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Time to pull out the big gun by foxmaster55
Time to pull out the big gun
I give up. I fucking give up. This is the truth and I need to accept it. I can't get rid of Dark. I just can't. I've created Dark 6 years ago and made him be everything I always wanted to be. Strong, smart, handsome, cool, calm and content, well calculated person and so on. And I did it. I did manage to become like him in real life. And mabye it's just because of that, that Dark became like a part of me. Dark and I have really become one and the same. And something always happens that draws me back to him. So here you go guys. I'm continuing Dark's story. Because I have absolutely no more will to continue Batman and Spawn. I'm not cancelling them, I'm postponing them until I find the will to continue like it happened now with Dark. I don't know when that will be, but hopefully soon. 

Part 7 : Wrath.

Sam : Wake up! *slaps*
Morbius : !! *wakes up**panting**chained, with his arms spread, in his knees, with the wooden stake still in his heart, sorrounded by bright lights in the room**looks up*
Sam : *wears sunglasses because of how bright the light is**sits in his knee and holds a bowl of medicinal blood* Drink up.
Morbius : *drinks the blood* Mmm...
Sam : How long've you been a Vampire?
Morbius : 5 months.
Sam : I see.
Morbius : He will get you for this...
Sam : Who's he?
Morbius : You've trapped me in here and stopped me from delivering His message...
Sam : Ah. Here we go again...
Morbius : God will lay his vengeance upon you!!! You're all dead!! Soon.... *long sigh* Very.... Very soon....
Sam : ... I got a friend who'd like to hear that... Just wait calmly another couple of momths. He'll be here. *leaves*

Later in his office :

Sam : *gets in*
Twitch : How was it, sir?
Sam : Unpleasant...
Twitch : I hate to bring up more bad news... *turns on the TV*
Sam : Hm?

News Reporter : This is Mark Barnas bringing you the latest scoop. Recently a meeting has been announced which will take place at the end of the week in Washington. The meeting is between the gouvernors of our country with those of Germany, France and Russia. It is yet unknown what the topic of the meeting is, or it is kept from us. But hopefuly, it will be a first step towards true peace between all nations! This is Mark Barnas, *smiles* just answering your questions.

Sam : The hell?

Maria : *at her home with Elisa**puts down the remote* Recently, the germans, french and russians have united into a single force. They call themselves "The Constitution".
Elisabeth : *drinks coffee* So what, they want the US to join their little club?

Sam : After World War II I'm not too sure I like this idea.
Twitch : I share those feelings, sir. But I'm afraid that this will turn out bad.

Maria : Because if something goes wrong at the meeting, we might be under attack. It'll mean World War III...
Elisabeth : !?
Maria : And this time, it's going to be the united forces of 3 big powers, againts us.

Sam : Pfft. Like that'll happen. Y'know everybody's going to try and avoid that outcome.
Twitch : True. But even so, sometimes outcomes like this are innevitable.

Maria : Though let's hope this one won't be...
Elisabeth : ... *looks back at the TV*...

Hell :

Spawn : *arrives in the 6th Circle* Hmm... *eats a gumball* Tasty.

The 6th Circle. The Circle of Wrath. An apocalyptic environment, volcanoes errupting everywhere, rivers of lava, black grounds and orange skies filled with dark clouds. Punished for their wrath, the souls are damned to forever destroy and fight among themselves until they collapse, only to wake up later and try again. It is an endless cycle of hatred and agony.

Spawn : *drops down the hill and jumps off**lands infront of a wooden bridge**walks on it and looks down at the river of lava down below very far from him* That's a long drop. *continues walking on the bridge*...
??? : *skinny, long white hair, shirtless, wearing jeans that are torn up in the knees**red eyes**grins*

Rat City :

Cog : *in the alleyways, drinking*...
Clown : *comes running at him**wounded* HE'S BACK!!
Cog : !! Clown! What happened?!
Clown : I... *pant* I... *pant* He's... He's... *pant*
Cog : My Lord, Clown, breathe!

Spawn : *walking down the valley*...
??? : *follows him* Heeheehee...

Clown : I was minding my own business and suddenly I saw him!

Spawn : !? *turns around and seeis ???* Huh?

Cog : Saw who?
Clown : M-Malebolgia...
Cog : *widens eyes*

Malebolgia : *looks like a human with the description mentioned above* Hello there, little Hellspawn~!
Spawn : *doesn't know he's Malebolgia* Uhh... Hi. Who're you?

