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2 years have passed since the Fourth Great Shinobi War. It left many with many scars. It took away many people. But alas, it was long over, and peace has once again been restored. But it had been restored at a cost.

Sasuke : *walks up to Dark's grave**hands in his pockets*...
Sakura : *walks up behind him**holds his hand and smiles at him*
Sasuke : *smiles at her and wraps his arm around her*...

Sasuke and Sakura had gotten married. So did Naruto and Hinata. The promise of a bright future was right in front of everybody. However, where there is light, there must also be a shadow...

In the vacuum of space, in the center of the solar system, there lies the Sun. A magnificent, humongous star, shining and burning eternally. Suddenly, a flare gets out of the sun. The flare flies at high speed, rapidly approaching Earth. It lads somewhere, in a mountain region, crashing into a huge crater. Out of the fire ball, comes out the world's next bringer of doom...

??? : Heheheh...

Purgatory :

Byoukaku : Hello, my son. It's time we had a talk.
Dark : .... We're both dead... So I'll believe that this isn't a trick...
Byoukaku : It is not. I assure you that this is in fact a purgatory.
Dark : *sigh* So I suppose we're stuck here, aren't we...?
Byoukaku : For now. You won't stay here long. But just enough for me to tell you the reason behind my intentions.
Dark : *looks at him* I never wondered why you wanted to take me to Hell so badly.. *rubbing his forehead*... *looks at his hand* !? Peach skin!? *looks all around himself**touches his cheeks* Wha-?
Byoukaku : It's the result of you killing me. You're free of the connection between our souls. Which was what had you killed. Your eyes are no longer blank anymore. You have normal eyes. But still red as blood.
Dark : Alright, alright, I'll be sure to check out a mirror when I get out of here... Now then, tell me... What was it all for...?
Byoukaku : Hn...

Konohagakure :

Naruto : *eating Ramen at Ichiraku's**slurping* Aah! This is great! Though I gotta admit. *looks to his left* I never thought I'd see Sasuke eat Ramen.
Sasuke : *eating slowly* Hmph.
Sakura : Oh, don't complain.
Naruto : I'm not. I'm just saying I never saw him eat Ramen before.
Hinata : But it's nice that we're all here.
Naruto : Yeah... *looks down* Except Jorge... And...
Sakura : Naruto...
Sasuke : It's okay...
Naruto : ...
Sakura : ...
Hinata : ... It's today, isn't it?
Sasuke : Yeah... Today marks exactly 2 years since he died. Well, I've been done mourning for a long time now. He'd never shut up if he saw me mourn to no end. *takes another slurp from his Ramen*
Sakura : *smiles at him*
Naruto : *smiles* Heh... And also Lilth... No wait... Gal... Galxina? I'm confused actually.
Sakura : I didn't really understand it either, but she apparently became some sort of Psychic Godess. But she'll come visit us. It's just that being a God is a lot of work.
Naruto : Yeah, I suppose you're right.
Jorge : *walks inside Ichiraku* ...
Naruto : ! Jorge! Come eat! ^_^
Jorge : Later. The Hokage summoned you, me and Sasuke.
Naruto : Huh? What happened?
Sakura : If he summoned you three, then clearly it's an A-Rank Mission... Or even S-Rank.
Naruto : *narrows eyes and looks in the distance*...

Hokage Mansion :

Kakashi : Last night we had reports of a meteor hit the planet, at approximately 3:00 AM.
Naruto : A meteor!? But Toneri said...
Kakashi : No, it's not from the moon. We were lucky that some astronomers were watching the stars at that point. The weird part is... They say it came from the Sun.
Jorge : ? The Sun...?
Sasuke : How is that possible?
Kakashi : We don't know, but just this morning, a small village in the Land of Birds disappeared. Eyewitnesses claim it was burned to ashes.
Naruto : What...?
Sasuke : So whatever that meteor was, something hitched a ride with it...
Jorge : *sigh* First the Moon is falling, now creatures from the freaking Sun!? What's next? Invaders from Mars!?
Kakashi : Well, let's not jinx anything. In any case, your mission is to go to the Land of Birds. Whatever burned down that village might still be in the area.
Sasuke : Right. Let's go. *all 3 run out*

Village gate :

Naruto : We're off then.
Hinata : Be careful, please.
Sasuke : It won't take long.
Sakura : We should come with you.
Jorge : No. You stay here. It's dangerous.
Sakura : We're not some weak women, Jorge.
Jorge : Stay. Here.
Sakura : *narrows eyes*
Jorge : *glares*...
Naruto : Woah, woah! *gets between them* Stop! Don't fight now! Come on!
Sakura : Yeah whatever. *crosses arms and looks away*
Jorge : Just behave and stay in the village. We don't need to be distracted in order to protect you.
Sakura : !! *flames in her eyes* WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?
Naruto : Sakura-Chan NOOO!! *still between them*
Sakura : SHANNAROOOOOO!!! *punches Naruto and knocks him into Jorge**both of them get launched through a few trees*
Sasuke : ... *facepalm**sighs*... Alright, stop fooling around and let's go.. *walking off*
Sakura : Do your best, dear! ^_^
Sasuke : *walks past Naruto and Jorge* Let's go...
Naruto : *hand stretching out from under the tree* C-Coming-ttebayo... *hand falls back down*

Purgatory :

Dark : So... What was it all for...?
Byoukaku : Hn... I suppose I should start by saying that some things have always been. There's always been a Devil, there's always been a God, a Heaven, a Hell, Angels, Demons... And there's always been a war...
Dark : ...
Byoukaku : Such has always been the war between me and the God of Life and Light, Arceus. My eternal enemy. We have been at war for millennia. Perhaps since the beginning of time itself. Each time one of us gained an advantage, the other one was soon to follow and even the odds.
Dark : An eternal battle...
Byoukaku : Yes. But... Then came a day, when I had gained the ultimate advantage.
Dark : *narrows eyes*
Byoukaku : It took a lot of time. But I have been harvesting both Angellic and Demonic Essence. And finally, over 20.000 years ago I had given birth to my very first son. My Ultimate Weapon. A being of both Light and Dark. Of Life and Death. The Bringer of Armageddon. *widens eyes and grins* Etherion!
Dark : Etherion?
Byoukaku : He was my masterpiece. He rivaled Arceus himself in power. With a single flicker he could wipe out continents. With a single glare he could burn nations and sink them down in Hell. With a simple finger snap he could bring down the Heaven's most fearsome thunders! He was the third diety! And he was my creation!
Dark : ...
Byoukaku : However, of course nothing can go completely as planned...

