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The time has come by foxmaster55
The time has come
Now then. It is time to venture through Hell once more.
On top of the Konoha gates :

Kisame : Well, I think they've done some redecorating since you've last been here.
Itachi : ... Let's go, Kisame...

Training Field :

Sasuke : *arms crossed**leans on one of the 3 logs*...
Dark : *meditation pose*....*concentrating, trying to call upon the demonization on his own*... Gh! *ends up calling upon The Nine-Tails' power* GRRR!! *OTK state*
Sasuke : !! *dashes and slaps a suppression tag on his forhead*
Dark : Gaah! *fox cloak fades away**panting*
Sasuke : That darn fox is getting in the way.
Dark : N-No. *removes the now empty paper* That's not how I look at this. *panting* I see is as a variation control also.
Sasuke : Variation control?
Dark : Well, I have both The Nine-Tails and this demon form inside me, right? Sooner or later I'll have both powers under my control. I'll need to train my concentration so I call upon the one I need instead of one of them randomly coming out.
Sasuke : Hmph. I see.
Dark : Mmm...
Sasuke : What is it?
Dark : This form is very similar to your Curse Mark, Senpai. Also, Kanzen. The wolf I fought against the other day. He had a Curse Mark, as well. But it was different than yours. He was able to take it to a second level. Complete body transformation.
Sasuke : ...
Dark : *thinking : Whoever this Orochimaru dude is, he has access to amazing power that he can do whatever he wants with... I hate to admit it... But sooner or later Senpai might seek him out... He's an avenger. He lives to kill Itachi-San. All he needs is a little push... I won't let that push happen!* Well, again! *mediation pose*
Sasuke : No, let's take a break. We have to meet up with Kakashi, remember?
Dark : Ah! Yeah!

Dango shop :

Kakashi : *waiting outside**unknowingly to him, Itachi and Kisame are inside*
Asuma : Yo, Kakashi!
Kakashi : Hm?
Asuma : *walks to him with Kurenai*
Kurenai : Waiting for someone?
Kakashi : Yeah. I'm going to buy some sweets to make an offering.
Asuma : To Obito?
Kakashi : Yeah. And I'm waiting for Dark and Sasuke.

Itachi : ...

Kakashi : *throws a quick look over the dango shop*...
Sasuke : *walks up to him with Dark* Kakashi. It's unusual for you to be on time.
Kakashi : Well, every now and then.
Sasuke : Huh? *looks inside**doesn't see anybody* I don't really like sweets, Kakashi...
Kakashi : Oh?
Dark : *thinking : Someone was here...*

After Kakashi, Dark and Sasuke went to Obito's grave to pay their respects, Kakashi, Asuma and Anko followed Itachi and Kisame. They engaged them in battle, and Kakashi fell victim to Itachi's Tsukuyomi. Meanwhile Jiraiya had taken Naruto and Jorge to find Tsunade. The last of the Legendary Sannin. They stopped at a nearby town where they would begin their search. Itachi and Kisame found this out and followed. Sasuke had also heard of Itachi being in Konoha. And he was angry that instead of coming after him, Itachi went after Naruto. Itachi and Kisame were part of an organization called "Akatsuki" which hunted down the Tailed Beasts for an unknown purpose. Sasuke rushed to the town inn and found Itachi and Kisame as they were about to take Naruto. The 2 brothers clashed in a one-sided battle. Sasuke was completely powerles against Itachi. It's like nothing had changed between them all these years. In the end, Itachi used his Tsukuyomi on Sasuke as well. Leaving him in a coma, as with Kakashi. When Jiraiya arrived to stop the 2 members of Akatsuki, they fled. Maito Guy arrived, and mistook Jiraiya and Naruto for Itachi and Kisame, and accidentally delivered a strong Dynamic Entry in Jiraiya's face. After clearing out the misunderstanding, Guy took Sasuke to the hospital.

Dark and Sakura : *rush in the hospital room*
Sakura : Sasuke-Kun!
Dark : Senpai!
Medic : Hm? Are you his friends?
Dark : What happened to him?
Medic : He was engaged in battle with Uchiha Itachi. Suffered deep mental traumas that put him in a coma. It is unclear when he'll wake up.
Dark : !! A-Are you serious?!
Medic : Sorry. But no worries. Jiraiya-Sama has left to find Tsunade-Sama. She is a formidable medical ninja. She'll be able to heal him. Excuse me. *leaves*
Sakura : *puts her hand on Sasuke's forehead* Sasuke-Kun...
Dark : ... Kh! *punches the wall*

Flashback :

Dark (5 years old) : Senpai, why did Itachi-San kill the clan?
Sasuke (10 years old) : He said it was all just to test his abilities... He didn't kill me because I'm too weak... Said one day... When I have the same eyes as him... He will face me...
Dark : Huh...

Flashback ends :

Dark : ... Tsukuyomi...
Sakura : Huh?
Dark : The Mangekyo Sharingan. That's how I can wake him up! I'm not going to stand by until some lady comes to heal him! I'll wake him up myself!
Sakura : What are you going to do?
Dark : *looks at her with his Sharingan* I'm going to train! I'll complete my Sharingan! And then I will awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan! That way I can wake Senpai up!
Sakura : Huh..?
Dark : I'll do it! *runs outside*
Sakura : Good luck...

