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Well guys, Futures' End reaches it's end soon (pun intended) and in #46 it seems that Terry was killed... I must admit I cried. I mean I practically grew up with Batman Beyond on par with Spider-Man. But I guess I shouldn't be too sad because this was The New 52's Terry McGinnis, not the original one introduced in the Animated Series, who has his own comic book series set in that universe (Batman Beyond 2.0, allthough I think they cancelled it. No new issues have been out for months now...) In his place it seems Tim Drake takes on the mantle of Batman Beyond and is now sent in some weird new future that they didn't reveal to us... So... What's this supposed to mean exactly? Are they cancelling Batman Beyond 2.0 and replacing it with this New 52 Batman Beyond and say that it's the mainstream one and the Terry we all know is actually dead? (in which case, I will crawl into my corner and cry for a few hours) Who knows? But fear not fellow fans of mine. Because MY Batman Beyond is still ongoing and not dying anytime soon. I'm sorry I haven't been updating the story, I did leave you guys with a little cliffhanger with Chapter 26. I did start working on 27 but at one point I simply stopped and had no more ideas and instead got brainstormed with ideas for Spawn. I'll try to do both stories in parallel. Stay tuned. 

More info about what DC has in store for Batman Beyond here :…
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Hey guys! Today I was a little bored so I decided to do try out some voice acting. I wanted to imagine how Spawn's voice would sound like. It would be different from Kevin Richard's voice for the original Spawn (he voiced him in the animated series and in Spawn : Armageddon). So I recorded myself while reciting some lines and quotes from both Spawn : The Animated Series and from my stories. Then I put that in Audacity and started tinkering with it until I got this Spawn voice Sorry, it's on so you'll have to download it to listen to it :( Anyways, tell me what you think in the comments below and also, what is your favourite line that Spawn had in my series or what lines/quotes would you like Spawn to say? I might make a habbit of doing this thing so y'know throw in some ideas.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Spawn : Chapter 11.

Prologue : Sam & Twitch : Blood Feud Part 1 :

Sam Burke's appartment, 6 AM :

Sam : *turns off his alarm**yawns*

Later :

Sam : *eats his breakfast**reading the news*...

Much later :

Sam : Ugh... *reaches for the toilet paper*... ?! *nothing left* Cripes...

Later than he wanted :

Twitch : *waiting outside by the car*...
Sam : *comes out with his coffee, his files, with some flying out, and his jacket in his mouth* Hi, Twitch! Sorry I'm late!... Again...
Twitch : *raises an eyebrow*


Sam and Twitch walk the police station, making their way to their office.

Comissioner : Sam. Twitch.
Sam : ? What's up, chief?
Comissioner : *gives him some files* We got a case going on. You guys up for it?
Twitch : Certainly, sir.
Sam : We got it covered.
Comissioner : Good. Get to work, boys.
Twitch : Right away, sir. *both walk away and enter their office*
Sam : *sits down and opens the files* A'right, what do we have here?... *widens eyes* Cripes!
Twitch : What is it, Sam?
Sam : A nightmare, Twitch. 4 victims last night. They were all found in dark places. Alleys, parks under the bridges, docks. Not much else here except that.
Twitch : They killer struck at night?
Sam : Yeah. We can't approve of any M.O. This was just one night. Let's go, Twitch.
Twitch : To the morgue then?
Sam : Yeah. I wanna find out who the victims were and if there's a connection.

The 2 detectives drive off to the Police Clinic, 4 streets down from the department. Once there, they met up with the medic in charge and he showed him the bodies. Twitch started examining the bodies closely to look for any weird wounds, as to clarify if the killer is human or not. Only natural for people like Sam and Twitch to wonder that. They've had their share of crazies to deal with. But Sam doesn't even stop to think. With the trained eyes of a veteran detective, he imidiately spots something strange. All 4 victims have bite marks on their necks.

Sam : Hey, Arnold. Did your guys notice this?
Arnold : *looking closely at the bite marks*... No. These are hidden well. The killer didn't want us to find these marks.
Twitch : *looking through some notes* And according to these files... They were completely drained of blood.
Arnold : That's right.
Sam : ... Thanks, Arnold. Let's go, Twitch. We got out answers.