Back in the world of the living :

Sasuke : *running* We're slowly approaching the outskirts of the Land of Fire.
Naruto : *running* Alright. Once we hit the Land of Birds, we should split up. It's not really that big of a country but we still have better chances in finding something that way.
Sasuke : Yeah. We also need to pay attention and look for any person we can find. Anybody who might have witnessed what happened and could give us more details.
Jorge : *running*.... ! Stop! *everybody stops*
Naruto : What's wrong?
Jorge : Can't you guys feel that?
Naruto and Sasuke : ?
Sasuke : *looks around*... It's... Getting hot... Slowly...
Naruto : I can feel it too, now... Sasuke.
Sasuke : Yeah... Whatever came out from the Sun... *grabs the hilt of his sword* Is coming right at us...
Jorge : *grips fists and cracks his neck* ...
??? : *dashing fast through the woods*
Naruto : *narrows eyes* It's here...
Sasuke : Get ready...
??? : *a blaze bursts out of the trees and lands hard in front of them*
All 3 : *hold their guard*
??? : *a grey-ish red Hedgehog with bangs over his face, blank golden eye, wearing a dark red cape with an orange collar and different tones of grey-ish red clothes* Ah. More victims.
Sasuke : Who the heck are you...?
??? : *bows down* My name is HaJuub. The Lord of Flames. *stands up* You may refer to me as HaJuub-Sama, for the few seconds that you have left to live.
Jorge : *flashes in front of him and throws a punch*
HaJuub : *blocks with his hand* It's not polite to interrupt someone.
Jorge : !
Naruto : ARE YOU INSANE!? What did you try to do!?
Jorge : Trying to finish this in an instant so nobody has to get hurt...
HaJuub : Very thoughtful of you. *kicks him hard through many trees*
Naruto : Jorge!!
Sasuke : *looking at HaJuub*...
HaJuub : Next, please.
Sasuke : Naruto. I'm sorry for using you like this, but do you think you can go fight him first? You don't need to beat him. *activates his Sharingan**his Rinnegan activates in his left eye* Just survive. I want to know what we're dealing with...
Naruto : Yeah, I get ya. Sure thing! *activates Sage Mode**thinking : There's no point in holding back. This guy is bad news... I'll start with Sage Mode and top it off with Bijuu Mode.*
HaJuub : You want to know what you're dealing with? Why all you have to do... *right hand glowing* Is ask. *throws his arm up**gigantic explosion*

Purgatory :

Dark : He turned against you...?
Byoukaku : Yes. Etherion kept evolving. More and more. To no end. He had reach a power that could have only been reached if Arceus and I fused into one being.
Dark : *slowly widens eyes*
Byoukaku : He thought that he shouldn't obey me anymore. He decided he wanted to destroy all of existance, and recreate it, and be the only one true diety. No more Heaven. No more Hell. No Angels. No Demons. It would be just him, and the life forms he would create.
Dark : So what happened...?
Byoukaku : Naturally, both Heaven and Hell were against this. Etherion had taken out most of Heaven and Hell by himself. Something needed to be done. It was the one and only time when Arceus and I joined forces. We battled Etherion for decades, until we finally managed to seal him away. Sealed him inside an orb, that would be placed in a pocket dimension. Away from everything. It took all of our powers, and for the next 8.000 years, Arceus and I entered a deep slumber to recover our powers. Arceus created Dialga, the God of Time, and Palkia, the God of Space, to run things in his place. While I created Giratina and Darkrai, to take care of things in my place. The 4 have been at war as well. And then Arceus and I awoke, and we put a stop to it all.
Dark : Hm...
Byoukaku : However, 100 years ago I had finally managed to break into the pocket dimension.. And steal Etherion's orb away.
Dark : *narrows eyes*...

World of the Living :

HaJuub : *the entire forest has been blown away and had now become a wasteland**standing in the middle of a wide and shallow crater**smoke all around him* Heheheh... Hm? *smoke clears*
Naruto and Sasuke : *inside Sasuke's Susano'o, unharmed*
Naruto (Sage Mode) : That was close... !! JORGE!! *looks around**narrows eyes and sees him passed out and slightly wounded, a few feet away from them**sighs in ease* He's okay... Hurt but okay...
Sasuke : *Susano'o fades away* Then let's do this.
Naruto (Sage Mode) : Yeah. I'm on it. Try to keep up. *dashes at HaJuub*
HaJuub : You wish to play?
Naruto (Sage Mode) : *throws a punch*
HaJuub : *evades with ease*
Naruto (Sage Mode) : Heh!
HaJuub : *gets hit in the cheek by pure wind force from Naruto's fist* ! *takes a step back* Intriguing. *throws a punch at him*
Naruto (Sage Mode) : *blocks it with his hand**ground underneath them gets blown away* !?
HaJuub : Forgive me, I am slightly rusty. I've been sealed away in the Sun for the last 400 years. *swing kicks Naruto away*
Naruto (Sage Mode) : Woah! *throws his hand at the ground and bounces back up* Right, going all out! *handsign* Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! *clones appear, launching at HaJuub, each holding a Rasengan* Rasen Chou-Tarengan!
HaJuub : Heheh. *spreads his arms as a sphere of flames surrounds him**all the Bunshins hit the sphere and get burned away**sphere fades away*
Naruto (Sage Mode) : !?
Sasuke : *thinking : He parried a barrage of Senjutsu enhanced Rasengan without even trying. This guy is no joke...*
Naruto (Sage Mode) : Then, next is this! *swings his right hand to the side and forms a RasenShuriken* RasenShuriken! *throws it at him*
HaJuub : ! *dodges* That's dangerous.
Naruto (Sage Mode) : *clenches his fist and moves his hand around**RasenShuriken turns around and dashes at him*
HaJuub : *swings his hand at the RasenShuriken and fires a slash of flames that vaporizes it*
Naruto (Sage Mode) : !!
HaJuub : *swings back and fires a large blast of flames*
Naruto (Sage Mode) : !? *gets hit* AAAAAAGH!! *blown away**falls down*
Sasuke : Naruto!!
HaJuub : Weak...
Sasuke : *dashes at him and draws out his sword**swinging around, slashing at high speed*
HaJuub : *dodging**his came gets cut a bit* You're fast. *slams his hand on his chest and blows him away*
Sasuke : *falls down and bounces back up**metal chest guard has a burned hole in it* Ngh!
HaJuub : And that left eye. Could it be, the Rinnegan?
Sasuke : Hmph... *grips tight on his sword and dashes at him*

Purgatory :