Cog : Cut the crap, Clown. Malebolgia's dead. Now tell me honestly, what happened?
Clown : ! You want honesty? How's this, GO FUCK YOURSELF!! Malebolgia's back and I ain't screwing around!! I barely got away with my life!
Cog : ... What does he want?
Clown : The kid! He wants Wilson!
Cog : What? Why?!
Clown : Because of his Symbiote! The K-9 Elithia! Superior to the K-7 Leetha that Malebolgia created!
Cog : What could he possibly want with his Symbiote?
Clown : He wants revenge! Revenge on Simmons! And revenge on Leetha... Or... Better yet the one we THOUGHT was Leetha...
Cog : ... What have you learned, Clown?...

Malebolgia : I, my good sir, am a freak of nature! And I dare say I'm darn proud to be one! Call me Freak! *swings hand and stops it, leaned towards Spawn* Put 'er there, pal!
Spawn : Umm... *shakes his hand**thinking : Freak... Literally...* So, how'd you end up here?
Malebolgia : Oh, y'know, I did some bad shit in my life, killed some idiots, *looks at him with his eyes narrowed* messed with Simmons a little bit.
Spawn : Simmons? Al Simmons? He sent you here?
Malebolgia : Yeees~ And I can't go on without some payback! *grins*

Trigon's Palace :

Spawn (Daniel) : *enters the throne room* Lord Triggon. My deepest apologies for entering like this! But we have a problem!

Daniel Llanso was only 6 years old when he killed his abusive father in order to protect his family. However the crime resulted in his time in prison. He then spent the remainder of his life in juvenile detention centers and prisons. There he killed again. He also enjoyed a brief love affair with his public defender, named Noon who died sometime later. Upon being released, in 1965, he returned home to his sister Madrid and her 10 years old son, Matt. Daniel enrolled in the army at age 24 and died in an Tank Accident. He was sent to the 7th Circle and made a Hellspawn by Triggon, the Archdevil of that respective circle. Upon retorning to Earth, 5 years later, he found out that his accident was a saboutage and killed the man responsible. He found out that his sister and nephew are safe and saw no more reason to stay on Earth, knowing he can't be with them anymore. He is now the 7th Circle's strongest Hellspawn.

Triggon : Speak, my child.
Spawn (Daniel) : John Wilson, Beelzebub's newest Hellspawn, has arrived safely in our Circle. But something's wrong. Our scouts have seen a strange figure with him.
Triggon : Oh? A description of the mystery man, please.
Spawn (Daniel) : Yes, my father. Skinny, shirtless-
Triggon : !! *clenches fist*...
Spawn (Daniel) : White hair, pretty long too. A wide grin on his face...
Triggon : !!! *stands up* MALEBOLGIA!!
Spawn (Daniel) : !! M-M-Malebolgia!? THE Malebolgia!?
Triggon : That piece of shit won't stay dead! Send the Minotaur over there imidiately, and join the fight! Our guest will need all the help he can get againts the likes of Malebolgia!
Spawn (Daniel) : It shall be done! *stands up*
Triggon : Daniel!
Spawn (Daniel) : ?
Triggon : Your claws read "blood". Malebolgia's blood.
Spawn (Daniel) : *nods* It will be my pleasure.

Back in the valley :