Uchiha Residence :

Angellica : *looking out the window*...*sighs*...
Dark : *comes in* Mother!!
Angellica : *looks back* Dark?
Dark : Mom, please, train me!
Angellica : Eh?
Dark : I want to complete my Sharingan! I want to awaken my Mangekyo! And then I'll wake Sasuke-Senpai up from Itachi's Tsukuyomi!
Angellica : Hai, hai, slow down. It's not that easy.
Dark : Awakening the Mangekyo, or waking Senpai up with it?
Angellica : Both. Besides. *closes her eyes* If you could wake Sasuke up with a Mangekyo... *opens her eyes**Mangekyo Sharingan* I would've tried.
Dark : !! M-Mom!?
Angellica : Listen. Truthfuly, a Mangekyo's effect can be countered by another Mangekyo. But with Itachi's Tsukuyomi, it's hot so easy.
Dark : Why not?
Angellica : He's had the Mangekyo since age 12. He's completely mastered it. His level of usage is much stronger than mine. And also, he knew how to use it on Sasuke...
Dark : ..?
Angellica : He probably had Sasuke revisit "that night"... And amplified his emotions... A Tsukuyomi doesn't put you in a coma... Not a normal one anyways... If Itachi's could do that to both Kakashi and Sasuke... There's nothing I can do with my Mangekyo...
Dark : Kh!
Angellica : You want me to train you, so you can master the Sharingan's full potential? With my greatest pleasure. But you won't be able to wake Sasuke up...
Dark : ... Even so...
Angellica : Hm?
Dark : *glares at her with his Sharingan* I want to do it! I want these eyes to be stronger than Itachi's! For Sasuke-Senpai's sake!
Angellica : *widens eyes*...*smiles* Alright. Let's train.

For the next week and a half, Angellica trained her son. It was a difficult training, though. Firstly, she attacked him from all sides at high speed. That way, Dark's Sharingan would adapt to see beyond its limits and awaken the third coma. But it didn't. Next, she trained him on how to fight a Mangekyo user. With Dark's incomplete Sharingan, he cannot break free from a Tsukuyomi. So she trained Dark into fighting an opponent without looking anywhere near his eyes. It wasn't too difficult. Dark managed to learn how to fight that way very quickly. Dark enjoyed being trained by his mother. She was very strong and fast. She was a Jounin after all. But because she was a Jounin, she was mostly away on missions, and so Dark never got to train with her that much. In the end, Naruto, Jorge and Jiraiya returned with Tsunade. And Dark did not make any progress in his Sharingan training. All he accomplished was perfecting his Taijutsu and reflexes. Tsunade healed Kakashi and Sasuke and was nominated 5th Hokage. However. 2 days after Tsunade's Hokage ceremony, Sasuke waged war against Naruto. The two of them fought on the rooftop of the hospital. Sasuke was mad at Naruto. He envied him for how strong he became. For how everybody started looking up to him. And for being Itachi's target. Sasuke felt inferior. How could Naruto, the Usuratonkachi, be so strong? How could he beat Gaara, the man Sasuke fought in the Chunin Exams and couldn't defeat? They clashed at the hospital rooftop. Sakura, Jorge and Dark were watching in horror. To Sakura, the man she loved had lost his mind. To Jorge and Dark, their masters were not just having a rivalry battle. They were fighting as if trying to kill each other. And it could have ended that way. Naruto used the new technique that he and Jorge learned. Rasengan. In response, Sasuke activated his Chidori. The 2 powers were about to clash, however, Kakashi stepped in and stopped the two. He then caught Sasuke in a tree, where he tried to talk some sense into him. After he took his leave, and the night fell over Konoha, Sasuke met 4 Shinobi from the Hidden Sound, sent by Orochimaru. With a bit of persuasion, they achieved their goal. Sasuke, would leave Konoha to go to Orochimaru.

Uchiha Residence, Sasuke's room :

Sasuke : *wearing his high collar blue shirt and white shorts**packing up*.... *looks over the photo of Team 7*... *exits the room**goes downstairs**light gets turned on* !
Angellica : *sitting on a chair* Where do you think you're going?
Sasuke : None of your business.
Angellica : It is. I'm your legal guardian. Now tell me, where are you going?
Sasuke : And if I do, will you try and stop me?
Angellica : That depends.. *Sharingan*
Sasuke : ... I'm going to Orochimaru...
Angellica : *narrows eyes* I thought as much... *stands up* I'm not--
??? : You can't!
Sasuke and Angellica : !?
Dark : *just entered the house through the front door* You can't go to Orochimaru's...
Sasuke : Not you too, Dark... Of all people...
Dark : Let's all just calm down here. Senpai, what's going on?
Sasuke : What's going on? You know what's going on!
Dark : If this is about your encounter with Itachi--!
Sasuke : It is! I haven't changed a single bit!! It's like I've done nothing but watch the stars!! Even though I've trained everyday! I trained you! I trained with Angellica! With Kakashi! And nothing! He took me out in 2 moves!! You can't possibly comprehend how that feels!!
Dark : ... Well...
Angellica : Sasuke. Do you know, while you were in the hospital, what Dark, what this child in front of you, did?
Sasuke : ?
Angellica : He had me train him to unlock the Mangekyo Sharingan. Do you know why?
Sasuke : So he can be ready for when his father arrives.
Angellica : Wrong.
Sasuke : ?
Angellica : He did it for you. Because he wasn't sure if Tsunade-Sama could wake you from the coma. He wanted to use the Mangekyo to wake you up. Because to him, you are like a father. He's just as angry about Itachi defeating you last week as you are! Doesn't that mean anything to you? You'll just turn your back at him and leave Konoha?
Sasuke : ... I'm sorry... *Curse Mark activates*
Angellica : !! *turns her head to Dark* Dark watch o-!!
Sasuke (Curse Mark) : *strikes her on the back of her neck, leaving her out cold**reverts from the Curse Mark*...
Dark : MOM!!
Sasuke : Stay calm. I didn't even hurt her. Just put her to sleep. She'll wake up in the morning, probably with a headache.
Dark : *shivers**tears start falling down his cheeks* Why..? Why are you like this?!
Sasuke : !