Dark : And how did I fit in all this?
Byoukaku : You and Karya... You two have the potential of reaching Etherion's power, if you join forces and reach your true potential. I had given birth to you, in hopes of one day reviving Etherion. But with your powers, I could control him.
Dark : ... You're both a bastard and a dumbass...
Byoukaku : Hn... It is quite poetic. Similar to how Lucifer betrayed God because he dreamed of a world with free will and the freedom of speech. While God wanted slaves. Perhaps Etherion's dream, would have been the perfect world...
Dark : So what I read about Hell... Is true...
Byoukaku : Yes... Hell is not evil. It does not want domination... It just acts as judge, jury, and executioner. I was Hell's black sheep... I wanted to recreate the world in my image... A world with no war... No death... No suffering...
Dark : ...
Byoukaku : But I see now... That it was a flawed way of thinking... I see now that absolute power means absolute corruption... *looks at him* Dark...
Dark : ?
Byoukaku : I do not expect you to forgive me... But... *sits in his knee* I truly regret... Taking your mother away from you...
Dark : !! Y-You..!! *punches him hard in the face*
Byoukaku : *thrown back**falls down**stands up* I deserve that...
Dark : Tch!... What made you come to that conclusion...?
Byoukaku : Upon my death, I was shown all of my mistakes... All of my flaws... And I now realize that my dream was flawed...
Dark : ...
Byoukaku : And also... While you were outcold here... I managed to see... Your Infinite Tsukuyomi dream...
Dark : !?
Byoukaku : You dreamed of us as a family. Your mother and I... You and Karya... I know it's too late... But perhaps that dream could have been... Perhaps I should have given up after failing with Etherion...
Dark : You...
Byoukaku : But now I realize it... And I have an eternity to think about it... I do not care of Etherion's revival anymore... Or of world domination... I know realize that I achieved something far greater than that... My greatest creations ever... You and Karya...
Dark : !....
Byoukaku : *nod* You've both evolved far beyond my expectations... You, Dark, during our battle, the reason you could kill me was that for a split second, you tapped into your full potential. No... You somehow even surpassed that. But alas, if it wasn't for our soul connection, you would have died anyway from tapping into that power.
Dark : ...
Byoukaku : I've made mistakes... And I've brought upon a lot of misery... My dream of a perfect world... Was just a horrifying nightmare...
Dark : ... *looks down*... *imagines the family he had in the Infinite Tsukuyomi*...
Byoukaku : ...
Dark : ... You... Idiot...
Byoukaku : ...
Dark : *clenches his fists and shakes* You couldn't have realized this sooner... You dumbass...!! *tears fall down his cheeks* You just had to go fuck things up again and again...!!
Byoukaku : ...
Dark : And yet... *sniff*... *walks towards him*
Byoukaku : ?
Dark : *breathes out slowly*... No matter how you look at it... You're my old man... And if I didn't have all my friends to teach me and be by my side, I might have seen things just the way you did...
Byoukaku : ...
Dark : You're an idiot and I hate you... But... *grabs him and hugs him* You're still my father... I can't deny that anymore...
Byoukaku : !!.... *hugs him* Hn... You really are the most intriguing out of my creations...

Living World :

Sasuke : *slides back**wounded**panting*
HaJuub : Heheh... Please entertain me more... *hears something from behind* ? *turns around*
Naruto and Jorge : *dashing at him, both in Sage Mode, with a gigantic Rasengan* Senpou : Oodama Rasengan!!! *slam it on him**giant explosion*
HaJuub : Nuagh!
Sasuke : Yosh... Uh!?
Naruto and Jorge : *pant* !?
HaJuub : *comes out**slightly wounded**cracks his neck**wounds heal* Hmph. *flashes and grabs them both**smashes them together and spreads his arms as a fire blast shoots from the ground*
Naruto and Jorge : AAAAAAHH!!
HaJuub : Hehehe... *hand stretches out and grabs his face* !?
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : *fire blast disappears**throws him up high**forms a Bijuu Dama RasenShuriken and throws it at him*
Jorge (Sage Bijuu Mode) : *Kurama's head forms around him**throws his arms forward and charges a Bijuu Dama*
HaJuub : *blocks the Bijuu Dama RasenShuriken* Nngh!
Jorge (Sage Bijuu Mode) : See you in Hell... *fires the Bijuu Dama**his attack hits Naruto's attack and forms a giant explosion*
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : Sasuke!!
Sasuke : Yeah! *formed his Susano'o and fires a black fire arrow**arrow enters the explosion and blows up* Let's see him walk out of that...
HaJuub : *falls down**wounded**stands up* Ngh... Heheh... Hehehe... Not bad... *looks at them**wounds heal* But not good enough...
All 3 : !?
Sasuke : Hmph... *walks beside Naruto and Jorge* This guy's pretty stubborn.
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : Yeah. So what's our next move?
Sasuke : We should-
Jorge (Sage Bijuu Mode) : Enough of this Bullshit! *leaps forward and summons Kurama's body*
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : Jorge, no!!
Jorge (Kurama Mode) : Let's see him walk out of this!! *Kurama spreads his arms and forms a Bijuu Dama RasenShuriken in each hand**leaps at HaJuub and smashes them together with him in the middle**raises his hands and spreads his arms, leaving the 2 attacks mash together**forms a Bijuu Dama and leaps back as he fires it, clashing it into the other 2 attacks**huge explosion**Kurama's body fades away and he's sent flying from the blast*
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : JORGE!!!
Jorge : *falls down, back to normal**coughs hard* Shit.. *stands up* Well... At least I go- *gets hit by a huge fireball**explosion*
Naruto and Sasuke : *thrown away hard**land*
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : JORGE, NO!!
Jorge : *explosion ends**coat damaged**bleeding**falls down and passes out*
HaJuub : *cape torn up**clothes damaged**badly wounded**pant**wounds healing slowly but some of them still remain*
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : You BASTARD!!! *aura bursts*
Sasuke : Wait, Naruto!! Look! Some of his wounds aren't healing anymore.
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : Uh!
HaJuub : *has a wound on his right cheek, left forearm, left knee and the back of his right shoulder* ...
Sasuke : We need to play this right. We can wound him. But now that he's been wounded he's likely gonna keep his guard up at all times. Jumping ahead will be suicide.
Naruto (Sage Bijuu Mode) : Yeah... Got it!

Purgatory :