Malebolgia : And so, I'm here.
Spawn : From what you're telling me, you lead that gangwar to the alleys. You tried to kill Simmons. As I see it, you got what you desserve.
Malebolgia : Ah, yes. But you see, I now have powers! I can do anything! And I'm offering you a deal.
Spawn : A deal?
Malebolgia : Find Simmons and kill him. And I swear to you that you will be sent back to your lovely girlfriend at once, with no further testing.
Spawn : !? How do you know...?
Malebolgia : *smirks* Well, you see- *an axe hits the ground between them*
Spawn : !?
Minotaur : *lands* Treacery and deception! *grabs his axe and stands up* You have not changed at all, Malebolgia!
Spawn : !!!! Malebolgia!? *narrows eyes as they glow* Malebolgia!?!?
Malebolgia : Oopsie~
Minotaur : Do not be decieved, young Spawn! The figure you see before you is indeed that of Freak. But his body has been inhabbited by the wrenched essence of Malebolgia.
Spawn : And he wanted me to kill Simmons, for what?!
Malebolgia : I am too weak in this-
Minotaur : DECEPTION!!! *swings his axe down**sends a shockwave at him*
Malebolgia : *leaps out of the way*
Minotaur : He wants you to turn againts Hell and betray your beliefs! All so that when all is said and done you will turn to him and be enslaved by him! You are no different from God, Malebolgia!
Malebolgia : You dare, Minotaur!?
Spawn : ENOUGH!!! *slams hands on the ground*
Malebolgia : Huh? *chains come out of the ground and tie up around him, tightly*
Spawn : *stands up and spreads his arms*
Malebolgia : *ground underneath him cracks**2 large boulders rise from the ground and slam around him*
Minotaur : !!! Y-You ate the Perquessa! The stone of Earth from the Circle of Sloth! You...
Spawn (Daniel) : *lands* Are a worthy one.
Spawn : *looks back*
Spawn (Daniel) : Greetings to you, my brother. I wish we could have met under better circumstances. *walks towards him* But I fear we have business to attend to, first.
Malebolgia : Ah, Daniel. How's Triggon's little puppy dog doing?
Spawn (Daniel) : Shut the fuck up, Malebolgia! *claws extend* I'm here to gut you up like the slime that you are!
Malebolgia : Hehehehe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Spawn : What's so funny, you piece of shit?!
Malebolgia : This! Everything! Triggon sent his lapdog and the Minotaur for little ol' me. How sweet. Now I can really CUT LOOSE!!! *energy explosion*
All 3 : *cover their eyes*
Malebolgia : *grew as big as Minotaur**has horns, light brown skin, green glowing eyes* Yesss! I've been waiting for a challenge!
Minotaur : *grips tight on his axe* You shall recieve more than that! *dashes at him**swings his axe at him*
Malebolgia : *swings his hand and grabs the axe* Fool! *shoves him over and smashes him to the ground* I spent the last 5 years in this place! 5 years of accumulating power! Of consuming souls! Of adapting to this body! My powers may not be what they once were, but they are more than enough to defeat you!
Spawn (Daniel) : *jumps on his back and digs his class in his back*
Malebolgia : AAAH!! Joking. That tickled! *jumps hard on his back*
Spawn (Daniel) : GAAAHAAA!!
Malebolgia : *stands up and grabs him by the throat* Heeheeheehee!
Spawn : *makes 2 of his cannons appear in his hands**fires at full power*
Malebolgia : *gets hit* Unf! *thrown into the side of a mountain*
Spawn : Your greatest mistake was underestimating me. I've fought my fair share of powerful enemies!
Malebolgia : Ooh hohoho. I know. Making an angel cry home to daddy, defeating the Redeemer, killing Dracula, taming Cerebrus. And now you're here. Hurry, hurry~ Or else you'll be late and your sweet little Elisabeth will cry~ HAHAHAHA!! *gets a lazer shot through his mouth**chokes**takes a step back*
Spawn : *eyes glow* I don't want to hear her name from your filthy fucking mouth!
Malebolgia : *heals* Hmmhmmhmm... *dissapears*
Spawn : !!
Malebolgia : *appears right infront of him and grabs his face**smashes him to the ground* Listen here, y'little piece of shit! I led the 8th Circle of Hell! I had some of the best Hellspawns that Hell has ever seen! Just look at what Al Simmons became! He was the greatest and the only one who managed to kill him was himself! You think you have a chance?!
Spawn : Nngh! *spikes errupt from his face*
Malebolgia : Ack! *leaps back*
Spawn : *stands up* Mabye not. But I won't know til I try! *gathers fire in hir right hand a fires a blast at him*
Malebolgia : *evades**fires a beam from his finger*
Spawn : *beam goes through his stomach* Gh! *takes a step back*
Malebolgia : FWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You're a weak child, Wilson! A weak, misled child! You can't do shit! *rushes at him and starts punching and clawing him repeatetly**kicks him in a wall*
Spawn : Nnngh...
Malebolgia : *grabs a boulder and rips out a sharp rock from it* I'm going to enjoy peeling off your suit from you body. *axe comes out of his chest* GAAAH!!
Minotaur : You forgot that you're not fighting one enemy, Malebolgia!
Spawn (Daniel) : *grabs Spawn and runs up the Volcano with him*
Malebolgia : You won't esca-
Minotaur : ROAAAAAAAR!!! *smashes him down*

On top of the Volcano :

Spawn : Let go! I'm not running away!
Spawn (Daniel) : No. You're not. *lets him go* But you will get the rest of your power back.
Spawn : !!
Spawn (Daniel) : The lava from this circle is no ordinary lava. It's filled with wrath and anger. Rage. The remaining piece of the puzzle for you. Jump in the lava and bathe in it. If you want to win this battle againts Malebolgia, you need to be at your best.
Spawn : ... *jumps down*
Spawn (Daniel) : ... *nods**runs back to the battle*

Spawn bathes in the boiling hot lava of the volcano. He screams as his entire body is burning up. Pain. The pain of evolution. He lets it all sink in. The wrath. The anger. The rage.

I am Elithia, daughter of the 9th House of K. Embrace this burning pain. Embrace the wrath. For we are at last complete, once more.