Flashback :

Sasuke (8 years old) : Why... Why are you like this... Nii-San...?
Itachi : ...

Flashback ends :

Sasuke : ... *closes his eyes* I'm sorry... One day, when you'll grow older, you'll understand... I have to do this...
Dark : How can you trust Orochimaru after what he's put you through?!
Sasuke : I don't. But he's offering me power. I will take it.
Dark : B-But...!
Sasuke : *grabs his head and pets gently*...

Flashback :

Angellica : Because to him, you're like a father!

Flashback ends :

Sasuke : You are also... Like a son to me...
Dark : Uh!?
Sasuke : *smiles a bit* Thank you... For everything...  After I kill Itachi, I'll come back. I promise.
Dark : ... You'd better!
Sasuke : Hn... *punches him hard in the stomach*
Dark : GUAAAGH!!! *falls down**struggles**looks at him* D-D... Dad... *passes out*
Sasuke : .... *walks past him**opens the door and looks back at him*... Goodbye... *exits and shuts the door*

Sasuke made his way to the gates of Konoha. There he encountered Sakura who also attempted to stop him. He did to her what he did to his family. Knocked her out and left her unconcious on a bench. He met the 4 Sound Shinobi outside the village. They were ready to leave.

The next morning, when Dark and his mother woke up, he was about to rush over to the Hokage mansion to alert them about Sasuke. But as he opened the door, Shikamaru, who was now promoted to Chunin, and Naruto were there. They were already aware and on the move. A platoon was formed. Naruto, Dark, Shikamaru, Kiba, Chouji and Neji. All set out to bring Sasuke home.

Hell :

Byoukaku : What?
Darkrai : It's as I said. Uchiha Sasuke is on the move towards Orochimaru. And your son, accompanied by 4 Konoha Genin and Chunin, are on his trail.
Byoukaku : Hmm... I think I've waited enough... Karya!
Karya : *enters* Yes, father?
Byoukaku : Would you like to meet your little brother, at long last?
Karya : ... *smirks*

Meanwhile at the gates :

Shikamaru : Is everybody here?
Neji : Hn.
Chouji : Yes!
Kiba : Ready for action!
Naruto : Of course!
Dark : Yeah...
Shikamaru : Alright. As you know, Uchiha Sasuke has left the village last night. That would make him a rogue ninja. Unless we bring him back ASAP. Now, I'm not really good friends with Sasuke, in fact, I don't like the guy one bit.
Dark : ...
Shikamaru : But he's a Konoha Shinobi. One of us. And we won't just hand him over so easily.
Dark : ! ... *smiles*
Shikamaru : This won't be easy. We have no available Jounin, because they're all out on missions. Also, this is not a simple rescue mission. Expect enemy forces. Are we all clear? *everybody nods* Good. Let's go.
Sakura : Naruto!
Naruto : Huh? *looks back* Sakura-Chan.
Dark : Sakura-San.
Sakura : *looks at Naruto*... I couldn't stop him...
Naruto : ...
Sakura : *crying* Please... Naruto... This is a request of a lifetime... Sasuke-Kun... Bring back Sasuke-Kun...
Naruto : *grins**thumbs up* Yeah. It's a promise of a lifetime! I'll bring Sasuke back no matter what! Belive it!
Sakura : Thank you, Naruto... Thank you!
Shikamaru : Let's go, Naruto.
Naruto : Yeah! *looks at Dark* Let's do our best and bring your Senpai back!
Dark : Yes, sir! *both leave*

Deep in the forest :