Back at the Police Station :

Sam : *lights up a cigarette* This is a fucking mess, Twitch. You know what this means, right?
Twitch : Given everything we've dealt with, I can't say I'm surprized... Vampire.
Sam : *blows out smoke* Let's hope it's just one. Mabye we can kill it.
Twitch : I know it sounds folklorish, but we might want to try impaling him with a wooden stake.
Sam : You won't hear me complainin'... *leans back on his chair* I miss the kid...
Twitch : Indeed, this would be much easier with Spawn here.
Sam : We'd just give 'im all the info and he'd hunt down the bastard and do his stuff. Wonder what he's doin' right now?
Twitch : Who knows? But alas, we've a crisis in our hands. We'd better get to work.
Sam : Right.

1:30 PM. Twitch takes a few minutes off to buy lunch for himself and Sam. He walks to the local grocery store to pick up some sandwiches and other snacks that Sam favours. Once there, he encounters someone for the first time.

Twitch : *looking at a can of beer* I know Sam'll want his beer with lunch. *puts it in his basket*
??? : *walks by* ? Detective Williams?
Twitch : ? *turns around* Yes?
Elisabeth : It is you. I knew you matched the description he gave me.
Twitch : *thinking : Red hair, green eyes, mentioned someone giving her my description.* You must be Elisabeth. *leans hand at her* Pleased to meet you. Johnny told me quite a lot about you.
Elisabeth : *handshakes him**chuckles* He has, huh?
Twitch : How are you? I know that he's away for a little while.
Elisabeth : Yeah, he is. But I'm ok. I try not to think about it too much. I mean, in the end he'll come back. I just hope he won't... Change too much...
Twitch : I understand. But I have faith that he'll be the same as ever. He's a good man. And he has a clear goal in his mind. *looks down* Unlike the fellow before him... Before "he" died, he became completely inhuman and sadistic. I used to be his friend, but the man I called my friend died way before he ended his own life.
Elisabeth : You're talking about Al Simmons, aren't you?
??? : *reading a magazine at the other end of the store* !? Al...?
Twitch : Yes. *walks with her to the cash register* Compared to Al, Johnny seems to be doing very well. *pays for his groceries*
Elisabeth : Well I never met Al Simmons so I'll have to take your word for it. *pays for her groceries**walks with Twitch**walks past ???* Still, ever since he became a Hellspawn, he changed in personality. He's not so careless and dumb anymore. He's focused, grounded, he knows what he's doing and he's taking things seriously.
Twitch : I see. *opens the door and both of them exit*
Terry Fitzgerald : *lowers the magazine* .... *thinking : So Al's really gone this time, huh? It's been 2 years... And now there's a new guy in his place? I'd better not let Wanda know...*

Terry Fitzgerald used to be Al Simmons' best friend. After Al's first death, Terry married his wife, Wanda Blake. The 2 of them have a girl, currently 12 years old, named Cyan. Will they play a role in the current Spawn's life? Time can only tell.

Hours pass as night falls over New York City. Sam and Twitch are called to Gramercy Park to assist an investigation led by Detective Joe Wake.

Joe : What a mess... *hears footsteps behind him* ? *turns around* Hey, guys.
Twitch : Evening, sir.
Sam : *holding his cigarette tightly between his lips* What've we got here, Joe?
Joe : White man, around his 50's. Hold on tight to your lunch, boys. This sight is gruesome. Never seen anything like it.
Sam : *narrows eyes and walks foward*

Joe Wake's a good cop. He's been at this for decades. Longer than me. He's seen some strong shit in his career. If he's marked by what he saw here then it's no joke.

Twitch : *looks up at the sight of the victim* Good Lord...
Sam : Joe was right. Doing my best to keep the Chillidogs in place.
Twitch : Stripped of his clothes, throat slit ear from ear, drained of blood, castrated, with his testicles shoved in his mouth...
Sam : Not to mention he's been crucified on a goddamn tree. This just ain't right. And it's different from the others.
Twitch : Perhaps our vampire held a grudge againts this one.
Sam : Could be. But we can't assume that he'll step back now that he's gotten even.
Twitch : Indeed, we can't.
Joe : *walks up behind him* What do you think, boys?
Sam : We got an ID on this guy, Joe?
Joe : No, not yet. We called for DNA samples. The guys should be here in a few minutes.
Sam : Then we'll leave you to it. There's nothing we can do here. We're heading back.