Malebolgia : *holds Daniel by the throat and steps on Minotaur* You are weak. Both of you. Not nearly worth my time... *grips tight on Daniel's throat*
Spawn (Daniel) : AAAARGH!!
Malebolgia : You will belong to me! You hear me?! Say you're mine, bitch!
??? : Ok.
Malebolgia : Huh? *gets blasted away hard**crashes down* Nngh... *stands up* !?
Spawn (Battle Form) : *regained his spiky battle form**orange eyes**mouth open* You're mine, bitch!
Malebolgia : What is this!? *ground shakes underneath him* !? *lava shoots out* Gaaaah!! *gets out**burnt a bit*
Spawn (Battle Form) : *punches him hard in the jaw*
Malebolgia : *spits blood* Grr!! *thrusts hand at his chest*
Spawn (Battle Form) : *grabs his hand and twists it hard* HRAAAAAAAH!!! *smashes him hard to the ground, kneeing him in the throat*
Malebolgia : GAK!!
Spawn (Battle Form) : *leaps back**thinking : I've never had so much power in this form... Wait... Cog... He said in Hell my powers have no limits! That a Hellspawn is truly unbeatable here. I can go up to heights of power that I could never reach before. This is amazing!*
Malebolgia : *coughs up blood* You... You little... Piece of shit... I'm going to gut you up like a pig!! *rushes at him fast*
Spawn (Batte Form) : No... *right arm becomes a blade* You won't...
Malebolgia : *getting closer to him**swings claws at him*
Spawn (Battle Form) : *evades, getting scratched on the cheek**shoves the blade up Malebolgia's stomach and pulls his arm up**the blade exists through his pelvis and gets shoved up his throat*
Malebolgia : *eyes widened* A-Ack... A-...
Spawn (Battle Form) : Go to sleep... *multiple spikes extend from the blade, errupting all around from Malebolgia's body**pulls back*
Malebolgia : *drops down*.....
Spawn (Battle Form) : .... *reverts back to normal**has spikes on his elbows and back of his legs like before*
Spawn (Daniel) : *holds his left shoulder**walks towards Spawn*
Spawn : *looks back at him**throws a thumbs up*
Spawn (Daniel) : *nods**thumbs up*

At the Exit Gates :

Spawn (Daniel) : All in all, your training is complete.
Spawn : Yeah. And I'm finally back to 100%. So what now?
Spawn (Daniel) : Survive. The next 3 Circles will be Battle Royale. You will face souls of Violence in the 7th Circle. It is divided in 3 sections. The Phlegeton, where sinner that have commited violence againts other people are punished. The Woods of Suicide, where people who have commited suicide are damned to hang forever. And finally The Burning Sands, where those who have blasphemed both God and Lucifer suffer for their ignorance.
Spawn : I see... And when I reach the gate? Who will open it?
Spawn (Daniel) : You will. You are back to your former powers. You can open the gates yourself. As for closing them, they will close on their own.
Spawn : Then, I guess I should get going. *leans hand towards him* Thank you, Daniel.
Spawn (Daniel) : No. *gives him a handshake* Thank YOU. You helped brought down Malebolgia. He will be locked away now. You're very strong. But beware. What lies ahead will require all your strenght.
Spawn : *nods**turns around and runs through the gate*
Spawn (Daniel) : I wish you luck, brother...

Chapter 15 - The End.
Spawn - Chapter 15
I am sooooo sorry this took so long! I had such a busy week last week I barely got any sleep or even time to spend with Elisa. It took me a whole week to write this, about 10 mins of writting every day. I need a break from writting for a while guys. Things are getting hard over here. I hope you understand.

Spawn created by Todd McFarlane.
Batman's gonna have his first crossover soon. With who? Mmm try and guess. Here are a few hints. His base of operations is in Paris. He has a female helper. He has a brother that despizes him and tries to kill him. He is chased by the police. He's very much like Batman. Hm? No? Nothing yet? Ok then, mabye this will clear things out :…

Saw the video? If yes you can continue reading this.

That's right folks! Batman will fight alongside Diabolik! As a kid, I loved the cartoon and saw many similarities between Diabolik and Batman. There is a comic book series too but he's a notorius killer. In the cartoons he's more like a Robin Hood. That's who I grew up with, that's who I'm using. But yes, Diabolik and Batman will meet. Not right now but in the very near future.
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Part 6 : Sloth.

My name is Elisabeth Johnson. I'm a 19 years old freshman at E.S.U., though the first year's 2 months away from ending. I have a boyfriend named John Wilson. Except that... Well... He's in Hell right now... It all started a year ago when he woke up from a coma as this all powerful creature of the night. A Hellspawn. A ranking officer in The Devil's army. But his powers were eating him up because he was alive, and Hellspawns are usually brought back from the dead. He's been gone for 2 months now and there's 3 months to go. So I'm all by myself for a while. But it's not so bad. I made my own routine to keep myself busy... Do I miss him?... Yeah... Of course I do... But I know this is something he has to do... Still... I wish that when he comes back... I just get to have him all to myself at least for a little while... Today I decided to pay him a visit. Well no, I don't mean I'll shoot myself and go to Hell. But I'm gonna go visit his other place where he hangs out. His Kingdom.