Sakon : Sasuke-Sama. I think this is okay. We're far enough from Konohagakure.
Sasuke : What is it?
Sakon : The truth is, Orochimaru-Sama gave us one important task. You will have to die once.
Sasuke : ? Die.. Once?
Tayuya : Your Curse Mark. It's a mere Level 1. We will help you tap into its full power and advance it into a Level 2. Its true form.
Sakon : However the power is so overwhelming that it will kill you.
Sasuke : ... And after that?
Sakon : Don't worry. That's why we're here. *takes out a small bottle with black pills inside* Mind Awakening pills. These will jump-start your Curse Mark and force it to awaken the second stage in a matter of hours. And to avoid your eternal death and make it only a half-death, we will have a special barrier put around you that will cancel out the lethal side effects. Basically, once you take these your body will die while your mind and spirit are working to accommodate to the Curse Mark's second level. Once you wake up, everything will be fine. By then we'll have reached Orochimaru-Sama's base. In order for your body to witstand and accommodate to the second level you will need some special medicine and drugs that Orochimaru-Sama has in his possession.
Sasuke : I see...
Sakon : *gives him a pill* Don't worry. Our orders are to bring you to Orochimaru-Sama, alive. We won't let you die.
Sasuke : *nod*.... *thinking : I can't die now. I need to get stronger..*
??? : You humans are so fragile and weak...
Everyone : !?
Karya : *in a tree* Resorting to drugs and medicine. Pathetic.
Kidomaru : Who the hell are you?!
Jirobo : A mobian? Is he from Konohagakure?
Karya : I may be a mobian. *gets down from the tree**lands* But I'm not a mortal. I am a demon. A Hell Prince to be more precise.
Sasuke : *thinking : Hell Prince?**narrows eyes*
Karya : Calm down. I'm not your enemy. There's a platoon of Konohagakure Shinobi on your tail. 5 humans and a mobian. Though, he's not exactly a mobian either...
Sasuke : *narrows eyes* Dark...?
Karya : Indeed. I'm merely here to get my little brother off your tail and test him. Don't worry. When I'm done with him he won't be able to follow you.
Sasuke : !! You're... Dark's older brother?
Karya : Indeed, I am. *bows* My name is Karya. It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Uchiha Sasuke. Has my little brother given you any trouble?
Sasuke : Stay away from him...
Karya : I won't kill him. But I have to see if he's worthy of our father's attention and time. Now then, forgive me for interrupting you. Please, proceed.
Sasuke : ... *thinking : Damnit... I can't worry about Dark now. He can take care of himself...**takes the pill**swallows*... Agh!! *holds his chest and falls in his knees*
Sound 4 : *take their position*
Sakon : Hurry! We'll lose him in a matter of minutes if we don't get this done now! *summons a barrel that has markings on it*
Jirobo : *puts Sasuke in the barrel and takes his position*
Sound 4 : *form handsigns and fire a black mist that gathers up above the barrel* Four Black Mists Formation! *mist shoots down inside of the barrel and forms a black cover over it*
Sakon : *takes 4 sealing tags and writes symbols in his blood**throws them at the barrel and they stick the cover to the sides of the barrel* Whew... We're okay now.
Karya : Impressive. Similar as the Six Black Flame Formation. Ah, but that is what Orochimaru used to create this Jutsu, eh?
Tayuya : Just who are you...?
Karya : I am the Prince of Hell's 12th Realm. The elder son of the Demon Lord, Byoukaku!
Sakon : Byoukaku... !? The Konoha Shinobi! *the Konohagakure platoon arrives*
Shikamaru : !! Who is that?
Naruto : A... A mobian?
Dark : *widens eyes*... !!! AGH!!! *holds his head*
Kidomaru : Is he the one?
Karya : Yes.. And he recognizes me. *grins*
Dark : *enters Nega Dark Level 1* D-Demonic.. Pressence..! All... All 5 of them... *looks up* But that guy... That hedgehog... He's a pure demon!
Jirobo : Oi, oi... That's just like the first level of the Curse Mark.
Karya : That's right. *spreads arms* Come now, Dark. No hugs for your older brother?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *widens eyes*.... Y-You....
Karya : Gentlemen. Leave. This is family business. *Sound 4 grab the barrel and leave*
Naruto : !! COME BACK!! *dashes off*
Kiba : NARUTO NO!! *dashes after him*
Shikamaru : Tch! Dark?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *demonic voice* GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!
Neji : !!
Shikamaru : *widens eyes* Chouji! Neji! Let's go! *all 3 dash off*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Grrr!!!
Karya : Tsk, tsk... Can't even control a mere demonization...
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Y-Yes... I.. CAN!!! *reverts to normal**panting*
Karya : Lovely.
Dark : Are you really...?
Karya : I am.
Dark : ... I have so many questions...
Karya : I have no doubt that you do. But, you see... Father sent me to test your abilities. *takes off his coat**has a black vest and grey pants, wearing long dark grey boots*
Dark : !
Karya : Come now. Today you will receive training from your older brother.
Dark : ... Heheh...
Karya : Hm? What's so funny?
Dark : Nothing. I'm... Kinda happy.
Karya : Oh?
Dark : I mean, I know you and "dad" are supposed to be bad guys who want to use me to destroy this world... But even so... The fact that I'm standing in front of my older brother... I don't know... It kinda makes me happy...
Karya : ^_^ So I see. *walking*
Dark : *walking**both are walking in a circle, facing each other* Though, I cannot let you and my father do as you please, you know. I will not obey him. I will stop him!
Karya : Oh?
Dark : I've read some philosophy and ancient religious scrolls. From that I could determine that Hell isn't evil. They act more as judgement. Punishing sinners. But nothing about bringing this world to an end.
Karya : Well, you see, our father has an ambition. He's seen this world, and all its flaws. He wants to destroy it and start a new. Think about it, little brother. There have been 3 Great Shinobi Wars. And this only among the Five Nations. The world is much, MUCH bigger. And it's the same everywhere. Wars. Death. Destruction. Mankind and mobians alike know of nothing else but violence.
Dark : That may be true. But I believe that there is good, too. If I were in our father's place, I'd seek out to bring that out. Harvest it.
Karya : Hmph. A child's fantasy.
Dark : You know... Ever since I found out about my father... I've been thinking.
Karya : ?
Dark : *stops walking*... If things wouldn't have been this way... If things were different... You, me, father and mother... We could be one big happy family...
Karya : ... I had a big happy family once... You see, I once was a mortal like your friends. My father specialized in dark magic that he used for medical purpose. The village we lived in saw him as a vampire... My parents were killed in front of me... Father found me. He killed me and returned me to life as a demon. As his son. I killed everybody in that village. And I understood that humans are weak. They seek to destroy what they do not understand.
Dark : ... I'm sorry...
Karya : You know, I originally thought of you as a useless hatchling that will get in the way. But I've seen your development and I am quite pleased. There might be potential in you. *leans hand towards him* After this training session is over, come with me. Come home. Your "adoptive father", Sasuke, abandoned you and the village. There's nothing keeping you here. Father even considers bringing your mother along as his wife. We can be the family you wish us to be. And you will have power, beyond your imagination. Sooner or later, our father will leave his throne for us. We can be unstoppable. The world will be yours. If you so badly wish, we can spare Konohagakure. Make it our base of operations from where we will control the new world. So, what do you say?
Dark : !... *thinking : I could meet my father... I could try and understand him... Also... **has an imaginary image in his mind of him, Karya, his mother and their father**sees himself and Karya as little children playing everyday and training together*... I...

Flashback :

Sakura : Naruto! Please! Bring Sasuke-Kun back!

Sasuke : You are also... Like a son to me...