Byoukaku : ... *a circle appears* Huh?
Dark : Hm? *circle is like a screen that shows Naruto and Sasuke fighting HaJuub* !? Senpai! Naruto-San!
Byoukaku : A window showing a battle...? Why? *takes a good look at HaJuub* !!! No... I was afraid of this...
Dark : Huh? What? Who's that?
Byoukaku : HaJuub...
Dark : Gazuntite.
Byoukaku : What?
Dark : You sneezed.
Byoukaku : *chuckles* No, no, not "Ha-Choo". Ha-Juub.
Dark : Oooh....... Gazuntite...
Byoukaku : Right... He's an old foe of mine. Tried to take throne of Hell from me. He's a God of Flames. Very dangerous. Not as strong as me, but comes pretty close. And he's very hard to kill.
Dark : How hard are we talking here?
Byoukaku : I couldn't kill him. I had to seal him in the Sun... Perhaps with my death, the seal weakened until it eventually broke.
Dark : In the Sun!? Woah... *looking* Naruto-San and Senpai look so different. What gives? And who's that blue hedgehog? Where's Jorge?
Byoukaku : I don't know who that Hedgehog is, but in the World of the Living, it's been 2 years since our death. Here it felt like 2 hours. Time flows differently in here.
Dark : I see... Tch! I wish I could go help them, but...
??? : You can.
Dark : !?
Byoukaku : *looks* Hello... My old nemesis...
Arceus : *walks towards them* Byoukaku... *looks at Dark* And Uchiha Dark. I must commend you for defeating your father.
Dark : Um... Thanks... I guess. So, I get a day in the Living World or something? You said I can help them.
Arceus : No. You'll get sent back for good. I'm sending you back to life.
Dark : !? R-Really!? Woah! Wait, why?
Arceus : Because you still have work to do. You're still needed, out there. It isn't your time.
Dark : I see... Alright then. Send me back. I'm ready!
Byoukaku : Just a second.
Dark : ?
Byoukaku : I'm not sure if you're aware of this but you only posses half of the Nine-Tails' Hellclone.
Dark : What?
Byoukaku : I had to split the Nine-Tails' Chakra in half. The Yin and Yang. You posses the Yang half. I could not seal all of it inside you. I did so right as I planted my seed in-
Dark : Too much!!
Byoukaku : In any case, sealing the whole fox might have destroyed the fetus. So I sealed only half. You need to go to Hell first and get the Nine-Tails' Yin half. Originally I had planned to give it to Karya, but he declined.
Dark : I see. Alright.

Kurama : Heh! I missed my other half. Let's go get him!

Dark : !? Kurama!

Kurama : Missed me, brat? I told you I'm sticking with you until the end!

Dark : Hehehe!
Byoukaku : Hn. And also... If you allow, Arceus. I would like to give you a gift.
Dark : What gift?
Byoukaku : Give you a small little upgrade to your Demon Form. The abilities of a Devil Slayer.
Dark : Devil Slayer!?
Byoukaku : Yes. Devil Slayer is a form of magic that humans and mobians learn from Demons, or Devils. HaJuub is the God of Flames. Normal flames, or even the Amaterasu Flames, don't work on him. But the flames of a Devil will.
Dark : *looks at Arceus*
Arceus : ..... *nods* I allow.
Byoukaku : *eyes glow**taps his claw on Dark's forehead**tip of the claw glows*
Dark : Ack.
Byoukaku : There. You'll need it. Against HaJuub, you'll need every bit of power you can get your hands on. *pulls his claw back* Now go, my son.
Dark : *nod*
Arceus : *opens portal to Hell*
Byoukaku : And say hello to Karya for me.
Dark : I will. *walks to the portal**stops*.... Dad...?
Byoukaku : ?
Dark : ... Thanks... *jumps through the portal*
Byoukaku : !.... *lowers eyelids and smiles**nods*

Hell, 12th Circle's Council Hall :

Boardmember : And we think that by forming an alliance between the 8th and 11th Circle we can clearly advance in military force.
Boardmember 2 : The 8th Circle has the best tacticians while the 11th Circle has the best brute force men. Clearly, by uniting them, we can have our strongest military force.
Giratina : An interesting proposition. Karya-Sama, what do you think?
Karya : I want details on every soldier you have. I will then analyze if this is a bright idea or not.
Guard : *busts in* Karya-Sama!! *everybody stands up suddenly*
Karya : What is the meaning of this?!
Guard : Apologies! We have an intruder in the armory!
Karya : An intruder!?
Guard : A black hedgehog. Torn up clothes. Men spotted the Uchiha Symbol on his back.
Karya : *widens eyes**walks out* I will deal with this personally. It won't take long.

Armory :

Dark : *blows away more soldiers**slides to the right and runs down the hallway* Where is it?! Kurama!

Kurama : I hear you loud and clear. Should be next hallway to the right. Third... No, fourth room on the left.

Dark : Right! *turns right around the corner and stops* !
Karya : *walks towards him**stops and widens eyes a bit* So different... Dark, is that you?
Dark : *narrows eyes**guard pose* Yeah. I don't have time for this. I'm in a hurry.
Karya : How are you alive? What are you doing here? Why do you look so different?
Dark : It's a long story, but I'm here for Kurama's other half. Now get out of my way!
Karya : Hn. Impatient as ever. You being here jeoperdizes my position as the rightful inheritor of our father's throne. The council will want you to take half of the throne now.
Dark : The council can kiss my ass. I don't care about our father's throne. If they want a statement give me a pen and a piece of paper. Now get out of my way, I'm in a hurry! I need to go and stop HaJuub!
Karya : !? HaJuub... The Fire God!?... Follow me. You need The Nine-Tails' Yin Chakra, right? This way. *walks*
Dark : ? *follows him* Why are you helping me?
Karya : Our father told me about HaJuub. Clearly, his death broke the seal. He's a threat to both the world of the living and to Hell.
Dark : Heh. Never took you for one who'd put his differences aside to help. Not gonna yell at me for killing our father?
Karya : Our father planned to retire once you joined us. He was getting old. Sooner or later he'd start getting weak and someone would kill him eventually. Besides, if a whimp like you managed to kill him, then I do have to give you my respect.
Dark : Big words coming from someone who's ass I kicked.
Karya : Make no mistake. It's been 2 years. I've evolved far beyond what you fought 2 years ago. And I've gain incredible power from inheriting the throne. You are speaking to the King of Hell's 12th Circle.
Dark : Yeah, yeah, whatever. I don't give a shit. I just want to go save my friends.
Karya : You never change.
Dark : And I never will.
Karya : Hn. *stops* This is it. Beyond this door. I'll stay here. The fox isn't too fond of me.
Dark : *walks past him* I wonder why...? *enters the room**door closes behind him**looks in front of himself* Woah... This looks just like...

Kurama : Just like the sealing gate in your body. Yes. My other half is in there.

Dark : *walking*
Yin Kurama : *opens eyes slowly and walks to the gate**growls* Who's there...?
Dark : Hello, Kurama. I came to free you.
Yin Kurama : Kurama..? How do you know my name...?

Kurama : Dark, let me talk to him. It'll make things easier.

Dark : *lets Kurama posses him* Hey there, handsome. How's it going?
Yin Kurama : ! This voice. So my other half is here. How does this boy know your name.
Dark (Kurama) : This brat can be trusted. He earned my trust and friendship and now we're here to set you free so that you and I can become one again.
Yin Kurama : Hn. You're my darker half. If this child managed to earn your trust, then I might as well see what kind of person he is.
Dark (Kurama) : *nod**releases Dark* Right. Gonna get you out of there now. *jumps at the seal tag and rips it off**jumps off as the gate opens**lands*
Yin Kurama : So many years stuck in here, it's nice to be free at long last.
Dark : Heheh......... *sweatdrop* How am I gonna get you in my body...?
Yin Kurama : HAHAHAHAHA!! You came here to free me and have me join my other half and you don't even know how! You're really something, kid.
Dark : Eheheh... ^^;
Yin Kurama : *holds his fist out to him* Join our Chakras together. It will be instant.
Dark : Alright. *bumps fists with him*
Yin Kurama : ... *starts getting his other half's memories of Dark*... Heh. You're a special one to me, kid. Uchiha Dark, huh? Nice to meet you.
Dark : Same. Heheh, if only your other was so friendly.

