly. Took me a good 3 hours but it was worth it!


Decided to add my logo to avoid anybody stealing and claiming this as their own.

Line art and colors by me.
Original image…
Acnologia (C) Hiro Mashima.
The battle against Zeref's forces was finally over. The mobians of Dainanahan, Dark, Galxina and Jorge, assembled to face against Zeref himself. The battle was overwhelming and one-sided, as Zeref only toyed with the 3. But then, Taka had joined the battle and together with Dark, they have turned the tides of the battle. Zeref was at last defeated. But just as it seemed that all is well and Konoha's teams were ready to head home, Jorge attempted to assassinate Sasuke. Alerted of this by his Inner Demon, Dark stops Jorge just in time. With everybody shocked by what just happened, the two hedgehogs now prepare for their final battle.

Jorge : *glaring at Dark**growling* You...!!!
Dark : *glaring at him**grips tight in Jorge's wrist, making him drop the Kunai*
Jorge : !! *pulls his hand away and leaps back**narrows eyes*
Dark : ...
Naruto : JORGE!!! What the fuck do you think you're doing-ttebayo?!!
Jorge : Shut up. You knew this was coming.
Naruto : I had hoped that you coming here to fight alongside your teammates meant that you've changed!!
Jorge : No. I came here to assist because nobody is allowed to kill Dark... Besides me...
Naruto : !!
Dark : ...
Kakashi : Jorge. What happened to you? What made you change so much?
Jorge : What made me change so much? Ask him! *points at Dark* The almighty son of THE FUCKING DEVIL!! He's basically holding a sign above his head saying "I am evil"!!
Kakashi : How can you say that? He saved the world from his father. He saved Konoha from Nova. And now, he saved the world from Zeref.
Jorge : Bullshit. Remember his fight with Nova! How he released that power! You didn't look into his eyes like I did! I could feel the pure evil within him!
Kakashi : *narrows eyes* He's not the one who killed 2 innocent people...
Jorge : Sacrifices. Those fools were in the way. What's 2 lives compared to billions?
Naruto : *grabs his own chest**panting*
Hinata : !! Naruto-Kun, what's wrong?!
Sakura : Naruto! *checks him* He's... He's having a stroke from the shock! Naruto, breathe normally! Calm down!
Naruto : *panting* I-I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm fine... *panting*
Kakashi : *thinking : Naruto was never good at keeping his emotions in check... To see Jorge like this... He must be going insane... * Are you happy now, Jorge...? You caused your father a heart attack...
Jorge : He's not my father...
Naruto : *widens eyes* J-Jorge...?
Jorge : He betrayed me like you all... Turned your back at me... It's always the same... Always the fucking same... But now it's all clear to me... I will rid the world of the cursed clan of the Uchiha, and unify it under one common threat. Me. By becoming their enemy, I will lead this world to a new era of peace and understanding. A revolution.
Taka : What was that?! *rushes at him*
Dark : *stretches his arm in front of him*
Taka : !? *stops*
Dark : No, Taka... I will fight Jorge...
Jorge : ...
Dark : This is what you trained me for, isn't it, Naruto-Senpai... It all comes down to this...
Naruto : Dark...
Dark : I'll bring him back to his senses. I promise...
Naruto : ... *walks towards him**holds his fist out* Arigatou...
Dark : ? *bumps fists with him* !

Kurama : Hm? *looks to his left*
Naruto's Kurama : How's it going, my other?
Kurama : What are you doing here?
Naruto's Kurama : The brat suggested I give you a free refill. And I want to congratulate you for taking down Acnologia.
Kurama : He escaped, though...
Naruto's Kurama : Doesn't matter. You sliced off his arm and made him run away like the coward he is. *holds his fist out* You deserve a recharge.
Kurama : Hn. Feels odd receiving Chakra from myself. Alright. *bumps fists with him* Thanks.
Naruto's Kurama : Hn!

Dark : Heheh...
Naruto : *smiles at him**pulls back after a while* I hope it's enough.
Dark : It's plenty. Thanks!
Jorge : *narrows his eyes**thinking : Look at them... They're worshiping him like a God... When in reality, he's the incarnation of evil... They'll see... They'll all see...* Hehehehe!
Everyone : ?
Jorge : *grabs his own face and shivers* Hehehehehehe!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Dark : ....
Jorge : Hehehehehe!! Hnhnhnhn!! *shakes his head and pants* I'm going to kill you... I'm going to kill you and everybody related to you!!
Dark : ... Alright... But not here. Follow me. *looks at everyone* We'll be back shortly. Please go ahead and go back to the village. No use waiting for us here.
Kakashi : *nods*...
Kaera : *walks up to him*
Dark : Kaera...
Kaera : *grabs him* Come back to me... Okay...?
Dark : *smiles and wraps his arms around her* Of course...
Kaera : *gives him a deep kiss*
Dark : *kissing deep*.... ? *notices something*
Kaera : *uses her Chakra to blow fire into his mouth while kissing him* Mmm...
Dark : *inhaling the fire**hugging her tighter* Mm...
Kaera : *pulls back after a while* I'm sorry. It's not much. I'm kinda low on power.
Dark : No, it's okay. *touches her cheek* It's your fire. And that's what will give me power.
Kaera : *holds his hand over her cheek and smiles*
Jorge : Are you done?
Dark : I'll be back, my love.
Kaera : Yeah. I'll be waiting.
Dark : *steps back from her* Alright Jorge. Let's go. *dashes off*
Jorge : *dashes after him*
Naruto : ......
Hinata : Naruto-Kun... *touches his back*
Naruto : He's... Lost... I failed as a father... I failed him...
Sasuke : You didn't fail. You knew it would come to this and prepared Dark for it. All we can do now, is believe in him.
Naruto : Yeah. You're right... I believe...

Dark : *dashing through the forest*
Jorge : *dashing behind him*... *reaches for his sword*
Dark : No cheating, Jorge. You'll have your chance to use your sword in battle.
Jorge : ....