Back at the office the tension maintains itslef at a high level. The two detectives are working hard to pinpoint the location of their mysterious vampire.  

Sam : Twitch, it's gonna be one of those weeks again...
Twitch : True. But we have no choice. Without Spawn here, we have to track down our killer the old fashioned way. Sooner or later he'll get sloppy and leave a trail.
Sam : Yeah. *looks out the window and takes a deep breath on his cigarette* Wonder how the kid's doing... I hope he's ok..
Twitch : You seem to be quite attached to him, Sam.
Sam : He's a good kid, Twitch. Has a good thing going. And then a heavy burden just fell over him. And now, from what he told us, he's gone straight to Hell. Literally.
Twitch : He'll pull through, Sam. We have to have faith him. And in the meantime we mustn't dissapoint him. We have to capture this vampire by ourselves.
Sam : Yeah... *thinking : Stay safe, kid...*

Spawn : *enters The Second Circle of Hell**looks around* So this is The Second Circle... Time to get to work!



Part 3 : Lust.

Down, down, down, in the depths of Hell, Spawn arrives in Hell's second Circle. Here, the damned are punished for the crimes they commited in the name of the deadly sin of lust. They are punished by the demon race known as Incubus and Succubus. The plain in which Spawn finds himself is a decolored red valley with pitch black trees. The sky is a cream colored yellow, with ashen clouds. Spawn walks down the valley and reaches a bridge sustained by pillars made of bones. As he walks on the bridge, he looks down to see the punishment that the sinners of The Second Circle recieve. They are sexually pleasured by the Succubus and Incubus, for all eternety. Though it may not seem like a punishment, the downside is they never stop. They fuel the 2 species constantly and their bodies begin experiencing the pain that every single body normally experiences from an overdose of sexual activities. Spawn continues to walk until he reaches the end of the bridge and reaches a hill.

Spawn : *walking up the hill. So, what is my test here, I wonder... *reaches the top of the hill and freezes**eyes widen* Oh.. My.. Devil...
Elisabeth : *wearing only her bra and panties* Johnny. You're finally here! *runs to him and hugs him tight*
Spawn : E-E-Elisa!?!? *grabs her shoulders and looks at her* What are you doing here?!?!
Elisabeth : I couldn't bare not being with you for 5 whole months. So suicide was the only option.
Spawn : B-But if you do that-!
Elisabeth : I will be damned foreved... And since I did it all because I thirst for you, I commited a crime in the name of Lust... It won't be long until the Incubus comes after me...
Spawn : N-No... No! I won't allow it! I won't let him have you! Come with me, we'll find a way!
Elisabeth : There's nothing to be done... I'm sorry, my love... *looks at him with a sad, scared face* Will you please stay here with me? Stay here with me, until my time comes, please... I don't want to be alone...
Spawn : Yes. Yes I will. *hugs her* It's all going to be ok, baby... *tears fall down* I promise... I'll get you out of here...
Elisabeth : *cuddles in his chest*... I want to see your face... Kiss me...
Spawn : *mask peels back from his head**kisses her lips deeply*
Elisabeth : *kisses his lips* Mmm... Mmm... *unties her bra and takes it off**wraps her arms around her, her bare breasts leaning on his chest*
Johnny : Mmm E-Eli-
Elisabeth : Shhh. *kisses deeper* Mmm
Johnny : *kissing back**wraps his arms around her*
Elisabeth : *kissing**smirks**fangs show**slowly starts to suck his life force without him noticing*
Johnny : Mmm... !? *Symbiote shoots out tendrils that throw her away**his mask covers his head again* ELITHIA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Elithia : Saving your ass! That's not Elisabeth!
Elisabeth : *gets up* Ouch...
Spawn : What do you mean?!
Elithia : Look closely, Johnny. Look at her eyes, look at her mouth.
Spawn : *notices that the Elisabeth infront of him has black sclera with golden iris and has fangs* Wh-what?!
Elithia : It's the Succubus. It's a test. You must see through her diguise and destroy her.
Spawn : D-Destroy... But she... I can't! She looks so much like her...
Elithia : That's the point!
Elisabeth (Succubus) : Johnnyyy~! Your costume hurt me... Can she go away, please? *innocent look*
Spawn : *eyes twitching* H-How... Dare you... Using her image to get to me...!! *clenches fists**thinking : E-Even so... I can't... My body won't move! No matter how you look, she looks exactly like her!*
Elithia : I know this will be hard. It's hard to bare for me too. I've come to really like her. But we must.
Spawn : I...
Elisabeth (Succubus) : *walking towards him* Honey? Is something wrong? *grins**claws his face and kicks him away*
Spawn : *knocked back* Ungh! *gets up*
Elisabeth (Succubus) : What's wrong, darling? *rubbing her own breasts**smirks* Don't you want some of this? You've been gone for a while~!
Spawn : *narrows eyes and clenches his fists* You DARE mock her by acting like that!? *runs at her* You're a disgrace!! How dare you wear her face and act that way!! *grabs her neck*
Elisabeth (Succubus) : GAAH!! *looks at him with a sad face* A-Are you.. Really going to kill me..? After all I've done for you... I loved you...
Spawn : *shaking* Gh!