Kurama : I heard that, brat.

Dark : ^^;
Yin Kurama : Hn. *glowing**fades away*

Kurama : *holds his fist out*
Yin Kurama : *manifests inside Dark's body**has his fist bumped with Yang Kurama*
Kurama : Ready to be one again?
Yin Kurama : Yes. Let us join together once more. *both glow bright and fade away into a much bigger Kurama, almost 3 times the size of each of the 2*

Dark : *glowing* Aaahh!! *holds his stomach* H-Hot....

Kurama : *breathes in deep*... *breathes out*....

Dark : Whew... Feeling good?

Kurama : I feel a bit weird. But that's just because it'll take a while for us to sync perfectly.

Dark : I see.... *grips his fist hard* Let's go, Kurama!!

Kurama : Heh!

Karya : .... *door opens* ?
Dark : *walks out*
Karya : You did it.
Dark : Heh. Right. Off I go! *runs off*
Karya : ... 3... 2... 1...
Dark : *runs back at him*..... *scratching the back of his head* How do I get out of here? ^^;
Karya : *sweatdrop* You idiot... *draws out his sword* With my Sword of Yamamoto I can open portals in and out of Hell. I just need to get a lock on HaJuub. *sword glows**concentrating*....

Sasuke : *wounded**panting*
Naruto : *wounded**panting*
Jorge : *gets up slowly**heavily wounded* Ngh!
HaJuub : *wounds completely healed* Hehehehe!

Karya : Found him. *slashes**portal opens*

Naruto : *pant*... !? *portal opens behind them* Wha-?

Karya : Go, Dark.
Dark : Not tagging along?
Karya : You interrupted an important meeting. But don't worry. I'll be sure to have my eyes on you. I want to see just how well you'll fare against HaJuub. If you manage to overpower him then he's a joke and I might kill him myself if he escapes.
Dark : Eh, do whatever you want just stay away from the world of the living. It's under my protection.
Karya : *smirks* Hn. I make no promises.
Dark : *smirks* Right... Well I'm off then... *leans hand towards Karya* Thanks... Nii-San...
Karya : !... *shakes his hand* Pound him into the ground.
Dark : I will. By the way, dad says hi. *runs through the portal*
Karya : What?.... Oh... So that's how it is then. *smirks*

Jorge : Wh... What's that...?
Sasuke : .... ! Out of the way! Something's coming out!
Naruto : !! *thinking : This Chakra is...!! How can it be!?*
Dark : *bursts out of the portal**lands between HaJuub and Naruto, Sasuke and Jorge**stands up**glares at HaJuub*...
Naruto : *eyes widened**shocked look on his face*
Jorge : *eyes widened* Th-That's...
Sasuke : *eyes widened*.... *sees the Uchiha symbol on Dark's back* Dark...!?
Dark : ... *wind blowing through his quills*...
HaJuub : .... Heh... *walks towards Dark* Another weakling joins the party... *stops in front of him* Well it makes no dif-
Dark : *kicks him hard in the face*
HaJuub : *thrown back**crashes down*
Naruto, Sasuke and Jorge : !?!?
Dark : Sorry, what were you saying? I couldn't hear you over the wonderful sound of my foot kissing your face.
Naruto : *eyes still widened*... H-Heh... Hehehe... The one liners...
Sasuke : ... The smartass attitude...
Naruto : Even if he looks different... It's him..
Sasuke : Dark... How?
Dark : *looks back at them* Hey, guys. Sorry, I'll explain everything later. Even though I don't really get it myself... *looks at Jorge* Umm... *dull face*
Jorge : What...?
Dark : *blink* Who are you?
Jorge : .....
Naruto : That's Jorge.
Dark : Eh...? *imagines Jorge and then looks at Jorge*.... EEEEH!? The hell happened to you!?
Jorge : Tch. Not your problem.
Dark : *smartass grin* Sooo those rainbow quills really weren't natural, were they?
Jorge : ! PISS OFF, TEME!!
Dark : Heheh!
Sasuke : ... *closes his eyes and sighs**smiles* You never change. Well morally at least.
Dark : *throws his normal cheerful grin* Hehehe. *serious face* We have a lot to catch up on. *turns around, facing HaJuub* But first I'm gonna take care of this. You guys take 5.
HaJuub : *rubbing his muzzle*... You dare touch me... Do you really plan on fighting me...?
Dark : Fight you? *smirks* No, I'm here to kill you.
HaJuub : Interesting. Who are you?
Dark : Uchiha Dark. Son of Byoukaku. *clenches his fist* And recently, Devil Slayer.
Naruto : Devil Slayer?
Sasuke : One of the 3 Slayer Magic... Dragon Slayer, for Dragons. God Slayer for Gods...
Jorge : And Devil Slayer... For Demons... Not bad, teme.
HaJuub : Nevermind that. Did you just say you're Byoukaku's son? *grins* That bastard sealed me in the Sun for 400 years... I'd like to pay him back...
Dark : Sorry, I kinda killed him.
HaJuub : I see... The sins of the father will be visited upon the son. I will make you pay tenfold!
Dark : Hmph... *thinking : Kurama, you good yet?*

Kurama : Sorry, not yet... But I'm almost there. Just a few minutes. And then you'll have more power than you ever had. Because now your Kyuubi Chakra Mode has evolved into a Bijuu Mode. Like a Level 2 if you will.

Dark : *thinking : I got a Level Up? Sweet. Then I'll just have to try out my other new power on him until you recover.*
HaJuub : Hehehe... This will be fun.

NOTE : From this point on please play the song "The Taste of Regret" by Fear and Faith (… ) . Works with how it plays out from here. If you don't reach it by then, the moment Dark screams and transforms play the song from 0:38. When Dark dashes at HaJuub, meaning when the battle starts, play it from 1:25 if it didn't already reach that point. And enjoy.