At the Valley of the End (NOTE : Naruto and Sasuke's final battle took place after the Pain attack. They didn't destroy the Valley of the End because they didn't have that kind of power back then. That's why it's intact now) :

Dark : *lands on Madara's statue*
Jorge : *lands on Hashirama's statue* I knew you'd pick this place... This is where they fought... And this is where I will end you...
Dark : Hn. I let you take Hashirama's statue because I know you hate Uchiha's. Though the roles are a bit reversed now.
Jorge : What are you talking about? The roles are not reversed. You're the villain who wants to destroy the world, and I'm the hero who will take you down and save everybody.
Dark : I always thought you were brain damaged, but you just confirmed it.
Jorge : Ah, yes, go ahead and throw your one-liners at me. I'll feel so good when I rip your lungs out.
Dark : Hn. Good luck with that.
Jorge : Hehehe.
Dark : I still don't understand. What made you change this way? What made you hate me so badly?
Jorge : Hm. I suppose I could enlighten you before I kill you. I hate Uchihas. Every cataclyst has been triggered by an Uchiha. Madara had put Kurama under his control to attack Konoha. Obito used Kurama to attack Konoha and in doing so, killed Minato, Kushina, and Tenth. Sasuke betrayed the village. Obito started a war. Him and Madara killed Twelfth. And the list goes on.
Dark : ... *lowers his eyelids*

Flashback to after the Pain attack :

Dark : *walking with Sasuke through the destroyed Konoha* Senpai, I have a question for you.
Sasuke : Yes?
Dark : Why did our clan organize the Coup d'Etat?
Sasuke : Hmm... They were shoved in a corner of the village, isolated from everybody else. And when that Masked Man attacked the village using Kurama's power, everybody blamed the Uchiha for it. They were at their limit. And Danzo ordered the kill.
Dark : Oh... I see...
Sasuke : Though, truth be spoken... I understand now why Itachi didn't hesitate.
Dark : Huh?
Sasuke : The Uchiha were flawed. It's a truth which I have to accept, their hunger for power and dominance would have started another war. I don't say that they deserved to die. But it's the truth that they were out of control. I want to establish a new Uchiha Clan that won't have these flaws. A Clan which can live in harmony with the rest of the world.. *looks to his left and sees Sakura in the distance*...
Dark : ? *smirk* Reaaaally~?
Sasuke : !? Wh-What?
Dark : Is that a blush I see? Hehehehe!
Sasuke : Shut up!
Dark : Hehehe!

Flashback ends :

Dark : It's true... The Uchiha were a clan cursed with hatred and thrown in the darkness. They've cause a lot of pain. A lot of suffering. And a lot of deaths.
Jorge : ...
Dark : But that clan is dead now. It's time to look ahead at tomorrow and help build a better future. But killing people and becoming the bad guy isn't the way to do it, Jorge.
Jorge : ... Shut up... Just shut the fuck up... What do you know, huh!? I've lived for centuries!! I've witnessed so many deaths!! And you are wrong! It's always the same bullshit!! But I'll change it! You'll see! No, wait, actually you won't. Because I'm going to kill you right here and now!
Dark : Heh... Nothing I say will wake you up huh? How nostalgic...
Jorge : Nostalgic?
Dark : Yeah. Just like that time I left the village. Only the roles were reversed.
Jorge : I was a fool back then! I should have killed you then!
Dark : *chuckles*..... So should have I... *Sharingan*
Jorge : *narrows eyes*...
Dark : ... *closes his eyes*

Flashback :

Shippuden Era :

Jorge : ... Why...?
Dark : ?
Jorge : Why didn't you kill me back then! Dark!!
Dark : ... *closes his eyes*... It was on a whim...
Jorge : !?
Dark : You were not worth killing back then... *disappears*
Lilth : !?
Kaera : !?
Dark : *appears to Jorge's left, facing behind him, his left arm stretched around Jorge's neck, grabbing his right shoulder**right hand on the hilt of his sword* Just as now... *draws out his sword* You will lose your life on a whim...
Lilth : !!
Kaera : !! *thinking : S-So fast!
Dark : Come to think of it... Didn't you want to become Hokage? You should have chased down that dream, instead of wasting your time, coming after me. Don't you think so, Jorge?
Jorge : ... Can someone who can't even save his friend, be worthy of becoming Hokage...? What do you think... Dark...?

Flashbacks end :

Dark : ... You said that, didn't you?...
Jorge : ?
Dark : Though I'm not interested in becoming Hokage... So I'll say it this way... *glares at him* Someone who can't even save his friend... Is not worthy of calling himself a Konoha Shinobi.
Jorge : !
Dark : I'm going to bring you back to your senses. Even if I have to break you apart to do so!
Jorge : Is that so... !! Hck!!
Dark : !?

Jorge's Kurama : I'm sorry, Jorge, but I can't allow you to go through with this!

Jorge : Y-You... Traitor!! You defy me!?

Jorge's Kurama : You're not well! It's because of whatever this new guy in here is! Until I get rid of him, stay put!

Jorge : We'll see about that!! *slams his hand on his own stomach and twists*

Jorge's Kurama : !? *gate closes in front of him and seals up* JORGE!! *tries to open the gate*

Jorge : *panting*
Dark : What did you do?
Jorge : Nothing. It doesn't matter.
Dark : ... Something is very wrong with you, Jorge...
Jorge : There is nothing wrong with me! Now hurry up and come at me!!
Dark : .... *dashes at him*
Jorge : Hn! *dashes at him*
Both : *slam their forearms together hard*

Sasuke : It's begun...
Kakashi : ...
Naruto : ..... *looks up at the sky**thinking : Dark... Please... Please bring my son back...*

Dark : *pushing his left arm against Jorge's right arm* Ngh!
Jorge : Grrr!! *throws a spin kick at him*
Dark : *grabs his leg**both start falling**spins around and throws him*
Jorge : *crashes in the face of the Madara statue* Gh!
Dark : *falling**snaps a Kunai in his hand and throws it at him*
Jorge : *throws 2 Shuriken at the Kunai, deflecting it**dashes at him*
Dark : *throws a Shuriken**Shuriken hits the Kunai, making it fall down at Jorge*
Jorge : !! *evades, the Kunai scrapping his shoulder a bit* Agh!
Dark : *spins backwards slowly, landing on his feet* Hm... *looks up* !?
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *his Bijuu Mode Kurama body has darker colors than usual**slams his hand down at him*
Dark : *twitches**enters Kurama Mode and grabs his hand, pushing him back*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : Ngh! *losing balance*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *claws him on the chest**punches him hard in the gut*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *steps back and loses control**Kurama's body fades away**falls down*
Dark : *Kurama's body pulls him out and throws him at Jorge, then fading away*
Jorge : *looks up* !!
Dark : *zooming at him* WAKE UP TO YOUR SENSES!!! *punches him extremely hard in the cheek, ground cracking underneath Jorge's feet*
Jorge : *falls back* Unf!
Dark : *panting*
Jorge : *glares at him* Grrr!!
Dark : *pant* !? *gets stabbed in the ribs on both sides by Kage Bunshins* Wh-When did he?! *bunshins pull the kunais out hard, lots of blood squirting out* NUAAAGH!!
Jorge : *rushes at him and kicks him hard**leaps at him and starts laying hard combos on him**kicks him into the water*
Dark : *falling underwater* Guulp!!