Flashback ends :

Dark : ... I'm sorry... I can't...
Karya : A shame... But you're still a child. There is still time for you to decide. Now then... *battle pose* Come.
Dark : *battle pose**Sharingan*
Karya : *dashes at him*
Dark : *dashes at him**swings a kick*
Karya : *blocks it**grabs his leg and throws him up*
Dark : Gah! *handsign* Katon : Goukakyo no Jutsu! *fires a Goukakyo at him*
Karya : Hmph. Primitive. *swings his hand and slices fhe Goukakyo in half**halves hit around him and explode**unharmed*
Dark : *lands on a tree* !! How..? What kind of Jutsu was that?!
Karya : Jutsu? You think demon use such primitive techniques? No, my brother. I do not use Jutsu. Demons use Black Magic. *dashes at him*
Dark : !!
Karya : *right in front of him**kicks him hard*
Dark : *crashes through trees**falls down and hits a leg* H-Huh? *looks up*
Karya : *has his leg stuck out as a back rest for Dark*
Dark : *widens eyes* H-How... Did you get here... So fast..?
Karya : Aww, am I too strong for you? Want me to hold back a little?
Dark : Tch! *dashes off* Take this!! *throws 6 Shurikens at him*
Karya : ? *Shurikens seem to have a sharp edged metal cord attached to them**3 of the Shurikens tie around him while the other 3 get stabbed in the ground around him*
Dark : *holds the metal cords between his teeth**lands on a tree branch**handsigns* Katon : Ryuuka no Jutsu! *fire shoots off on the cords and rapidly approach Karya*
Karya : Oh? *gets hit**explosion*
Dark : *pant**lets go of the metal cord*
Karya : *comes out of the fire**has a minor bruise on his face and some burns on his vest* Hmm, not bad. You actually left a mark.
Dark : *smirks* I'm not done yet.
Karya : I hope so. *smirks*
Dark : *zooms at him**throws a series of combos at him*
Karya : *deflects and hits back*
Dark : *deflecting*
Karya : You're fast, but you jump ahead too much. You're fighting style is very wrathful and thrown in. You need to control your temper and remain calm. *blocks a punch and swings a kick*
Dark : *blocks it* Guh! *throws his foot away and strikes*
Karya : *doges* As the battle progresses, you're letting your temper get the best of you. Truthfully, it allows your hits to be harder. But it is a flawed and mistaken way of fighting. *knees him in the stomach*
Dark : GAAH!!
Karya : *kicks him in a tree* You think too much during your battle. Trying too hard to read your opponent's movements. Maybe because your Sharingan isn't fully developed.
Dark : *panting* Grr..!
Karya : You need to rely on instinct more. Let your body adapt on its own and move freely.
Dark : Tch. Alright then. *dashes at him**punching*
Karya : *evades**grabs his right fist and holds it up**slams his hand on his chest and blows him away*
Dark : Nuagh!! *crashes down**stands up**pant*
Karya : Hmph...
Dark : *smirks**handsigns*
Karya : Hm?
Dark : *forms a Chidori* HOAAAA!!!
Karya : Chidori, huh? This is Hatake Kakashi's technique. This is how you defeated Project S.U.N., is it not?
Dark : Yep. How about I give you a taste! *dashes*
Karya : Hmm. *handsign**purple flames around him**flames fire at him*
Dark : *Sharingan comas spinning around the pupil**evading the flames**flash-steps in front of him* CHIDORI!! *slams it on his chest*
Karya : Guh! *lightning explosion**sent back flying**lands on the side of a tree and drops down**cracks neck* Not bad.
Dark : *pant*
Karya : Now to show you my technique. *leans his right hand forward and opens his palm, facing it upward**forms a black orb that glows purple*
Dark : ?!
Karya : Ku-Shodo! *stretches arm forward and fires a black pulse blast at him*
Dark : !! *explosion*
Karya : .... Hm?
Dark : *smoke clears**Nega Dark Level 1 State* G-Gh.. *bandages from his left arm are gone and his outfit is ripped off around the left side of his chest**panting*
Karya : Impressive. You can call upon your demonization's first stage at will. And you've realised that your body's durability increases in this stage.
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : I've been training to control this power. Looks like it all payed off!
Karya : I see.
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : This will even odds a little. *dashes at him fast**disappears*
Karya : ? *looks around*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *slides behind him**swing kicks him up hard*
Karya : Nugh!
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *dashes up**kicks him repeatedly to throw him higher**throws himself at a tree and leaps up high**grabs Karya and holds him upside down, arms around Karya's legs and legs around Karya's chest**dropping down with him hard* Falcon drop!! *smashes Karya, head first, in the ground and leaps off**panting hard**coughs* Gaah! *pant*
Karya : ...... *stands up slowly*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : !!
Karya : Impressive... That would have been fatal if I were mortal... *cracks neck*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Gh!
Karya : Well, you've proven your strength in that form. How about I prove mine in it?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Wait.. You can too?... Stupid question...
Karya : Indeed it is. *spreads arms**dark aura flowing around him* Behold, little brother. *aura burst**the left half of his body is just like Dark's in Nega Dark Level 1, but instead of black, the forms on his body are dark grey, similar to Dark's fur**markings on the skin are a lighter grey than on the fur**left eye's sclera is completely black**smirks* Yes, I think a level 1 should suffice.
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : W-Wow... *thinking : His power is much bigger than mine in this state. This pressure is so heavy. How the hell can I beat this guy?!* Gh!
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : Come, little brother. *flashes in front of him* Don't chicken out now. *punches him in the chest and sends him flying*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : AAAGH!! *crashes down hard* Ngh! *holds his head*
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : *appears in front of him* Come now, surely you can do better than that. *kicks him hard in the ground*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *the impact forms a small crater in the ground**coughs up blood* Gaah!
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : *grabs him by his shirt and holds him up* You're weak. Pathetic. I don't know what father sees in you...
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *coughs* W-Well, that's a sudden change of perspective. A few minutes ago you were trying to convince me to come with you.
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : For it was our father's will. I, on the other hand think we're better off without you. Look at you. So fragile. So confused. So unfocused. *throws him away*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *crashes through a tree* Gh!
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : The only reason your body isn't crumbling appart now, is because of your demon heritage.
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *pant* Y-Yup. Gotta love that demon blood of mine. *smirks*
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : That smartass attitude is nothing in battle. You will achieve nothing just by being cocky.
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Well, it did help me catch my breath. And now I can hit back at full strength! *handsigns**forms a Chidori* Chidori!! *Chidori becomes dark purple like the Demonization aura* HAAAA!!!
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : Hmph...
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *thinking : I gotta make this hit count. This is the last time I can use Chidori.*