Elisabeth : *walking down the alleyways of Rat City*... *looks around*
Homeless Mugger : *behind her* Hey there, sugar.
Elisabeth : ! *turns around*
Homeless Mugger : What's a hot piece of ass like you doing here all alone in the night? *grins*
Elisabeth : You don't seem like the kind he hangs out with so it's none of your business.
Homeless Mugger : Oh? Who's he? *grabs her*
Elisabeth : *narrows eyes**grabs his hand and twists it*
Homeless Mugger : AAAGH!!
Elisabeth : *kicks him in a wall* I wouldn't do that if I were you. *grips fists* I don't have a black belt for nothing you know...
Homeless Mugger : Ungh! *looks at her* Grr!
Elisabeth : Oh and for the record. I was talking about Spawn. I'm sure you heard of him.
Homeless Mugger : !! S-Spawn!?
Elisabeth : Yeah. I'm his girlfriend.
Homeless Mugger : G-Gee, lady! I-I had no idea-!
Bobby : *walks in* Matt what the hell are you doing?
Matt : H-Hey, Bobby. Guess who this is.
Bobby : I know who she is, you dimwit. *looks at her* I'm sorry, miss Elisabeth. He's a total nutcase.
Elisabeth : Oh you know my name. And you are...
Bobby : Name's Bobby. Spawn talks about you all the time. You mean the whole world to him.
Elisabeth : *slight blush* Yeah, so does he to me.
Bobby : I'm guessing you wanna see his throne. Follow me.

Bobby was kind enough to take me to Johnny's "throne". He seems like a nice guy. Out of everyone here he's the one Johnny got really close to.

We arrived at the throne. Wow. Just wow. It's amazing. Ok it's not exactly good smelling buuut it's not unbearable. Still, the shape of it is really interesting and then there's the writing on the wall behind it. "All hail The King!". They really look up to him.

Elisabeth : *sits down on it* Ooh, comfy.
Bobby : Ah. I guess he'd let you sit down on it. He usually doesn't let anybody get close to it.
Elisabeth : Of course he'd let me. *smiles and rests her head on her hand* Because he's the King of these alleys and I'm his Queen.
Bobby : *widens eyes* Teh. Guess yer right.
Elisabeth : Heheh... *lowers her eyelids*... *thinking : Where are you now? How's it like down there?*

Hell :

Spawn : *lands**stands up**Elisabeth's voice echoing in his mind, calling out his name softly* ! *looks back* ... Elisa?... *lowers his eyelids**thinking : I'm halfway there, my love. Just a bit more...*... !? Ugh! *holds his nose* What the hell?

The Fifth Circle. Sloth. Sharing the look of a swamp, this circle is where all those who believe in nothing, care for nothing, seek to know nothing, interfere with nothing, enjoy nothing, hate nothing, find purpose in nothing, live for nothing, and remain alive because there is nothing for which they will die. Deep beneath the toxic River Styx, their souls lie, unwilling to find the strength to swim to the surface. This circle is one of redemption. For very rarely, there are few souls who have had enough. And those who find the power to swim to the surface, with their swollen weak and fragile bodies, are deemed worthy of being forgiven, for they have won against sin.

Spawn : This place makes Rat City smell like Rose Perfume... Ugh... No point in wasting time complaining. Let's get out of here.

Spawn breaks into a sprint as he rushes through the swamp. But before he can make a long distance, a creature appears before him. A big, green creature, twice his size, who looks as if it was created from the very swamp itself. Its eyes red, and glowing.

Spawn : And who're you?
??? : .... *swings hand at him to hit him*
Spawn : !! *leaps back and evades it* Alright then, big guy. Still. Gotta call you something, don't I? Let's see... Smelly?
??? : *thrusts hand at him*
Spawn : *leaps away* Yeah, too truthful to be a name. *lands* How 'bout Greeny?
??? : *punches him hard*
Spawn : Agh! *falls back**rubs his chest* Ungh. Ok. Not Greeny... How about... Hmm... Swamp-Thing?
Swamp-Thing : *runs at him*
Spawn : Y'know what, fuck you! Swamp-Thing it is! *chains lash out at him*
Swamp-Thing : *running**chains go right through him* ... *disintegrates*
Spawn : ... *blink*... Really? *more "Swamp-Thing"s appear* This is creepy and unpleasant... *chain extends around his arm* HRYAAAAH!! *swings it around fighting the creatures*

New York City, E.S.U. :