I close my eyes... I don't want to see what I'm about to do... But I know that I did it... And it will scar me for eternety...


Spawn : .... *opens his eyes slowly, eyes filled with tears**looks at her with her neck snapped*
Succubus : *fades to her original form and then turns to dust*
Spawn : *hand shaking* I... *tears falling down* I... *falls in his knees**clenches fists hard* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! *punches the ground hard**panting**sob* I... I know... This is a test... But... I never imagined...
Elithia : Forgive me... Their methods are harsh. But it's these methods that make us strong... You must remember, this one was not real. The real one is home and she's waiting for you. Don't dissapoint her by being late. We must keep moving.
Spawn : *shaking*... Y-Yeah... To the city then...

Minutes pass as Spawn makes his way to the city, holding his arms as he can't stop shaking. He has faith that Elithia will help him get over what just happened. But it will take a while. He reaches the metropolian city of The Second Circle. If he was to compare the place with a city from Earth, he'd compare it to Las Vegas. A city of the night full of casinos and strip clubs. Of pubs and clubs. A city that never sleeps. A city of gamble, of the wealthy, of lust. Spawn looks around from the top of a building. He figures he must find the City Hall again. But, since he's now also a resident of Hell, why not integrate? He drops down into an alley as the Symbiote morphs his outfit into a brown short-sleeved shirt, a pair of ashen blue jeans, some medium sized leather boots, and a black leather jacket. To make his Las Vegas Playboy look complete, he forms a pair of sunglasses and puts them on.

That's more like it. Now I can just walk up to the City Hall and admire the city.

Johnny tries to keep a cheerful attitude on. But in reality he just wants to scream for hours. He cannot get over the Succubus incident a few minutes back. It's a deep wound and it will take awhile to heal. But he mustn't let that distract him. He keeps repeating in his mind that it wasn't real. And he moves foward, in order to get all of this over with and go home to the REAL Elisabeth.

Elithia : Johnny, I feel the pressence of a Hellspawn nearby.
Johnny : *talking mentally : Where?*
Elithia : The casino to your left.
Johnny : *looks up at a casino that has a miniature pirate ship on water infront of it, with a wooden pathway passing by it**walking* A Pirate-themed Casino. Interesting. *enters the casino and looks around**talking mentally : Where is he, Elithia?*
Elithia : There!
Johnny : *looks over at the stage where a female Hellspawn is singing* I-It's a she?

Caleb is a beautiful woman that looks in her early 20's, with a slitly tanned skin. Her Hellspawn outfit is a Pirate outfit. She was a Pirate in the early 18th century. She has a pirate scarf hat on her head, and no mask on her face. Instead she has the white markings of a Hellspawn's mask around her blank green eyes. She has long dark brown hair that can be seen coming out of the scarf hat, down to her scapulas. The rest of her outfit consists of a skin tight black suit with the white stripes going up from the waist, and open around the chest down to her stomach where the 2 white stripes unite into one, thus revealing quite a bit of her double D's. She has her skull emblems over her breasts, serving almost like some sort of guarding bra. She has a brown leather belt with chains over it and a skull emblem at the base of her tummy, the leather belt also holding a sword in its scabbard on her left side. She also has knight-like armored shoulder pads that are connected to her gauntlets by the sleeves of her Black Suit. Her gauntlets are red and have spikes on the forearms. She also wears a pair of tall leather boots, also red with spikes coming out.