Flashback :

Kakashi : With your current Chakra level, you two can only use Chidori twice in one day.
Dark : Only twice?
Kakashi : Yes. The limit will extend in time. I, myself, can only use it up to 4 times with my current Chakra.
Dark : Could you explain why?
Kakashi : All of your Chakra will be depleted. And if that happens, Dark, The Nine-Tails will be able to get out and go on a rampage.
Dark : I see...

Flashback :

Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *thinking : Truth be told, I'd love some Nine Tailed Chakra right about now. But I'd rather keep it in for now. I might need his power after I beat this guy and go after Senpai.**Chidori intensifying* HAAAA!!! *dashes at him fast**Chidori growing, to the point where the downward lightning ramifications crumble the ground behind him*
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : ?!
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *dashing fast* HAAAAAAAA!!! *slams it in his chest* DROP DEAD!!!!
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : !! *lightning blast erupts from his back* AAAGH!
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *pulls out and kicks him away**looks at his hand**thinking : Where... Did that burst of power come from...?*

Flashback :

Karya : You can upon your demonization's first stage...

Flashback ends :

Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *thinking : There's a second stage of this form...**evil grin**thinking : Heheh... I wonder... If I can tap into the second stage... How much power...**the purple mass from his left eye extends, covering his entire eye* Heheheh...
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : *stands up slowly**shaking**pant**looks at him* ? *thinking : Oh? His demonic nature is starting to take over. Finally. Maybe now I can have a challenge.**holds his chest* Ngh... Heheh..
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *looks at him**narrows eyes*
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : I'm starting to think I might've been wrong about you. That actually hurt. *coughs blood**wipes his mouth*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *widens eyes and grins* I'm going to pulverize you...! *dashes fast*
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : !
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *punches him hard in the stomach* TAAA!! *throws him away**dashes fast*
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : Gh!! *thinking : His power increased. His left eye... His Stage 1 was also incomplete. But not it's complete. Finally the Devil inside him has awakened!*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *behind him**kicks him and grabs his shoulder* HAAA! *smashes him in the ground and leaps back**handsigns* Katon : Housneka no Jutsu!! *fires many fire bullets at him*
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : !! *gets hit by them all* AAAGH!!
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Heheheh... I'm feeling pretty good right now... *thinking : This power... It feels great!**hand over his right eye**thinking : If I could complete my Sharingan... I'd be unstoppable!**grins*
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : *stands up**clothes damaged**panting* Well, little brother... I'm impressed... It appears a little Devil has awakened within you. How does it feel?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Heh... It feels good. I've never felt such power before!
Karya (Demonization Level 1) : *closes eyes and smiles* Heheheh. I see. I'm glad. Well then, I think I can kick this up a notch. Don't you think?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Please. Fight me at full power!
Karya (Demomization Level 1) : Heh. As you wish. *dark aura surrounds him* I promised you training. As your elder brother, I shall teach you the true power that we both posses. Behold! *aura bursts* HOAAAAAH!!! *fangs grow, almost like vampire fangs**claws grow**his fur is the same color as Dark's normal fur, but his skin is a darker color of its normal peach color, instead of a dark grey like in stage 1**both eyes have black sclera**his quills grow slightly**has a black stripe starting on his forehead and crossing alongside the top of his head, til the end of his upper quill, expanding, covering the whole quill at the end**crosses arms in front of him* HAAAAA!!!! *aura intensifies**red lightning sparkles around him**throws his arms back, as large bat wings grow from his back**aura flashes and disappears**looks at him and smirks* Well then? What do you think?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : !? *widens eyes* W-Woah...
Karya (Demon Form) : Indeed. This is my Demon Form. My true form! I like to call this "Devil Trigger", sometimes. In this form I can use skills and techniques I could not use in my base form or in the first stage. Allow me to demonstrate. *stretches his right arm foward**grabs his right wrist with his left hand**forms 3 handsigns with his right hand* Devil Art... *dark purple aura form around him as 4 small flames that surround him* Nospherum Blades! *the flames change form and are now 4 swords made out of Demonic Chakra*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : !!
Karya (Demon Form) : Do not fear. Truthfully, this attack would kill any mortal. But you will survive. It might, however be too overwhelming to launch them all at once. Seeing as how you are receiving training right now, I shall launch them one by one. Feel free to counterattack them if you wish. *launches a blade**blade shooting very fast at him*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : !?!? *moves his head away, dodging it at the last second**still gets a large cut on his right cheek from it* Agh!! *holds his cheek*
Karya (Demon Form) : This is why I launch them one by one. Despite not killing you, it will damage your body greatly. Even with our Healing Factor, a full hit from one of these will take several days to heal. Get ready, I'm about to fire the second one.
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : !! *handsigns* Katon!
Karya (Demon Form) : *fires the second one*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : GOUKAKYO NO JUTSU!!! *fires a large fireball at it**explosion**pant* !! *blade shoots out of the fire, a bit smaller and somewhat slower**leaps out of the way, dodging it completely*
Karya (Demon Form) : Oh, very good. That was the correct way to avoid it. Here comes the next one. *fires the third*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : !! *makes handsigns*
Karya (Demon Form) : .. Darn.. Too late.
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *blade strikes him in the chest, and exits through his back* GAAAH!! *coughs up blood*
Karya (Demon Form) : *sigh* Well, I suppose it's not bad for your first time encountering this attack... Huh?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *smoke puffs out of him**log falls down*
Karya (Demon Form) : !
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *lands* We call this "Substitution Jutsu". Upon the impact I quickly switch with an object. It's quite tricky but it's a good certain death avoider.
Karya (Demon Form) : Well now... Smart technique, if not too simplistic. Well then. What will you do about the last one?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *panting*