Dark : Let's do this...
Naruto : Are you sure you don't want help?
Dark : Yeah. I'm good...
Jorge : Tch. Arrogant prick...
Sasuke : *looks at him* No... Something must've changed in him if he's so confident... He's not one to underestimate his opponent...
Naruto : Heh. Go get him-ttebayo!
Dark : Yeah! *activates his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan**blood red lightning flashes around him*
Sasuke : *thinking : Red lightning?*
Dark : *breathes in and out slowly**lightning flashing around him as small rocks get lifted up from the ground**throws his arms back* HAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *black fire aura bursts around him**rocks flying away*
Naruto, Sasuke and Jorge : *covering their eyes*
HaJuub : ?....
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *in his Demon Form, without wings**covered in a Black Flame Aura surrounded by blood red lightning* Modo RaienAku...
Naruto : W-Woah!
Sasuke : *widens eyes a bit*
HaJuub : *narrows eyes* Heh... Come on.
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *dashes at him**kicks him hard in the face and throws him in the sky**aura bursts**dashes after him*
HaJuub : Ngh! *ready to counter attack*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *disappears and flashes all around him at high speed, hitting him hard**knees him hard in the chest and grabs his head**spins around fast and throws him hard into the ground**dashes after him*
HaJuub : *hits the ground and bounces back up*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *crashes in the ground**swings a kick*
HaJuub : *evades and throws a punch*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *evades*
Both : *start fighting at high speed without any of them getting hit by the other one's blows**after images showing*
HaJuub : *kicks Dark hard in the sky*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *spinning backwards**spreads his arms and stops in mid air**throws his arms up and forms a large black fire ball surrounded by blood red lightning* RaienAku no Koen!! *throws it at him*
HaJuub : *dashes at it and evades it**throws a punch*
Dark (ModoRaienAku) : *blocks**fighting him at high speed while the attack hits the ground**kicks him hard into the blast**huge explosion**dashes into the explosion and kicks HaJuub hard, flying past him and landing*
HaJuub : *sent flying towards Dark from the impact*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : RaienAku no GEKITETSU!! *punches him hard in the cheek and releases a large blast*
HaJuub : *thrown away hard***crashes down* GRAAAAH!!! *jumps back up**aura bursts**fires a large blast at him*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *disappears**appears behind him and dashes around him very fast*
HaJuub : *feels thunders strike him* AAAAGH!!
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *appears and starts rapid punching him**steps back as a Kage Bunshin forms and keeps punching him**fires a blast*
HaJuub : *blown away**crashes through a boulder ripping it in half**quickly recovers and kicks the boulder at him*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *bursts at the boulder and goes right through it like an arrow**punches him hard in the cheek**huge crater under their feet*
HaJuub : NNGH!! *boulder pieces falling around them**punches him away and flashes around the boulder pieces kicking them hard**boulder pieces get engulfed in flames*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *dashes, evading the boulders**throws a hard kick*
HaJuub : *flashes behind him and lays a hard combo on him before kicking him in the sky and launching a fire ball*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *stops his throw and fires a Lightning-Flame ball that counters HaJuub's blast and they both blow up**dashes through the explosion**fists engulfed in Lightning-Flame aura* RaienAku Ken!! *punches him hard repeatedly**punching at high speed*
HaJuub : *feeling thunders strike him with every hit* Augh!!
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *keeps punching at high speed* HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *uppercuts him hard**stomps hard on the ground and disappears**flashing around HaJuub hard**thunders appear and strike HaJuub everytime Dark hits him**kicks him hard into the ground*
HaJuub : *crashes in the ground and is still sent flying, getting dragged through the ground*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *dashing at him*
HaJuub : *fighting him while still going through the ground**both blast each other hard**huge explosion*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *jumps out of the explosion and lands hard**panting*
HaJuub : *gets out of the ground**panting*
Naruto, Sasuke and Jorge : *extremely shocked looks on their faces*
Naruto : Th-Th-THIS IS SO INSANELY COOL-TTEBAYO!! How the hell can he move like that?!
Sasuke : I could track their movements with my Rinnegan but just barely. Dark... He's on a whole new level from before.
Jorge : *eyes widened in shock**shaking**clenching teeth**thinking : Dark... You son of a bitch!! How much further away from me are you going to keep going?! I... I!! I finally have more power in this regeneration! The power to protect them all! And you... You!! Why couldn't you just... Stay fucking dead!!*
HaJuub : Well... I think I can imagine how you killed your father, if I try hard enough... You're not bad, kiddo... But it ends here. *throws his arm up*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *fire blast bursts from underneath him*
Naruto : DARK!!
HaJuub : Hahahaha!.... Huh? *blast gets sucked in*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *devouring the flames**swallows and wipes his mouth* Thanks for the meal...! *grins*
Naruto : *eyes widened* U-Uh...
Sasuke : Slayers can devour the element that they belong to... In Dark's case, he can devour flames... And lightning too most likely.
HaJuub : Y-You..!!
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : Heh... *black fire waves appear around him**inhales deep as the flames get sucked in his mouth**lightning flashing around the flames*
HaJuub : !!
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *slurps up every bit of flames and lightning that formed around him* RaienAku no... *pulls back and then throws his entire body forward, opening his mouth widely* HOOKOOOO!!!! *fires an enormous black fire blast surrounded by blood red lightning*
HaJuub : *blast rapidly approaching him* !!! *tries to evade at the last second**giant explosion* AAAGH!!
Naruto : WOAH!!
Sasuke : Ngh!
Jorge : Grr..!
HaJuub : *panting**has severe burns on the left side of his body that are very slowly starting to heal**looks behind him and sees a huge, long distance melted crater with small blood red lightning ramifications flashing inside of it* Incredible...
Naruto : W-Woah!
Sasuke : *eyes widened*
Jorge : *eyes widened**shaking a bit**thinking : This... Is this Dark...? How... How!?!?*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *panting a bit* Whew... Heheh!
HaJuub : I'm impressed kid. Really. Heh. Alright... *looks at him* You can devour flames, eh? Then let's see you lick the floor for this one! *slams his hands on the ground**shoots out a shockwave that engulfs the ground in flames*
Sasuke : !! Get back! My Susano'o cand protect us from that.
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *narrows eyes**opens them widely* Amaterssu!! *turns the rapidly approaching flames into Amaterasu flames*
HaJuub : !? What!?
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *lifts his hand up**flames shoot out at him and whirl around in his hand* My Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. My mother's ability to control her elements to the fullest extend. I turned your flames into my Amaterasu flames... *flames gather up in a sphere*
HaJuub : What!?
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : HAAA!! *fires the sphere and it becomes a huge ball of black flames*
HaJuub : *ready to guard*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *flashes behind him and kicks him hard in the back, throwing him in the blast**huge explosion*
HaJuub : *dashes up from the explosion*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *behind him**flashes past him, striking him 4 times**spin kicks him twice and starts punching him**Kage Bunshin zooms out of him and kicks HaJuub in the face**Bunshin spins around in a ball and Dark kicks it into HaJuub knocking him back while the Bunshin poofs away**dashes after him and throws a punch*
HaJuub : *blocks it and knees him in the stomach**backflip kicks him, throwing him to the ground*
Dark (Modo RaienAku) : *lands hard**panting**reverts to normal*
HaJuub : *lands* Oooh? You're tired already? Truly, your previous moves weren't so powerful as the rest of the fight was. Ngh! *falls in his knee**panting*
Dark : You don't look too good youself.
HaJuub : Please... Look around you.
Dark : ? *looks around and sees many blazes from all their fire attacks all around the area* Don't tell me...
HaJuub : Yes. *stands up and spreads his arms* HAAAA!!! *flames zoom in at him**throws his arms down as a huge fire aura bursts around him* HAAAAAA!!!
Sasuke : This is bad! We have to escape! There's no way we can beat him!
Dark : Senpai, what's wrong?
Sasuke : !?
Dark : Giving up already? I don't think so.
Naruto : Heh!
Dark : Kurama, you ready?