Johnny : *finds a place and sits down, watching her sing**thinking : She has a nice singing voice.*
Caleb : *singing Evanescence's Going Under**finishes**crowd begins clapping**bows down* Thank you all! *stands up* I hope you're all having a great time here! Because in this place-!
Crowd : The night is always young!
Caleb : *holds her fist up* WOOOH!
Johnny : *thinking : She's the type that enjoys her life and likes having fun. I like that.*
Caleb : *looks around the crowd and seeis Johnny**thinking : Oh, he's quite early.* I'll see you all in a bit, guys! Have fun here! *gets off the stage and walks towards Johnny**pretending to walk past him but whispers to him* Follow me, brother. *walks past him*
Johnny : !! *walks after her*
Caleb : *walks in her office with him* Make yourself confortable. You can even drop the disguise, after all we're family in a way.
Johnny : Right. Thank you for having me here. *Symbiote morphs his clothes into his Hellspawn outfit* I'm John Wilson. Hellspawn of the 9th Circle.
Caleb : Son of Bezlebub. I know. I'm Caleb. Pleased to meet you. *gives him a glass of red whine* Here. Sorry about... You know... What happened on the way here.
Spawn : !! Y-You sent that Succubus at me!?
Caleb : Forgive me, I was ordered to. See, I'm not just a Hellspawn of the Second Circle, I'm the leader of this city. Lord Asmodeus' right hand. And I give out the orders about the punishments of the sinners. So I'm responsible with the Incubus and Succubus demons.
Spawn : I see... *shaking a little bit**sits down on a couch and puts his glass on a table*
Caleb : *lowers herself in her knees and hugs him* I'm sorry... It was a test you had to take. *hugs him tighter* I've looked into your past, I know how much she means to you, but all of us who take these tests must go througn what you did.
Spawn : *hugs her back* Y-Yeah.. I-It's ok...
Caleb : Man up, it's not over yet. There's one more thing you have to do.
Spawn : And that is?
Caleb : Come. *takes his hand and walks out with him**teleports away*
Spawn : Woah! *arrives in some sort of jail**looks around* Are these all...?
Caleb : Sinners. And there's one in particular you must talk to. *walking, still holding his hand so she won't lose him*
Spawn : *looking around in amazement* My Devil... So what exactly is the purpose of what I'm going to do now?
Caleb : Bury your past.
Spawn : What's that have to do with Lust?
Caleb : You'll see. *stops and leans her hand towards a door, signalling him to enter* You've gotta go in alone. Also, let me tell you. The person you're going to meet in there is real. No Succubus or Incubus or any demon. It's really that person.
Spawn : *raises an eyebrow* Ooook? *walks foward and opens the door**gets in and closes it**looks behind him* !? I-I can't believe it!
Wanda : *sitting at the table* H-Huh? *looks at him*
Spawn : Wanda!?
Wanda : Who are you? They told me I must meet someone. Are you him?
Spawn : I... *breathes out slowly* Ok, I can do this... *looks at her* Wanda, it's me... *mask peels back*
Wanda : !? J-Johnny!?
Johnny : *sits down* You died? When? How?
Wanda : W-Well... It was 2 months ago... It all started... Gosh I can't tell you this, I'm ashamed!
Johnny : We're in Hell, it's not like it even matters anymore.
Wanda : *takes a deep breath* I became a hooker. Made love for money. But it wasn't for the money. It was for the love. My sin is Lust, and it swallowed me completely.
Johnny : ...
Wanda : One night I was giving it off to someone. That someone was a powerful man. Tony Twist. He had strong enemies. A group of men came in over us, trying to assassinate him. He used me as a meat shield to get away.
Johnny : ! What!?
Wanda : Since I did not kill in the name of Lust I'm not punished. But since I succumbed to it I am to spend time here, to be rehabilitated... They said that this meeting was to help me... And I understand why. Johnny.
Johnny : ?
Wanda : After I died and saw my past, I realised I was a fool when I left you... I was blindly searching for a guy who could be my dansel in distress while I'd be the strong one in the relationship. Seeing you strong then, seemed to me like a let down... But now I see... You were the only one who could keep up with me. Who'd keep my adrenaline high and running... I don't expect you to forgive me. I don't expect you to want me back. I know about Elisabeth. But I just wanted to tell you all of this... Because I still care for you.. I don't expect you to return those feelings but I can't deny it...
Johnny : ... *stands up and walks over to her**his cape shoots out and grabs her gently**pulls her up from her chair*
Wanda : !? J-Johnny!?
Johnny : *pulls her in and kisses her lips*
Wanda : !?!?
Johnny : *pulls back quickly* Thank you. You breaking up with me helped me evolve. Helped me become the man I am today. I can't return your feelings, because I love Elisa with all my heart and soul. But by doing this, I set you free. You'll always have a special place in my heart. You were my first love after all. *smiles*
Wanda : *widens eyes**tears fall down**snuggles in his chest* Thank you...
Johnny : *hugs her* Stay safe, alright? You'll be out of here sooner or later. Then you can live your afterlife in peace and find someone who can please you and who can love you just as I did.
Wanda : *nods* Yeah... I'll do that... I promise...
Caleb : *opens the door after a few seconds and looks at Johnny**smiles and nods*
Johnny : *looks at her**nods**lets go of Wanda*
Wanda : *wiping her tears* This outfit... What are you exactly?
Johnny : A Hellspawn. And I'm here to claim that role. And then I'm going back to the living world... Back to her...
Wanda : *nods* I figured as much. Say hi to her for me... And good luck to you.
Johnny : Thank you. *mask covers his head again**walks towards the door*
Caleb : *closes the door after them*