Kurama : Crap! *slams his hands together* I'll use my Chakra to seal the wounds!

Dark : *garlgling underwater**clenches his fists**dashes up*
Jorge : *panting* Whew....
Dark : *uppercuts him hard, lifting him in the air**spin kicks him hard*
Jorge : *bouncing on the water like a rock**hits a wall hard* Gaah!!
Dark : *lands on the water**panting**sides wounds heal* Ngh!
Jorge : *comes out* Grrrr!!! *clenches his fists hard**dark violet aura steaming out of him**enters Sage Mode*
Dark : !?
Jorge (Sage Mode) : I'm going to tear you APART!!! *disappears*
Dark : !! *thinking : Fast! Even with my Sharingan--*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *punches him hard in the face**sends him flying with force*
Dark : Haack!! *crashes deep in a wall*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *aura bursting* I'll kill you! I'LL KILL YOU!! *forms 8 Bunshins, each holding an Oodama Rasengan**all of them rush at the hole in the wall* Huh!? *large blast of black flames erupts from the wall, vaporizing all the Bunshins* ....
Dark (Demonized) : *walks out**panting*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *growling in anger**draws out his katana and rushes at him*
Dark (Demonized) : *draws out his sword**dashes*
Both : *clash their swords hard at high speed**swing hard and clash, pushing against each other's sword*
Dark (Demonized) : Ngh!!
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *growling**draws out a Kunai and shoves it up Dark's chest*
Dark (Demonized) : HUACK!! *coughs blood and steps back*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *keeps thrusting the Kunai in his chest**slashes his sword aside and cuts him hard on the right shoulder*
Dark (Demonized) : HUAAAAGH!!
Jorge (Sage Mode) : Die! Die!! DIEE!!! *thrusts the Kunai again*
Dark (Demonized) : *grabs it**grips very tight on it and breaks it*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : !?
Dark (Demonized) : *glares at him and cuts him hard on the chest*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : AAAGH!!
Dark (Demonized) : I've had ENOUGH!!! *slashes him at high speed multiple times**eyes become pitch black with no iris* ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLSHIT!!! *slashes him one more time before throwing his sword away**fists engulfed in black flames**punches him very hard in the face*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : AAAGH!! AAAH!!
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : *the markings cover his entire body but his fur becomes dark silver and messy and skin darkens a bit**punches him hard at high speed* You want to kill me!? HUH!? HUH!? WELL YOU WON'T!! Because I will kill you RIGHT NOW!!! *punches him again and grabs his face, gripping hard*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : Aagh!! *shoves the Kunai up his throat*
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : NUAGH!! *throws him away**steps back and pulls the Kunai out**heals instantly**growling*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : Hehehe! That's right. Show your true colors!
Dark (Fleetway Demon Form) : !!.... *breathes in deeply and reverts back to normal**breathes out slowly*... No. I won't let that power take over again..
Jorge (Sage Mode) : Hn. Too bad for you. *forms a Rasengan**Rasengan looks a lot darker with a purple hue on the edges*
Dark : That's not good. *enters his Demon Form**forms an Inton Chidori*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *dashes at him*
Dark (Demon Form) : *dashes at him*
Both : *clash hard*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *grins*
Dark (Demon Form) : Ngh!... !? *blasted back hard**crashes into a wall* N-Ngh! *touches his stomach**bleeding hard* What...? How...?
Jorge (Sage Mode) : Like my new trick...? *grins*
Dark (Demon Form) : *panting hard**reverts to normal slowly**wound slowly healing**thinking : Darn it, how did he get so strong...? I'm not sure I can win this, honestly... I... *

Fleetway : SWITCH WITH ME!!

Dark : *widens eyes* Ngh!! *holds his face with his left hand**falls in his right knee**shivering and struggling*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : ?

Fleetway : This son of a bitch deserves what's coming to him! Switch with me and let me kill him!! Come on!!

Dark : *struggling**left eye sclera begins to get covered by a dark mass very slowly**thinking : Go away... Go away, go away, go away!!*

Fleetway : You can't beat him on your own, aibou! Inside of him is also a-...

Dark : *thinking : Damare!! Just shut up and behave!!*

Fleetway : *grins* HAHAHAHAHA!!! Is that really what you want?! Or do you want to kill this punk?!! Strangle him! Rip him appart! Skin him alive!! Rip his arms out and beat him to death with them!! Let me at 'im!! I'm going to make him shit his pants before I strike him down and send him straight to Hell!!

Kurama : *thinking : This is bad, no matter how you look at it... I can't suppress him anymore... But, I do have free access around the brat's body and mind... And he has "their" Chakra within him. Which means I can do this!**hand sign*

Jorge (Sage Mode) : *thinking : He seems distracted. I must take this chance.**draws out a Kunai and wallks towards him**sclera becomes black*

Jack : That's it, Jorge. Go for the kill.

Dark : *struggling hard**thinking : I... I can't fight it!! I...!!**feels two hands on his shoulders* !?

Angellica : Believe in yourself...

Dark : !! *thinking : M-Mom...!?... Mom...*

Natsu : Don't give up! He's your friend, isn't he? He didn't give up on you all those years ago, did he?

Dark : *struggling**thinking : Natsu-San...!!*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *spinning the Kunai on his finger**walking* Hehehehe...

Angellica : We're here with you!

Natsu : You're not alone!

Kurama : So go there and kick his ass, brat!!

Dark : *opens his eyes widely* HAAAAAAAAA!!!! *aura bursts*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : !?
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *aura fades away**his wounds healed**thinking : Arigatou... Mom... Natsu-San...**smirks**thinking : But in reality... I have to thank you, don't I... Kurama...

Kurama : Hn. You realized. Sorry, brat. But it was the only way to push that bastard back!

Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *thinking : No, it's okay. Thank you for what you did. I can take him now!*

Kurama : Hn.

Jorge (Sage Mode) : *narrows eyes**flashes into Sage Bijuu Mode but the colors are dark**instead of a light yellow with a golden inner shadow, his body is now orange with a brown inner shadow, and all the brown markings and inner clothing of the Bijuu Mode are now pitch black**sclera still black and iris is blood red*....
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : ? *thinking : Kurama, why does he look like that? That's not pure Bijuu Chakra.*

Kurama : I don't sense the little one's pressence. It's like he just drew Chakra from him but... I think he also has something else in there too, like you do. I feel a strong malevolent power.

Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *thinking : I feel it too... That explains everything now...*
Jorge (SBM) : *eyes twitching**growling**Jack's voice echoing in his head "Kill him"* RAAAAAH!!!! *rushes at him**rapid punches*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *evading**knees him in the chin and punches him in the face*
Jorge (SBM) : Grr!! *rushes at him and lays a rapid punch combo*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *crosses his arms in front of himself, blocking the hits**spreads his arms, spreading Jorge's arms too, and slams the side of his hands down his shoulders*
Jorge (SBM) : AAAAGH!!
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *punching him repeatedly**right fist engulfed in aura* RaienRyuu no TEKKEN!! *uppercuts him hard* HOKKOOO!!! *fires a large blast at him*
Jorge (SBM) : Ngh! *gets hit**explosion**falls down**stands up, shaking**growling**rushes at him and punches him hard and kicks him up high**dashes at him*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *spinning backwards before regaining his balance midair*
Jorge (SBM) : *thrusts his claws at him*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *grabs his hand*
Jorge (SBM) : *thrusts his other hand at him*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *grabs it*
Jorge (SBM) : RAAAGH!! *swings his knee at him*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *swings his knee to deflect it*
Both : *start falling down slowly, hitting their knees against each other*
Jorge (SBM) : Grrr!! *headbutts him hard*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : Agh! *lets go of him*
Jorge (SBM) : *starts punching him repeatedly in the stomach**aura bursts, punching him at high speed**crashes on the ground over him**punching him repeatedly in the face*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : Ngh! Gh! *glares at him* HAAAAAAAA!!!! *releases a powerful energy explosion*
Jorge (SBM) : *thrown away hard**falls in the water*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *stands up**panting*

Kurama : You okay, brat?

Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : I'll live. *panting*
Jorge (SBM) : *bursts out of the water* No. You. Won't!! *stretches his right arm up and forms 6 large RasenShuriken from it*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : !! *dashes fast* That's bad! *dashes up the waterfall*
Jorge (SBM) : *throws them at him*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : *flash stepping to avoid them**Madara and Hashirama's statues begin to crack from the impacts**reaches the top of the waterfall and runs on the water**stops and turns around**panting*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *dashes up, above the waterfall and charges a Bijuu Dama covered in dark purple aura*
Dark (Modo RaienRyuu) : Ngh! *aura bursts**enters Kurama Mode*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *fires it*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : ... *closes his eyes*

Kurama : Wait for it...

Dark (Kurama Mode) : *Bijuu Dama approaching him*....

Kurama : Not yet...

Dark (Kurama Mode) : ....

Kurama : NOW!!

Dark (Kurama Mode) : *opens his eyes and grabs the Bijuu Dama with his left hand, quickly spinning to the right and throwing it back at him*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : !? *gets hit by it and thrown higher in the air before it explodes**falls down at the base of the waterfall*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *looks down at him* Kurama, look. The last time we hit him, his Bijuu Form ran out of power. But this time it didn't and we hit him harder.

Kurama : My guess is, the little one opposed him last time. But this time he has no will in this.

Dark (Kurama Mode) : !!
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *gets up and dashes at him*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *jumps back and lets Jorge crash land where he stood*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *thrusts his claws at him*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *grabs his hand**punches him hard in the cheek**pulls his hand back and uppercuts him hard*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : Agh! *thrown up*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *grabs one of his tails and smashes him hard into the ground*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : Ngh!
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *slams his hands on his shoulders, pinning him down* Did this little rumble wake you up, you dumb bastard?!
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *growling* Just shut the fuck up!! I fucking hate everything about you!! I can't stand looking at you or hearing your voice!! I can't think of a morning when I woke up and didn't think about strangling you to death!! And when I see what a dangerous blood thirsty animal you are, I knew it was up to me to stop you!!

Kurama : This guy's going senile.

Jorge (Kurama Mode) : So give up!! I am the hero this world deserves!! I am their savior!! Not you!! Me!! And I will once again save this world by killing you and your kind!! *Kurama's body opens its mouth and charges a Bijuu Dama*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : !! *quickly leaps back as Jorge fires the Bijuu Dama, letting it zoom out in the sky*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *gets up and rushes at him**violently punching him hard, repeatedly*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : Ngh! *steps hard and pushes himself forward, slamming his hands on the sides of his head*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *holds his head* AAAAGH!!!
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *leaps back, at the edge of the water fall**inhales deep*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : !?
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *Kurama's body gets engulfed in the RaienRyuu aura* Bijuu RaienRyuu no HOKKOOO!!! *fires*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : !! *crosses arms in front of his face as the blast hits**giant explosion**the statues crack and start crumbling a bit*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *panting**thinking : Kurama, give me the verdict.

Kurama : I managed to get a look in his mind. He has something else besides the little one in there. Whatever it is, it consumed him completely. This is not the Jorge you know. He's been consumed. Whatever is left of his conscious is shoved back in a corner of his mind.

Dark(Kurama Mode) : *thinking : I see... What do you suggest we do...?*

Kurama : Get him mad. We need to draw that thing out completely. Then we'll separate him from Jorge and kill the son of a bitch!

Dark (Kurama Mode) : *thinking : Separate him from Jorge's soul? How are we going to do that...?*

Kurama : ... That, my friend, is a very good question...

Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *Kurama's chakra body is damaged**falls in his knees**panting hard**tries to get up*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : *narrows eyes* Stay down! If I wanted it, you'd be dead already!
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : !! *looks up at him* What... Did you just say...?
Dark (Kurama Mode) : You heard me, you pathetic piece of garbage. I've been holding back all this time! I can kill you with a mere thought! You're nothing! You're weak and pathetic! The whole village hates you for what you are! Naruto-Senpai doesn't want me to bring you back, he wants me to kill you! *grins* And he said he prefers training me over you.
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *snaps* HOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH!!!! *aura bursts hard* I'LL FUCKING KILL YOUUUUU!!!!!! *Kurama's body stretches its right arm up, forming a RasenShuriken with a Bijuu Dama as the base, and the Shuriken made of Chakra is dark violet*

Kurama : Wow, brat. You did it.

Dark (Kurama Mode) : *thinking : Hey, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's getting Jorge mad.**Kurama's body raises its right arm up* Let's do this, Kurama! *forms a RasenRyuuken*
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : *eyes gone completely pitch black with no iris* HRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! *pulls his arm back, ready to throw it*
Dark (Kurama Mode) : IKUZO!!! *RasenRyuuken gets engulfed in lightning* Bijuu RaienRyuu no- *throws it* RASENRYUUKEN!!
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : FUCKING DIE!!! *throws it**both attacks collide**gigantic explosion**everything around them gets destroyed, including the 2 statues*

Sakura : ! *looks in the distance*
Sasuke : I felt that... All the way from here...
Naruto : ... *clenches his fist**steps forward*
Sasuke : *grabs him by the shoulder* Naruto. Not yet.
Naruto : But-!
Sasuke : You entrusted Dark with this task. Let him do his job.
Naruto : ... Yeah... Okay...
Kaera : ....