Professor : Alright. That's it for today. *all the students get up and leave*

Elisabeth : *walking to her car**sighs* Today was plain awful... *sees someone next to her car* Hm?
Terry : *sees her* Hello there. My name is Terry Fitzgerald. Would you like a coffee?
Elisabeth : Uhh... *thinking : Ok this is a first... Black man next to my car offering me a coffee... I'm officially creeped out. But he seems like a simple guy... Probably end 40's...* Why?
Terry : I was wondering if I could talk to you... *looks around**serious look* About Spawn...
Elisabeth : ... Lead the way... *gets in her car*

Later at a cafe :

Elisabeth : Ok, I sacrificed my time to come all the way here. So what do you want? How do you know I have anything to do with Spawn?
Terry : It was pure coincidental, but I was in the grocery store where you met up with Detective Twitch. I overheard you talking.
Elisabeth : We never mentioned Spawn. We didn't even say the name.
Terry : No. But you said "Al Simmons"...
Elisabeth : *widens eyes* You knew Al Simmons?
Terry : He's... Was... No... Still is, my best friend... And also Spawn. And nobody's seen Spawn in 3 years. But during this last year reports and eyewitness claims came in again...
Elisabeth : Yeah... Sorry... It's not Al Simmons...
Terry : I figured as much...
Elisabeth : It's my boyfriend, John Wilson. From what he tells me, Al Simmons is dead.
Terry : !.... I see...
Elisabeth : So... What's your story?

Hell :

Spawn : *panting* Anybody... *pant* Else?! *pant* Yeah... *pant*'Thought so... *pant* You can all kiss the darkest part of my ass. *pant* Whew... *starts walking*

Spawn continues to venture through the almost endless swamp. Soon, he slides down a hill and overlooks a city. Though incredibly large, it bares a more striking resemblance to a village rather than a city. People dressed in medieval style clothing, going on and about with their lives. Before Spawn can even get accommodated with the surroundings, a child approaches him.

Child : Mister!
Spawn : *looks down at him* Yes?
Child : This way. The Knight asked me to take you to him.
Spawn : The Knight? Did he wear clothes that resemble mine?
Child : Yup. He's all dressed in black and has this big red cape like you.
Spawn : Then take me to the Knight, child.

Spawn : *enters a cottage* Hello?
Medieval Spawn : *polishing his sword* Ah, come in, brother.
Spawn : *walks in*
Medieval Spawn : Forgive me for not arriving to pick you up myself. I had small business to attend to.
Spawn : Not gonna ask, since it's not my problem. I'm John Wilson.
Medieval Spawn : Well, what a dashing ocurrence. Sir John of York. A pleasure to meet you.
Spawn : I've heard about you from Cogliostro. You used to be one of his students.
Medieval Spawn : Yes, indeed. How does the good old master?
Spawn : He's doing fine.
Medieval Spawn : Centuries ago, when I first donned this identity of a Hellspawn, the good man was still in younger days. He was not only a wise master, but a fierce fighter with a fist of iron and eyes thristy for blood. Sadly, time does take away abilities.
Spawn : I always wondered. What happens to a Spawn when he dies?
Medieval Spawn : I haven't the slightest of clues, my friend. I suppose we all find that out when it is our time. No use thinking about it until then, I say.
Spawn : Yeah. You're right.... ? What's that nice smell?
Medieval Spawn : Ah. My fried Olak breast is ready.
Spawn : Olak?
Medieval Spawn : Yes. They are green, swamp creatures. Kind of smelly, but if cooked right, they become a rather splendid delicacy.
Spawn : !?!? Y-You mean you eat those things??
Medieval Spawn : Did you encounter them? They usually travel in large groups.
Spawn : *remembers fighting off 20 of them* Yeah... I figured as much... But they disintegrated as I struck them with my chains.
Medieval Spawn : Yes, if attacked with a Hellspawn's chains, they do that. You must pierce their chest with a sharp blade if their body is to remain intact so you may cook them.
Spawn : Oh... I just wasted a family's food supply for a week, didn't I?
Medieval Spawn : Hahahaha. Have no fear, brother. Their disintegrated bodies are swallowed by the swamp in order to spawn new, better ones. If anything, you provided that said family with a better meal.
Spawn : Oh...
Medieval Spawn : Come now, let us feast.

Minutes later :

Spawn : *eating* Gotta say, this thing's great.
Medieval Spawn : *unmasked**short blonde hair, green eyes, and a slightly scarred face* Yes, indeed it is. And it's healthy too. A good healthy meal for warriors to stay strong and fight another day. I also made these small gumballs. They're good for long journeys, should you get hungry on the way. You must chew them up for 2 minutes before swallowing them and they leave a sweet taste in your mouth. Feel free to take some with you.
Spawn : Are you kidding? If they're as good as this you just gotta teach me how to make them, next time I come here.
Medieval Spawn : Hahahahaha! It would be my pleasure. Once we're done, it will be time to begin your mission.