Kurama : As ready as I could ever be! Let's go!

Dark : Heh! HAAAAA!!! *aura bursts around him**enters Bijuu Mode*
Naruto : Woah!

Naruto's Kurama : Naruto. Can you feel it?

Naruto : Huh?

Naruto's Kurama : My Hell Clone within the hedgehog. It was also split in half. And the two halves have joined together just like I did.

Naruto : Yeah. His power is incredible!
HaJuub : *looking at him*...
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : Alright! *grips fists* Ready for round 2?
HaJuub : You cocky little prick... I will burn you alive! *dashes at him*
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *dashes at him*
Both : *clash at high speed all around the area, creating powerful shockwaves with each clash**flash around each other on the ground, exchanging one blow that destroys the ground underneath them*
Naruto : So fast!
Sasuke : Hn.
Jorge : ...
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *elbows him to the ground and kicks him away*
HaJuub : Nuagh! *breaks his movement and dashes*
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *disappears*
HaJuub : !! *stops* Where-?
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *dashes all around him like a flare but doesn't hit him*
HaJuub : Enough games!!
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *dash-kicks him hard, dashing with him and readies a Bijuu Dama in his right hand* Chou Mini Bijuu Dama!! *swings and slams it hard on him, smashing him in the ground and creating a large explosion**leaps back*
HaJuub : *comes out**readies 2 large fire balls**fires them at him*
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *dashes fast**evades one and kicks the other one back at him*
HaJuub : *slams his hand on the kicked back fireball and spreads it in multiple fire orbs**fires them like bullets at him*
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *handsigns**a Chakra arm comes out from the left side of his back**arm slides to the right side, while creating multiple lightning orbs**launches them at the fire bullets, counter attacking them**right in front of HaJuub**punching him very hard, repeatedly*
HaJuub : *feels like his bones are cracking* AAAGH!!
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *behind him**kicks him hard in the back and spin kicks him in the ground**jumps up and fires a blast of lightning over him**disappears as the impact forms an explosion and appears nearby Naruto, Sasuke and Jorge**panting*
HaJuub : *comes out slowly once the explosion ends**wounded**pant* This battle... Could go on forever...
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *panting*
HaJuub : Heheh... You're not bad. But you're not good enough to kill me, yet. You said your name is Uchiha Dark, right? Heh... We'll meet again... For now, I bid you farewell. *raises his arms up as flames cover him*
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : !! No!! You're not getting away!! *dashes fast*
HaJuub : Hahahaha! *fades away*
Dark (Bijuu Mode) : *dashes past him, missing him as he faded away* Dammit! *reverts to normal*... *walks to the others*
Naruto : It's okay-ttebayo. You did a number on him. I don't think he'll come back any time soon.
Dark : Yeah, but letting him get away like that... It's gonna come bite me back, one day.. *stops in front of them* Whew..
Naruto : *smiles widely* Welcome back-ttebayo.
Dark : *grin* Thanks!
Jorge : Hmph. *dashes off*
Dark : What's with him?
Naruto : ... I'll talk to you about it later..
Dark : Hm...
Sasuke : *walks towards him*
Dark : Senpai! How've you be-
Sasuke : *lowers himself in a knee and hugs him*..... I've missed you, my son...
Dark : !!... *smiles and hugs him back* I missed you too, dad...
Naruto : *smiles*


Epilogue :

In an unknown valley, at the outskirts of Hell's 12th Circle, filled with raging volcanoes and rivers of lava :

HaJuub : *appears* Ngh! *wounded gravely**pant* So Byoukaku has been defeated... *walks into a lava river and sits down* Someone else must be running this circle now... Oh well... I'll wait. And I'll take it from right underneath their nose... Hehehehe!

Uchiha Residence :

Sasuke : *opens the door* Tadaimasu! *takes off his shoes*
Dark : ? *takes off his shoes* Who are you talking to? *hears footsteps* Huh?!
Sakura : Welcome home, Sasuke-Ku-!! D-Dark-Kun!?
Dark : S-Sakura-San!?
Sasuke : *closes his eyes and smiles* A lot has changed in these 2 years, Dark.
Dark : W-Wait a minute! Y-You and Sakura-San?!
Sasuke : *smiles*
Sakura : *smiles**shows him her wedding ring*
Dark : W-Woah...*thinking : ..... Lilth owes me 20 bucks...*
Sasuke : So then... *scratching the back of his head* You're old enough to have your own place. But until you get the money to have it and you decide on it... Would you like to live with us? Like a family?
Dark : I... *looks at him and then at Sakura and back at him*... *lowers his eyes a bit, thinking*...
Sasuke : Hm?
Sakura : Is... Is everything ok Dark-Kun?
Dark : *thinking : They're married huh... And since Senpai's like... And come to think of it... Sakura-San's always been like...*... Huh... *tear falls down*...
Sasuke and Sakura : !?
Dark : *wipes it off**looks up at Sakura and smiles* Tadaimasu... Kaa-San! *wide grin*
Sasuke : !
Sakura : ! *slight blush*... *lowers her eyelids and smiles* Welcome home, son! *lowers herself in her knees and hugs him*
Dark : *hugs her back* Heheh!
Sasuke : *smiles**sits in his knee and wraps his arms around them both**closes his eyes*

In the Purgatory :

Byoukaku : *had seen the whole battle and everything that happened* Heh...
Arceus : He's become a fine child. Not the weapon you wanted.
Byoukaku : Indeed... I'm starting to not want him to be a weapon anymore...
Arceus : Hm... Well, I'm off. And you will remain here to atone for your sins...
Byoukaku : Hn.
Arceus : *fades away*
Byoukaku : ... *thinking : Live your life to its fullest extend, Dark... Live your life and surpass me... No...**narrows eyes and smirks**thinking : No, I think it's safe to call you by your real name, Dark... My greatest creation... Etherion...!*

The shocking truth, finally brought to light! Etherion's true identity revealed!

To be continued.
Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's child Part 24
Part 24, yeah! Finally here! Whew! This took a while to write, like it took me with Part 23. But here it is now. Hope you guys enjoy it. I might take a little brake from writing stories, I'm kinda exhausted and I need time to plan out the next chapters. But just because of that, I made sure that this one will be most entertaining. Hope you guys like it!