Dark and Jorge : *fall down to the lower level of the Valley of the End**fall on different sides of the river*
Jorge : *bleeding badly**coat completely burned off**shirt's upper left part blown away*....
Dark : *bleeding**vest and gloves burned away**shirt torn up and opened at the chest like a jacket**stands up**covered in Susano'o chakra**panting* I managed to block some damage... *panting**Suano'o Chakra and Sharingan deactivate**panting*
Jorge : *stands up**eyes closed*.....
Dark : *pant**narrows his eyes*
Jorge : *disappears*
Dark : !?
Jorge : *stabs his hand into Dark's chest*
Dark : !!
Jorge : *voice different* Your body is solid. I can't reach your heart... And I can't push further in. Impressive... *opens his eyes and looks at him**sclera is black and iris is yellow* Son of the Devil...
Dark : N-Ngh! Wh-Who the fuck are y-you?!
Jack : It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is my goal.
Dark : Which is...?
Jack : To control the world and make everybody in it my bitch! And for that, you must die. So let's see if you can survive without your fox! *glares in his eyes*
Dark : *eyes widen**heart beat sound*

Dark's Inner World :

Jack : *appears in his true look (I won't describe him. You want to know what he looks like, go to Jorge's page)**looks around* Huh? *inside a mountain area that seems endless**the mountains, cliffs, and ground have an ash-like color and the sky is blood red, filled with pitch black clouds* Where am I...? Why am I not in the fox's chamber...?
??? : Yo...
Jack : ! *looks back*
Fleetway : *in his true look(with the black bandages on his arms and black long coat)**eyelids lowered**smirks* Shoulda' let me know you'd come visit. I'd have cleaned up the place.
Jack : Who are you?
Fleetway : Who am I? How can you ask such a stupid question. I am who I am! I don't have a name!
Jack : ....
Fleetway : Though, let's see.... Hmm..... I suppose you could call me "Fleetway"! *grins*
Jack : Fleetway?
Fleetway : *rubbing the back of his head* Eh, just a name I picked up from some British comic books that Dark reads sometimes.
Jack : Enough of this nonsense! I demand that you take me to the fox's chamber right now!
Fleetway : Heeeeey, heeey, chillax. *grins* You ain't got any right to demand anything here...
Jack : *narrows eyes* You disrespectful creature... Don't you know who I am!
Fleetway : No idea. And I'm pretty sure it'd irrelevant too.
Jack : Nani!?
Fleetway : You're just trash that found its way here. And now you're on my turf. *grins widely and widens his eyes* So let's have some fun! *disappears*
Jack : !!
Fleetway : *hits him hard as he appears* Heheh!
Jack : *crashing through a mountain**hits a wall* Ngh!
Fleetway : *appears**grabs his head**pulls him out and smashes him again, harder**grips tight and throws him hard, sending him flying in the ground*
Jack : *crashes in the ground* GURAAAAH!!
Fleetway : *lands hard, kneeing him in the stomach* What's wrong? Ya sure talk big but you're just a punching bag in the end, eh?
Jack : *opens his eyes widely**twitches and pushes Fleetway back with wind*
Fleetway : *lands* Heheh! There you go!
Jack : *stands up* How DARE you..!! *summons his sword*
Fleetway : Aww is the little prince mad? *draws out his sword**his sword looks just like Dark's but the blade is black and the handle is white with a dark grey stripe across it*
Jack : Grrr!! *dashes at him*
Fleetway : Heh! *dashes**clashes his sword with his* Hehehehe!
Both : *pull back and slash hard, clashing their sword at high speed*
Fleetway : ORAAA!! *swings hard*
Jack : ! *blocks**the impact sends him flying**lands on a wall*
Fleetway : *slams his left hand on the bottom of the sword's hilt and pulls out a dark purple string of lightning**holding the string with both hands and spins his sword around like a propeller* I'm diggin' this! I've never fully let myself loose before! *swings the sword at him hard* HRREAAAH!!
Jack : !! *leaps out of the way**the sword hits the wall and the mountain crumbles apart**thinking : This brute force... This insanity... What is this creature?**dashes down at him* HAA!!
Fleetway : *pulls hard on the string* HAHAAA!!
Jack : !! *looks back as Fleetway's sword comes flying at him**tries to block but gets pushes back down hard*
Fleetway : *strikes him hard in the spine as he approaches him*
Jack : *feels his spine cracking* AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!
Fleetway : *pulls his hand back and spin kicks him away**pulls the string and grabs his sword back by the hilt*
Jack : *stands up, shaking* Y-You...!!
Fleetway : *leans his sword on his shoulder**left hand on his hip* What's wrong Prince Charles? Got nothing left? Come on, GIVE ME A CHALLENGE!!
Jack : Grr!! *dashes at him*
Fleetway : Hehehe!
Jack : *swings his sword violently at him*
Fleetway : *blocking each hit with ease**slashes hard, deflecting his sword**swings down hard*
Jack : *gets a cut on the chest and the impact throws him back**slides back**thinking : I need to retreat! Hide and have him follow me! Yes, that's it! An ambush!**feels a hand on his shoulder* !? *looks back*
Fleetway : *behind him**his sword engulfed in a black aura that glows blood red* HAAHAAHAAA!! *swings hard**giant explosion*
Jack : *thrown back**falls down* A-Agh!
Fleetway : *leans his sword on his shoulder again**left hand in his pocket* Teh. Pathetic...
Jack : *stands up**panting**thinking : He won't let me get far... Alright then. If I can't hurt him physically, I'll do so verbally...* You're really strong, good sir. A shame that the boy rejects you and won't let you out. You're just a shadow that can't do a thing unless the boy's will is broken so you can crawl out. Me? Jorge accepted me. I am free to do as I please!
Jack : !?
Fleetway : OH MY GOD, THIS IS RICH!! You're actually insulting me, hoping to get to me! HAHAHAHA!!!
Jack : *widens eyes*
Fleetway : Hehehehe!! Whew.... Yup. Everything you just said is true.
Jack : !? N-Nani!?
Fleetway : Dark rejects me and fears me. Because he doesn't know my true intentions. But it's fine. It's a lot more fun this way, you see! It's challenging!
Jack : Th-This guy...!
Fleetway : I am Dark's Shadow. I am the raw power within his soul. His instincts! I feed off of his emotions, his pain and his despair. And through that I grow stronger each day. And one day I'll be able to posses him for good and I'll kill everyone in my sight! Friend or foe!
Jack : ...
Fleetway : As for you. *stretches his arm, pointing his sword at him* You're a low trash. You think of yourself as almighty and important, and you made Jorge be like you. When in reality, you're just so insignificant and unimportant that it's actually sad.
Jack : Wh-What did you just say...?!!
Fleetway : The truth hurts, don't it? The only reason you exist is because of Jorge's paranoia that turned into madness. And you're afraid of Dark because you know he'll wake Jorge up to his senses and then you'll be thrown into a small little corner that you'll never crawl out of.
Jack : I-I... *clenches his fist hard*
Fleetway : This is the difference between you and me. I'm at peace with what I am. I don't want to be in the spotlight. I prefer doing things discreetly, from the shadows and work my way up to the top. It's a lot more fun this way! *pulls his arm back, leaning his sword on his shoulder**frowns and narrows his eyes* But you are an arrogant little fucker. And I hate arrogance.
Jack : Shut... Up...! *grips tight on his sword*
Fleetway : You're just a reject... You're nothing. You should be ashamed of yourself for even existing. And you know what? I'll bet you think you have a good reason to be living in the limelight of someone else who is fortunate to have a good life. But in reality, you're just trash that needs taken out.
Jack : *shivering in rage**growling*
Fleetway : Oi, oi! Are you listening, you punk? Can you hear me or are you deaf and dumb to what I'm saying?
Jack : *growling*
Fleetway : *grins* Hehehehe... What's wrong? Does the truth hurt you so much? Well put em' up, you little shit! You'll feel that truth when I stamp it on your forehead, so you will never forget that you're a reject...
Jack : *growling**shaking*
Fleetway : And you're no one...
Jack : Sh-Shut.... Up....!!
Fleetway : And you're nothing...
Jack : Shut... Up...!!
Fleetway : *grins* Little impotent one...
Jack : SHUT UP!!!! *dashes at him**violently slashing at high speed* SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!!!
Fleetway : *blocking each hit* You're apparently retarded too. All this time... *grins* I've used your own tactic against you. And you fell for it, like the dumb bastard that you are... *swings hard*
Jack : *gets a deep cut on his hand* AAAGH!! *drops his sword and it fades away*
Fleetway : *slashes hard* HAA!! *slashes again* HAAA!! *slashing hard, multiple times* HAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! slashes hard one more time and then swings his sword to the side, throwing all the blood away from the blade**leans his sword on his shoulder*
Jack : *in his knees, clothes torn up, full of cuts all over his body and bleeding hard* A-A-Agh... G-Gah...
Fleetway : *grabs his cheeks with his left hand, gripping tight* Aww, poor baby. *lets go and slaps him hard* You're pathetic... *sword fades away**kicks him hard in the face* Useless...
Jack : *falls down*
Fleetway : *kicks him while he's down**grabs him by the coat and slams him against a wall**punches him repeatedly in the face* Worthless and insignificant!! *punching hard*
Jack : *coughs blood* U-Ugh...
Fleetway : They all want their Jorge back. That means that they want you dead. Nobody likes you. They all hate you and resent you. Me? They're a little grateful to me. I saved the village from Nova. I gave Dark an advantage over END and Zeref. And now, I'll kill you.
Jack : *coughs**shivering* N-N-No... No... Please...
Fleetway : ? Are you... Begging for mercy?
Jack : *shivering*
Fleetway : HOHOHOHO!! This is really rich!! *pulls him out of the wall* Ah well, I was wondering what would break first. Your spirit... *holds him up**lifts his right knee* OR YOUR BODY!! *slams him hard on his knee, breaking his back*
Fleetway : *throws him on the ground**looks at him* Tch... You're not even worth killing anymore... Get the fuck out of here, outsider. And never come back again...
Jack : A-Aaagh... Agh... *fades away*