Later in the swamp, the two Hellspawns venture to the River Styx. The souls of the damned who committed sloth are found at the end of this river.

Medieval Spawn : We have arrived.
Spawn : Ungh... I think the swamp wants it's Olak back...
Medieval Spawn : Indeed. The stench of this toxic river is beyond any horrible smell that one has met.
Spawn : So, what do I have to do.
Medieval Spawn : Venture to the bottom of this river, and pick a stone. Any stone. Then find the strength to swim back to surface. It is a task much more difficult than anything you've ever faced.
Spawn : So... The fact that I'm a good swimmer won't count at all huh?
Medieval Spawn : Indeed. Allow me to explain. The souls dammed in this circle are at the bottom of this river. It takes away all their physical strength and stamina, increasing their laziness. But those who do find the strength to swim to shore, are redeemed of their sins and welcomed to become a resident of Hell.
Spawn : This circle is one of redemption?
Medieval Spawn : Yes. For Sloth is an unfortunate circumstance that one can meet. Their very souls are burdened by weights too heavy to lift, and they lose all interest for any activity. It is not right to damn them for eternity. But those who don't even try, don't deserve to join our ranks. Think you can make a difference?
Spawn : Hmph. *grips his fist* I have a clear goal in mind. I'm to return to the love of my life, back in the World of the Living! And I'll be damned if a river is going to stop me!
Medieval Spawn : Excellent. Keep that goal in your heart. Turn your desire into power and come back up.
Spawn : Right. Well... Geronimo! *dives in the water*
Medieval Spawn : Best of luck, my friend...

New York :

Elisabeth : *wakes up**yawns*...

Flashback :

Terry : Al was my friend. My brother. When he died, all those years ago, I married his wife, Wanda, and swore on his grave that I'll protect her. But when he came back his mind was twisted and turned in every way possible, and he saw me as a traitor who stole his life away from him.
Elisabeth : And even so, you never betrayed him. You stood by his side.
Terry : Yes. It wasn't his fault. Who could blame him, actually. I don't know the whole hibbie-geebs behind his comeback. But someone messed with my poor buddy's mind and I'll never forgive them for it.
Elisabeth : Hm... Well... I don't know where Al is right now... Neither does Johnny. I don't know what happens to a Hellspawn when he dies. I guess he just falls in the hands of fate and it's the one that decides what to do with him.
Terry : Yeah...
Elisabeth : But Johnny and I know the whole story behind Al's life. And as far as I'm concerned, he was a good man who was robbed of his life and he acted purely on instinct. He didn't do anything wrong, nor did he deserve what happened to him. And Johnny thinks so to. He actually looks up to Al. Because he's been through all that and still stood strong and fought, until there was nothing left in him anymore. Johnny doesn't know if he'd have the strength to do that if it ever happened to him. That's why I'll make sure it never does. No matter how long I have to wait for him to come home, I won't leave his side. Ever.
Terry : *widens eyes*... You're a good girl, Elisabeth. And a great girlfriend to him. *pays the coffee and puts his sunglasses on**stands up* Take good care of him. And if you guys ever do cross paths with Al by any chance, tell 'im his old pal Terry said hi.
Elisabeth : We will.

Flashback ends :

Elisabeth : *in the shower**thinking* Don't worry, baby... I'll always be here for you...

Hell :

Spawn : *thinking : Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. I feel like my whole body's melting! When he said this river is toxic, he men't it! My muscles are getting heavier by the second. It's getting hard to keep my eyes open.... Ungh! Focus! Almost at the bot-... Oh...*

Spawn's eyes open as wide as they can, as he starts to see the souls of the damned, stuck to the bottom of the river. Every second of their life is a torture as they have nothing to breathe in but the intoxicating water of the river they're in. Thanks to his suit, Spawn can hold his breath for as much as he needs, thus not needing to breathe in the horrible liquid of this infernal river.

Spawn : *lands on the bottom, carefully not to step on anyone*.... *thinking : I see no fucking stones here... I hope these guys didn't eat them... Oh great... Nngh!!**falls in his knees**thinking : No!! Not... Letting... This... Shithole... Keep me down!! Elithia.. Give me strength! Please!**stands up, shaking hard**thinking : Ok... Got this... I got this...**leaps forward, looking for the stone**thinking : 'Scuse me! Comin' through! One side please! Move it!! Who am I kidding they can't hear my thoughts.**sees a stone* !! *grabs it**thinking : HA! Now then...**tries to leap and swim away but he can't*.... *tries again and falls in his knees**thinking : Come on, baby! Come on! We can't let it end like this!.... The purgatory.... No. Hell no. I'm not absorbing this water.... But I might need to... *tries to absorb the water and convert it into strength*.... *thinking : Not good. Nothing's happening. Figures...*

Medieval Spawn : *watching the water*... Come through, young one. I know you can do it.