Naruto and all related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.
Part 24 Teaser by foxmaster55
Part 24 Teaser
Just a little teaser I sketched up in 30 minutes or so. It's not so good but meh. Wanted to do it mostly to show off how Dark's going to look like. From now on he has his current look with his current outfit (with the fingerless gloves, black shirt, sleeveless jacket, you know. His current look) but in this chapter he has his Shippuden clothes because he's coming back from the dead so yeah his clothes look like shit and all. Bijuu Mode is also the one he has currently. No point in designing a Bijuu Mode for each outfit he wears. I also wanted to emphasize the 2 important characters of this chapter. HaJuub, the main villain of the "The Last" Era and Etherion, who's origins will be explained in Part 24. So yeah. I'm halfway done with the chapter. Might upload it tomorrow. Maybe. Stay tuned!
A big brother's duty by foxmaster55
A big brother's duty
A big brother's duty is to tease his little sister to no end XD

I know yo uguys are probably getting tired of these but I can't help it, it's fun XD

Sasuke and Sarada created by Masashi Kishimoto.
HaJuub by foxmaster55
So I was lazy to shade this but meh.

Moving on to a new Era, we need a new villain. Reintroducing HaJuub the FireLord. You may remember him from my story "The Bleeding Flame" which I've done many years ago. Here he is, revamped and more dangerous than ever!
Teaching Kurama about lol by foxmaster55
Teaching Kurama about lol
What happens when an ancient Demon Fox tries to adapt to modern days.

Kurama created by Masashi Kishimoto.
Hey guys! This is help shout-out to any of you who have experience with 3D rendering or know someone who does. So I've improved on my renders but it's still not what I want. I want to be able to make renders like this :… and it's clear to me that 3ds Max just won't cut it. That being said, are there any render-only programs out there that I can use to make these renders? Please help me out. 
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foxmaster55's Profile Picture
John Wilson
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces

Name : Uchiha Dark
Specie : Hedgehog, Demon.
Gender : Male.
Village : Konohagakure.
Current Kage of the village : Uzumaki Naruto - Hokage.
Rank : Chunin.
Jinchuriki : Yes.
Bijuu : Kurama (Hell Clone)
Elements : Katon, Raiton, Enton.
Jutsu knowledge : Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Senjutsu.
Favourite Jutsu : Chidori, Enton : Kagutsuchi.
Kekke Genkai : Sharingan, Rinnegan.
Special Abilities : Modo RaienAku.

Relationships :

Family : Uchiha Angellica (Mother, Deceased); The Great Demon Lord Byoukaku (Father, Deceased), Karya (Brother), Uchiha Haruno Sakura (Adoptive Mother), Uchiha Sasuke (Adoptive Father), Uchiha Sarada (Little Sister).

Wife : Casey. :iconknuxrocks28:

Rival : Uzumaki Jorge. :iconj-thedemoniclighthog:

Best Friends : Uzumaki Jorge :iconj-thedemoniclighthog: and Galxina the Psychic Cat :icondarkmythicpsychiccat:

Team 7 : Uzumaki Naruto, Uzumaki Jorge :iconj-thedemoniclighthog:, Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Dark, Uchiha Haruno Sakura, Galxina the Psychic Cat :icondarkmythicpsychiccat:.
Leading Jonin : Hatake Kakashi.



"When I was a young man.
I had liberty but I did not see it.
I had time but I did not know it.
And I had love. But I did not feel it.
Many decades would pass
Before I understood the meaning of all 3.
And now in the twilight of my life
This understanding has passed into containment.
Love, liberty and time.
Once so dispossable.
Are the fuels that drive me foward.
And love must especially mio caro.
For you, our children, our brothers and sisters.
And for the vast and wonderfull world that gave us life.
And keeps us guessing.
Endless affection mio Sofia.
Forever yours... Ezio Auditore.."

Requiescat en pace.... Mentor... :iconezioauditoreplz:

Metalhead here!!

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Happy Birthday, Dark :3
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Student Interface Designer
Thank you!
TheAwesomeBringer Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excuse me good sir, But you wouldnt happen too be a good friend of my Good friend Jacob Uchiha (Otherwise known as :iconfireshot65:) Would you?
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student Interface Designer
I wouldn't exactly say "good friends" but yeah, I'm friends with him.
TheAwesomeBringer Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh...That's a little dissapointing. But okay! I have a proposition for you. I've seen your drawings and they are amazing! And I need a bit of a contest entry for A special character that I own. So If you could, Is it alright if your draw one of my characters for a point commission?
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student Interface Designer
Let me see the character
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BluethornWolf Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist… don't kill me bro ;w;
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Eh the quills aren't THAT bad XD You'll get better in time. Also lol.
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Thank you for the watch ^^
Have a nice day! :D
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uh thanks for the watch ^^;
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You're welcome Mickey...
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something...the matter?
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Oh. Nothing. I guess a jackass like me is easy to forget. Maybe it's better that way.. ^~^
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LEXA-Lexamus-Prime Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey got a moment? i it's about the spawn cartoon. 
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Student Interface Designer
The old animated series on HBO? What about it?
LEXA-Lexamus-Prime Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
one thing that bugs me about it....spawn was made as a powerhouse with chains, a living cape and skills. tell how can he get wounded by a vampire? 
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Student Interface Designer
He gets wounded by a vampire in the comics too. Because vampires are apparently hunters sent by heaven, while werewolves are hunters sent by hell. Creatures that come from heaven can harm Spawn.
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stomper1232 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
I agree with you about giving up on Sonic stuff, Sonic is kind of getting boring and even though you don't know me, we had a lot of the same Youtube buddies in the 2008-2010 era who used to be Sonic fans as well who also started to get bored of Sonic like Darkthehedgehog160, Hirothehedgehog, and NTWarrior485 (I know Dark got a life and became a skater but I have no idea what happened to Hiro, and NT is still around sort of)
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Student Interface Designer
Dude. You just brought me back so many nice memories that I had with that group. Hiro was my very first friend on YouTube when I started back in 2008. Meph and I quickly became bros, Dark and I would always make fun that we're both named the same. Sadly I haven't talked too much to NT but I remember him well too. I'm glad there's someone from that era still around. Well the last time I talked to Hiro on Skype was I belive 2-3 years ago and he had his passion of playing the guitar, he might have started a band or something. I know nothing of Meph though, he left around the same time Dark left. Hiro left a bit later than them.
stomper1232 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
I agree, those where some good memories, Dark would also hang out with me and my 2 closest Youtube Sonic Buddies Zerothehedgehog360 and Warlock/Itgluver(who I both surprisngly discovered recently that they hung around here after they disapeared from Youtube at differnt points of time) but yeah its good to see someone who still remebers the good times of the 2008-2010 era of Sonic fans.
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