Flashback :

Dark : Again.. *forms handsigns*
Kakashi : *grabs his hands*
Dark : !?
Kakashi : I know, you want to push your limits. I understand. But trust me on this one. This is as far as you can go for now with Chidori.

Flashback ends :

Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *thinking : Sorry, Kakashi-Sensei. But desperate times call for desperate measures.**handsigns*
Karya (Demon Form) : Like that, huh?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Chidori! *forms another dark purple Chidori* Kh! *feels a slight pain in his left arm* Won't let this slow me down! *grips tight on his left arm**Chidori intensifies* HAAAA!!!
Karya (Demon Form) : Ready?
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : Fire it!! *dashes at him*
Karya (Demon Form) : *shoots the last blade*
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : HAAAAA!!! *clashes his Chidori with it**struggles*
Karya (Demon Form) : *looking at him*...
Dark (Nega Dark Level 1) : *struggles**blade begins to crack*the skin on his hand starts burning out* AAAAGH!!! *blade cracks**explosion**thrown back hard**reverts from his Demonization**on the ground**panting hard*
Karya (Demon Form) : Hmph. I've seen enough. *reverts back to normal*
Dark : *panting* W-Wait... I can s-still...!
Karya : No. It's enough. You lose the fight, because you can't move anymore, whereas I can still go. If this were a life and death situation, I'd be able to kill you on the spot.
Dark : Gh...!
Karya : However you passed the training session. I'm pleased. I've been wrong about you. You are still weak. But not as weak as I thought. However, with that level of power, you cannot defeat me...
Dark : I... I... *crawling towards him*
Karya : *narrows eyes**steps on his head* Stop... I admire your guts and determination not to give up. But right now, it's foolishnes. Might controls everything, Dark. Without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone, yourself. Think about that. We'll be in touch. *lifts his foot and walks away**disappears*
Dark : Kh!...

Flashback :

Dark : If this is about your encounter with Itachi--!
Sasuke : It is! I haven't changed a single bit!! It's like I've done nothing but watch the stars!! Even though I've trained everyday! I trained you! I trained with Angellica! With Kakashi! And nothing! He took me out in 2 moves!! You can't possibly comprehend how that feels!!

Flashback ends :

Dark : *shaking**stands up and struggles* Gah!! *holds his left arm* Kh!! *panting*

Flashback :

Sasuke : ... *closes his eyes* I'm sorry... One day, when you'll grow older, you'll understand... I have to do this...
Dark : How can you trust Orochimaru after what he's put you through?!
Sasuke : I don't. But he's offering me power. I will take it.
Dark : B-But...!
Sasuke : *grabs his head and pets gently*... You are also... Like a son to me...
Dark : Uh!?
Sasuke : *smiles a bit* Thank you... For everything...

Flashback ends :

Dark : A-Aagh... Gaah.... *opens his eyes widenly and throws his arms back* HOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! *dark aura bursts**flashes into the second state of his demonification, for a split second and then turns back to normal**falls down and passes out*

The next evening :

Dark : .... *wakes up* Gah!! *looks around**in a hospital room**raises his body, sitting on the bed* What...? *bandaged all over his left side of the body**moves his hand around*... *starts taking the bandages off**sighs*... *gets out of bed and walks out of his room**walks on the hallway**peeks into a room* ! *enters*
Naruto : *heavily bandaged* Huh? Dark!!
Sakura : ! *looks at him*
Dark : Naruto-San... Sakura-San... *walks in the room*
Naruto : You're finally awake!
Dark : *looks around*... Naruto-San...
Sakura : ....
Naruto : ... I'm sorry. I couldn't bring him back...
Dark : I see...
Naruto : *leans hand towards him**holding Sasuke's headband**headband has a cut across the Konoha symbol*
Dark : *looks at it*...
Naruto : We lost pretty badly. Neji almost died. Akamaru has broken bones and it will take a while before he recovers completely. Chouji was completely drained of calories. Shikamaru got off easy. He just has a broken finger.
Dark : ... *smiles*... *looks at him with a grin* Well, we should be glad then!
Naruto : !?
Sakura : ?!
Dark : Everybody is alive and will recover. Nobody was lost. I believe that is most important.
Sakura : Dark-Kun...
Dark : Shinobi who disobey the rules and fail the mission are scum. But those who abandon their friends and let them die for the sake of the mission are worse than scum! Right, Naruto-San?
Naruto : *widens eyes**smiles* Heheh..
Dark : We'll do something about Senpai. I know you can bring him home safe and sound!
Naruto : *grin* You can bet!! I won't stop or rest until I bring him home in one piece! That's a promise! *stretches arm**thumbs up*
Dark : Yep! *stretches arm**thumbs up*
Sakura : *widens eyes*...*lowers eyelids and smiles**tears fall down**thinking : Sasuke-Kun... You have such a good child here. He won't give up on you, no matter the odds... If not for our sake... At least come back for his sake.*
Naruto : Ah. By the way. 6 months from now, Jorge and I will leave Konoha with Ero-Sennin to train for 2 years and a half. Wanna join us?
Dark : Huh?
Naruto : We'll train super hard everyday and come back stronger than ever! Then the 3 of us will bring back Sasuke together!
Dark : *widens eyes*... *grins* Sounds fun!
Naruto : Hehehe!