Spawn : ... *losing willpower*.... *eyes slowly closing*....

Flashback :

Elisabeth : Just be careful!
Spawn : *about to exit his apartment* Hm?
Elisabeth : You always prowl the nights and take on whoever challenges you. But what if one day the challenge will prove too much? What then?
Spawn : .... Heh. *mask peels back from his head**walks over to her and puts his hand on her cheek* Don't worry. I'm not going to let that challenge be too much. If it ever happens, I'll just think of you. The rest is easy afterwards.
Elisabeth : *widens eyes a bit and blushes*
Johnny : If I have you to come back to, I won't allow anything to keep me down. I swear.
Elisabeth : *lowers eyelids and smiles* Yeah... *pulls him in and kisses him*
Johnny : *kisses her*

Flashback ends :

Spawn : *opens eyes widely* !!! *glowing red**thinking : I'm not letting it end here!! This is no different from the Purgatory!**roars**lounges upwards**swimming fast**still gets pushes back**growls**chains lash out and stab into the land**pulls himself up*

Medieval Spawn : .... Hm? *sees bubbles in the water*
Spawn : *comes out and jumps out of the water**lands**shows him the stone* What'd I tell ya? Piece of cake!
Medieval Spawn : *widens eyes**nods*
Spawn : Heheh! *stone becomes very soft, like bread* What the-?
Medieval Spawn : By Odin's beard!
Spawn : What? What's going on??
Medieval Spawn : Something which I have not seen for hundreds of years. You see, those stones at the bottom of this river are no ordinary stones. If the one who brings them to surface is deemed worthy, they grant him the power to use the element of Earth, to a small degree. You, my friend. You have been deemed worthy!
Spawn : Huh...
Medieval Spawn : Eat the stone, young one.
Spawn : Who with the what now?!
Medieval Spawn : It's alright. You can eat it. In fact, you must. Using your suit.
Spawn : ... Aw Hell... *mouth opens on the mask* Like this right? *eats up the stone*... Hm... I don't feel any- AAAAGH!! *falls in his knees**panting*

I am Elithia, daughter of the 9th House of K. We have been deemed worthy, and have feasted upon the stone of the Fifth Circle. We have been thus granted the power to control the element of Earth. I shall help you make mother nature obey your will, and we shall rise mountains that will reach the skies.

Spawn : *gets up* ... *moves his hand and lifts a boulder from the ground, about twice the size of his head**throws it at a cliff, leaving a hole in it*
Medieval Spawn : Good. You will be able to do more, in time.

At the Exit Gates :

Spawn : *has a small bag of Olak gumballs* I can't thank you enough. I've achieved a great power, today.
Medieval Spawn : May it ease your journey, my brother. And beware. As of now, the journey shall be much more dangerous. You will travel through the Circles of Wrath, Violence and Pride, before reaching your Circle. It will be a rough road to cross.
Spawn : It doesn't matter how though it will be to cross that road. I will reach the other side no matter what. I promised "her" I'd return.
Medieval Spawn : *nods slowly* Then I wish you best of luck! *grabs his shoulders and pats them* Be brave and strong, younger brother! And remember. Not many get to travel this road that you are on right now. To be a Hellspawn is among the greatest of honors!
Spawn : Yes!
Medieval Spawn : *lets go of him and steps back**throws a thumbs up*
Spawn : *thumbs up**runs through the gates*

Chapter 14 - The End.
Spawn - Chapter 14
Chapter 14 of my Spawn series. Spawn ventures into the circle of sloth in order to test his outer strength and willpower. Greeted by the Hellspawn of Medieval Ages that Cogliostro told him stories about, he receives new powers yet again, upon completing his task.

Spawn created by Todd McFarlane.
Batman's gonna have his first crossover soon. With who? Mmm try and guess. Here are a few hints. His base of operations is in Paris. He has a female helper. He has a brother that despizes him and tries to kill him. He is chased by the police. He's very much like Batman. Hm? No? Nothing yet? Ok then, mabye this will clear things out :…

Saw the video? If yes you can continue reading this.

That's right folks! Batman will fight alongside Diabolik! As a kid, I loved the cartoon and saw many similarities between Diabolik and Batman. There is a comic book series too but he's a notorius killer. In the cartoons he's more like a Robin Hood. That's who I grew up with, that's who I'm using. But yes, Diabolik and Batman will meet. Not right now but in the very near future.
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