Jack : !! *pulls his hand back and steps back* Aaagh!! Aagh!! *falls in his knees and releases Jorge**panting*
Dark : !! *panting**steps back**wound closes* What happened...?

Fleetway : I happened.

Dark : !! Y-You!?

Fleetway : Oh don't look so surprised, aibou. You're welcome.

Dark : B-But why did you help me?

Fleetway : Well actually I wanted to torture that bastard a bit. But even so, how about you take a few seconds to think about me for a while.

Dark : !? Wh-What??

Fleetway : Tell me something, aibou. Every time I came out... When did I ever harm any of your friends?

Dark : !! *widens eyes* Th-Then...

Fleeteay : Ding dong! You finally realized!

Dark : Okay, no more games!! What are you really after?!

Fleetway : I want to protect you, you idiot. Because if you get yourself killed, then I die as well, and that's no fun for me. But make no mistake, I won't bow down to you and hand over my power like the fox did. The moment I see an opening, I will take over your body and kill everybody in my sight... Hehehe... Besides... It's boring if the hero doesn't have a dark side, wouldn't you agree?

Dark : !! You...
Jorge : *gets up**panting**glares at him* Gah! *falls in his knees*
Dark : Jorge, enough! We're both out of Chakra and badly wounded!
Jorge : *runs at him* RAAAAGH!! *throws a hard punch*
Dark : *dodges**left leg failing him a big* Ngh! *punches Jorge in the face*
Jorge : *takes a few steps back**legs shaking**throws a kick at him*
Dark : *tries to dodge but gets hit and falls down* Ngh! *gets up* !
Jorge : *formed 2 Bunshins and dashes at him*
Dark : *fighting the Bunshins* Ngh!
Jorge : *pulls out a Kunai and tries to sneak in to shove it in his heart*
Dark : *punches a Bunshin hard, making it puff**grabs the other Bunshin and throws it at Jorge*
Jorge : !! *bunshin gets knocked into him and he falls back, dropping the Kunai* Agh! *stands up* !!
Dark : HAAAA!! *runs at him and kicks him hard into a wall*
Jorge : Ngh!! *slides down from the wall**panting hard*
Dark : *panting hard*
Jorge : Grrr!! *forms a Rasengan**Rasengan becomes pitch black, fading to violet on the edges and with a weird purple-ish aura around it* You're always so stubborn and annoying! Just be a good boy and let me kill you!
Dark : Sorry, not a chance! *thinking : Alright, you bastard... Prove to me that you want to protect me, and give me some power. I'm giving you a chance!*

Fleetway : Hehehe! Fine, fine. I'll lend a hand! But I'm a tricky one! In exchange for me, helping you out, you can't tap into your Demon Form right now. Got that?