Uchiha residence, hours later :

Dark : And so I'll most likely go with them on that training journey. And I'll be strong enough to bring Senpai back!
Angellica : I see. I'm glad you're so determined! ^_^
Dark : Heheh!.... Mom... I saved this for last because it has a bigger impact...
Angellica : ?...
Dark : I... I've met my older brother, that day.
Angellica : !? You have... A brother...? So... That's why they found you completely beaten up...
Dark : He didn't fight me with the intent to kill me or even harm me. He wanted to train me. Test me... For when...
Angellica : ... I will never let him take you, Dark. *hugs him tight* I don't care who he is... You're my son. I love you more than anything in this world. I will protect you. That is a mother's duty.
Dark : ... *nods* Yeah... *hugs her* I love you too, mom. Thank you...

The next day at the Memorial Stone behind the Training Field :

Kakashi : *looking at the stone*... *thinking : Obito... I failed to save my student... And 2 of my other students almost died... I... I need to get much stronger... To protect them...* ? *looks back*
Dark : *walking towards him**wearing his black suit but without the bandages around his hands* Kakashi-Sensei.
Kakashi : Dark. I'm glad you've recovered. I've heard from Naruto, that you might be joining him on his training journey.
Dark : Yes. I think it's a good idea.
Kakashi : *nods* Jiraiya-Sama is very strong. There's a lot that you can learn from him. ^ \\
Dark : Yeah, but even so...
Kakashi : Hm?
Dark : Before we leave... During these 6 months, please train me again, Kakashi-Sensei.
Kakashi : !
Dark : Jiraiya-Sama may be a strong Legendary Ninja like you said, but you're still the one who taught me Chidori, and you are the only person I know besides mother and Senpai who possesses the Sharingan. Please. I'd like to receive some training even before leaving.
Kakashi : And you came to me...?
Dark : Of course. *grins* You're very strong!
Kakashi : *widens eye*... Heh... Alright then. You've pretty much mastered Chidori. Since we don't have any Chunin Exams or anything major in the way anymore, I'd like us now to focus on a bigger aspect.
Dark : ...
Kakashi : That's right. Taming the Nine-Tails. It will be hard. And dangerous. Are you up for it? Now that it's just you I'm training, I'll devote all my attention to you. And I can be quite a strict trainer.
Dark : I'm up for it! Trust me, after what my older brother put me through 2 days ago, this will be easy!
Kakashi : *thinking : Older brother...?!* ^ \\ We'll have to see about that. Now then, if you don't have any plans, *lifts his headband**Sharingan* Let's begin now, with a spar.
Dark : *Sharingan* Yes, sir!

To be continued.
Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's child Part 10
Part 10 of Dark's origins. Meeting Karya. Dunno what else to say here.

Naruto and all related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.
Hey kids. I'm back. I had a great time in Berlin. It was fun, weather was good, food was great, we visited a lot of places and it was overall very relaxing and fun. Now I'm back and I'm in full force. I've got some work done on Dark's origins. I'll be uploading the next chapter today. I also have new ideas for him for later chapters.
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Hey, kids. It's that time of Summer again. Elisa and I are going on our Summer trip with our parents. We're going to Berlin for a week. So yeah. I'll see you all in a week.
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Demonized Chidori by foxmaster55
Demonized Chidori
This is how Modern Dark looks like when he's half demonized, or with other words, when he is in Nega Dark Level 1 Stage. But just so I don't just draw a pinup of him, I decided to think of how the Chidori would look like too. So here it is. Hope you like it.
Hey kids. I'm back. I had a great time in Berlin. It was fun, weather was good, food was great, we visited a lot of places and it was overall very relaxing and fun. Now I'm back and I'm in full force. I've got some work done on Dark's origins. I'll be uploading the next chapter today. I also have new ideas for him for later chapters.
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foxmaster55's Profile Picture
John Wilson
Name : John Wilson
Gender : Male
Age : 18
Relationship Status : Engaged

It's time I did something with this DeviantID XD Sooo about me. Meh I'm just your average Joe living every day like it's Hell on Earth, either spending time all day outside with Elisa or locked in my room drawing XD I'm a dirty-minded asshole and sometimes a pervert :iconjiraiyagrinplz: And I'm obssessed with boobs... Like honestly... Boobs... XD Kinda annoys Elisa sometimes but meh she gets over it XD I'm usually selfish unless it comes to Elisa. If it's not Elisa then I just do whatever I can to make things easier and better for myself without caring about the others. One day I will rule this world with Elisa by my side MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ahem... Yeah... My favourite animes are let's see : Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki. I used to like Bleach but it became stupid and weird in the Manga so I gave up on it. Also I'm more of a comic book guy. Marvel, DC, Image Comics, you name it. I've read plenty of comic book series not just Batman and Spider-Man comics like your average comic book reader.



"When I was a young man.
I had liberty but I did not see it.
I had time but I did not know it.
And I had love. But I did not feel it.
Many decades would pass
Before I understood the meaning of all 3.
And now in the twilight of my life
This understanding has passed into containment.
Love, liberty and time.
Once so dispossable.
Are the fuels that drive me foward.
And love must especially mio caro.
For you, our children, our brothers and sisters.
And for the vast and wonderfull world that gave us life.
And keeps us guessing.
Endless affection mio Sofia.
Forever yours... Ezio Auditore.."

Requiescat en pace.... Mentor... :iconezioauditoreplz:

Metalhead here!!

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