Dark : Fine! *forms a Chidori* Ngh! *feels pain in his left arm* N-No good... Really out of Chakra...! *Chidori very small*

Kurama : Hang on, brat! I'll give you some Chakra right away!

Fleetway : Using me won't be easy!

Dark : *Chidori grows and becomes orange-ish* Right!
Jorge : *Rasengan growing into an Oodama Rasengan**growling*

Jack : *badly injured and broken* I... Want... To kill him... I want to kill him SO BADLY!!!! Take all of my power, Jorge!! DESTROY HIM!!!!

Jorge : RAAAAAAAAH!!! *dark purple aura bursts**aura takes the shape of a demonic face with a white, wide grin and red eyes*
Dark : IKUZO!! *vermillion aura bursts, taking the shape of Kurama's head*
Jorge : *dashes at him*
Dark : *dashes at him*
Jorge : DAAARRRRKKKKK!!!! *thrusts his hand forward*
Dark : JOORRRRGGEEEE!!!! *thrusts his hand forward*
Both : *clash hard**ground beneath them cracking and burning away*
Dark : *struggling* Ngh! Kh!
Jorge : *pushing him back* TAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Fleetway : Hehehe! *glowing blood red* There's no point in holding back, if my partner's gonna crack!

Dark : Hnn!! *widens eyes as his sclera becomes black* Grrr!!!

Sakura : *puts her hands together and closes her eyes**thinking : Dark-Kun... Please be safe...
Taka : *thinking : You can do it, Dark...
Kakashi : *thinking : In the end... I think we all knew that it would come down to the two of you... Just like it did to your fathers...*

Jorge : HAAAAA!!!! *struggling*

Naruto : *thinking : Jorge... Please come back to your senses...!*
Kaera : *looking up*... *thinking : Dark...*
Sasuke : ....

Dark : *Chidori becomes pitch black and glowing blood red**Fleetway's image overlaps over him, laughing* HAAAAAAA!!!! *giant explosion*

Jorge : ........ *opens his eyes because of the sunlight* Ngh... What...? *tries to move* Ngh!! *looks at his right arm* ! *right arm full of burns and cuts so deep to the point where his bones can be seen**widens eyes*
Dark : Yo! Finally awake.
Jorge : *looks over at Dark, laying next to him* You... !?!?
Dark : *left forearm completely blown away* Geez, I thought you died for a second there...
Jorge : *widens eyes* Y-Your arm...
Dark : Yeah, that new Rasengan of yours really packs a punch. Don't worry about it. I have a healing factor, remember. My arm will regenerate in about a day or so. I can already feel the cells reproducing. It kinda tickles.
Jorge : ... *moves his head, facing the sky and sighs* How long have we been here...?
Dark : Um... 3 hours, I think. It's morning already.
Jorge : I see.... *sighs*
Dark : Hn. I'm not done with you, yet! I wish I could move so I can punch some sense into you!
Jorge : Whatever... *moves his head away* I lost this fight, anyway...
Dark : You dumbass. There are no winners or losers in this fight. I'm just trying to wake a friend back to reality.... *smirks* Just like he wanted to do so with me.
Jorge : !...
Dark : I dunno how this reincarnation thing goes with you, but from what Naruto-Senpai tells me, you're way older than you look. This is like, what, your 16th life?
Jorge : 13th...
Dark : Lucky number, ain't it?
Jorge : Shut up...
Dark : Hm. Well since you're hurting too much to snap at me, how about trying to calmly explain to me again what your problem with me is.
Jorge : .... After the 12th died... The one with rainbow quills... I swore to him that I will protect everybody he holds dear. But then, 2 years later, you came back to life and I saw you as a threat. 12th was a jealous punk who envied you for all you could do. And I suppose that jealousy came over me and turned to a paranoia, somehow. I have all of 12th's memories. I know all he knew about you. I am him. So I pieced together the facts... You're the son of the Devil. You took him down and now his throne sits empty in Hell. Clearly you will take that throne and rule the world in his place... And I failed to stop you...
Dark : Wow... You really are an idiot, Usuratonkachi...
Jorge : ...
Dark : So 12th forgot all about the Kagegakure mission? Where I went to fight my brother?
Jorge : ! Your brother...? You have... A brother...?
Dark : Bingo. He took the throne from dad. Look at him now. He came to help us deal with Zeref. He has no interest in taking over the world.
Jorge : But he's the Devil now, isn't he?! He's evil!
Dark : Does Devil by default mean evil to you?
Jorge : !?
Dark : Sheesh... You know it's too long of a story to tell you but you need to learn some things about Heaven and Hell, buddy... Either way, I can understand what you mean. I was born to destroy this world and reshape it in my father's image... I have great power in me which he bestowed upon me, in order to do so... But... I love this world.
Jorge : !
Dark : I'm not trying to gather everybody's trust so I can kill them all, despite what you may think. I'm gratefull... To you all... You guys stood by my side when even I didn't know what I was. I grew up on this world as one of you, even if I wasn't. And not a day went by when I didn't think that I'm an outsider who shouldn't be here... But I had Tou-San with me all this time. He was also confused back then. Chasing a false goal. In the end, we saved each other from our darkness. *looks at him* And you, Jorge... You became my best friend.
Jorge : !?
Dark : *grins* Fact of the matter is, I might have turned out the way you feared if you weren't here.
Jorge : *widens eyes*
Dark : *looks back at the sky* We're similar, Jorge. We were both children born alone in this cursed world, with everything we held dear taken away from us. But we had Naruto-Senpai and Tou-San to guide us. And in return, we were there for them when they needed us most.
Jorge : ....
Dark : Yes, I'll admit... I have something in me... Something besides Kurama... Very dangerous and deadly... And I'd be very satisfied if he just left me alone. But he's a part of me. And it's my responsibility to keep him at bay.
Jorge : ... I don't know if I'll stop. Once I'm healed I might come after you again... You'd better kill me now. I'm at my last reincarnation. Once this body dies, it's all over...
Dark : Sorry. That ain't an option.
Jorge : Why not...?
Dark : You said it once, didn't you? *looks at him and smiles* Because you're my friend.
Jorge : ....
Dark : Sheesh, you're still as stupid as ever... ? *notices a tear fall down Jorge's cheek*
Jorge : Shut up-ttebayo... Teme...
Dark : *smiles*
?? : There they are!
Dark : Uh? *everyone from Team 7 and Kaera arrive*
Kakashi : So they came here, huh?
Gal : Jorge! Dark! *lands and runs at them*
Sakura : Dark-Kun! *lands and runs at them**stops and widens her eyes as she sees Dark's blown up arm*
Dark : *sweatdrop* Uh-oh...
Sakura : *looks at Jorge with a shocked and at the same time angry face* What... Did you do...? What did you do?!!
Jorge : ...
Dark : Wait, Kaa-San! I'm okay! My arm will regenerate! I promise! I- *what's left of his left arm glows light blue* !? *feels it trobbing*
Gal : *has her hand stretched at him* It'll grow back soon. *looks at Jorge* I'll need to heal your arm too. *stretches her hand at him*
Jorge : *glowing light blue*....... Minna.... I'm sorry....
Gal : *smiles*
Sakura : *runs at Dark and sits in her knees, putting her hands over him, healing him* You went overboard, you stupid boy... *tears fall down her cheeks*
Dark : *smiles at her* I'm sorry, Kaa-San...
Sasuke : *walks to him*
Dark : Tou-San.
Sasuke : *looks around* Hn. Not bad.
Dark : Heheheh!
Gal : *helps Jorge up* There.
Jorge : *right arm healing* Arigatou.... *looks at Naruto and walks towards him*.... Dad..... I'm sorry.....
Naruto : ... *smiles**lowers himself and hugs him* Welcome back, son...!
Jorge : ! *lowers his eyelids**tears fall down his cheeks**hugs him tight* Yeah... Thanks...
Dark : *smiles**lifts his upper body* ? *his left arm grew back**moves his fingers around* Wow. Thanks, Gal!
Gal : ^_^
Kaera : *walks towards Dark*
Dark : *stands up* Hey, babe! Sorry to worry y-
Kaera : *hugs him tight*.... Just shut up...
Dark : *smiles**hugs her tight*
Kakashi : *smiles* Yosh, minna! Everybody else went back to the village. Let's head back too!

2 days later in Konohagakure :

At a cafe :

Dark : Aaah.. *eats a slice of cake* Mmm~ What's this called again?
Kaera : Uhh... Ti... Um... *looks on the menu* Tiramisu.
Dark : It's great! *eats another slice* Mm~
Kaera : *looks at him and smiles* So, is everything back to normal now?
Sakura : What do you mean?
Kaera : Well, for the past two years, Jorge's been like that. You don't just become a cold rutheless killer without leaving a bad impact on people.
Sakura : I... *looks away* It will take a while for me to forgive him... He tried to kill my husband and he made a total mess out of my son... So no... As far as I'm concerned, everything isn't back to normal...
Dark : *eating another slice* Give it time. *licks his lips* It's true that the village lost trust in him. People fear him. Hate him even. But he'll work his way around. *smiles* He's still my friend, no matter what. And I know the village will see him with different eyes soon.
Kaera : I suppose.
Sakura : You're way too forgiving, Dark-Kun.
Dark : Hey, what can I say? If I was allowed to come back from the dead, I think everybody desserves a second chance. I'm willing to give him that second chance.
Sakura : And if he screws it up?
Dark : Then I'll just beat some more sense into him, even if it costs me another arm!
Sakura : !! Dark-Kun!! Don't joke about that!! I panicked a lot when I saw you like that!!
Dark : *sweatdrop* G-Gomenasai!
Sakura : *sighs* Sheesh! Sometimes I think you were related to Naruto in a previous life.
Dark : Really? Ahaha!

At the cemetary :

Taka, Hinata and Hanabi : *at Neji's grave*
Hinata : *places flowers at his grave*...
Hanabi : To revive the dead only to make them fight their loved ones... Necromancers are the worst...
Taka : Yeah... It is a nightmare for everybody... And it ruins everybody's good memories of the deceased ones...
Hinata : But in the end you freed his soul... *looks at Taka* Arigatou... Taka-Kun...
Taka : *nods*...
Hanabi : Taka-San...
Taka : ?
Hanabi : *looks at him determined* Please, take me in and train me... I want to know everything that Neji Nii-San knew...
Taka : !... Yeah! I'll train you.
Hanabi : *smiles* Arigatou...!
Hinata : *looks at them and smiles*

Purgatory :

Byoukaku : .... *a doorway opens* ?
Arceus : *walks in**doorway closes*
Byoukaku : Have you come to keep me company?
Arceus : Your son, Dark defeated Zeref. And E.N.D.
Byoukaku : *raises an eyebrow* You don't say...... Did he find out...?
Arceus : No. Zeref did not reveal anything about Etherion to him.
Byoukaku : *sighs in ease* Good... Good... I don't think I need to remind you what will happen if he finds out.
Arceus : It is your fault entirely. You decided to bring him back through the boy. If Etherion is released, it is your fault.
Byoukaku : Come now, Arceus. You think I'm stupid? If you really had no faith in my son, you wouldn't have let him leave. You could have dealt with HaJuub, yourself. I know what you're hoping.
Arceus : Hm. Is that so?
Byoukaku : Heheheh.... Thank you for letting me know, though. I am amazed of his level. He did brag on about taking Zeref down. But to think he actually did.
Arceus : Hm. He's become a fine young man.... That is all. *disappears*
Byoukaku : .... *sighs and closes his eyes*.... *thinking : It's all fun and games... But my absence from Hell will lead to much bigger consequences in the future... And I fear that you will one day need Etherion's power, Dark... Let's see if you'll also be able to get out of it, afterwards...*

To be continued.
Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's child Part 31
The long awaited battle of this series!! Well... At least long awaited by the 4-5 people that actually read my crap xD But anyways, yeah. I really have nothing else to say here. Hope you enjoy it!


EDIT : Added a scene with Taka, Hinata and Hanabi at the end. I planned to add it originally but I rushed the ending to finish it and I forgot about it.

All Naruto related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.
All Fairy Tail related characters belong to Hiro Mashima.
Modo RaienRyuu by foxmaster55
Modo RaienRyuu
So I wanted to showcase Dark in his Modo RaienRyuu even if I already did in the "Believe in Myself" pic I made, wanted to draw a full body pic of him. The reason I chose Dark to be in Sage Bijuu Mode when tapping into RaienRyuu was because the power of a Dragon is pure and burns harder than anything else, so he needs to be in a form of pure Chakra, but at the same time he needs a bit of his Devil power.

I can't believe how easy and quick it is to draw a Bijuu Mode character in Photoshop. Definetly less time consuming than in Paint.

Theme songs : 
Blazing Dance -…;
Raienryū no Hoeru -…

Modo RaienRyuu concept created by Hiro Mashima.
Bijuu Mode concept created by Masashi Kishimoto.

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