At the Exit Gates :

Caleb : This is it. You'll get out of here via this.
Spawn : ...
Caleb : You ok?
Spawn : What will happen to her?
Caleb : It's just as you told her. She'll get out one day and live happily. How about you? Feeling better?
Spawn : *holds his chest* Yeah... The shock of the Succubus encounter is dissipating. And my aknowledgement of Wanda's true feelings and thoughts and of her fate made me realise that I can't leave Elisa alone, ever... She needs me and I need her... And I will protect her...
Caleb : *nods* Good...
Spawn : ... Hck!! *holds his head*

I am Elithia, daughter of the 9th House of K. You have embraced one's love and used it to fuel your desire to protect the one you love. This act has given you a portion of your power back. Behold as my magnificent cloak regains her life and form and will fight alongside you and protect you. It is my love for you that will give it power to aid you in battle.

Spawn struggles with an unconfortable feeling. It doesn't hurt, but it's not pleasant. It's like his entire body is tingling and vibrating. And once it stops, he stands up and realises that his cape is now complete. The shattered symbiotic mass that tried to keep a steady form had once again become his marvelous crimson cape. Spawn feels a portion of his powers returning to him. The second test has been completed.

Spawn : *clenches his fist and his eyes glow* It feels good... Welcome back to me... You'll be joined by the rest of you very soon.
Caleb : *smiles* Congratulations. You've passed the second test. Now onward! You still have a long way to go!
Spawn : *looks back at her* Yeah. Thank you, sister. I hope I'll see you again sometimes! *thumbs up*
Caleb : Likewise, little brother. Good luck!
Spawn : *nods**runs throuh the exit*

Back at the Jail :

Wanda : *sitting on her bed*.... *her cell opens* ?
Warner : Wanda Lannie. You've been succesfully redeemed. Quite quickly if I may add.
Wanda : *widens eyes* Wh-What?
Warner : *smiles at her* You're free to go, Wanda.
Wanda : A-Ah... *trying to form a smile but ends up breaking down**falls in her knees and cries*
Warner : *pats her back* It's all gonna be ok now. Welcome to your happy afterlife.

Chapter 11 - The End.
Spawn - Chapter 11
Part 3 of Depths of Hell. I also started a miniseries connected to the story, as you can see. I'm trying to give other characters some time to shine. I always give Johnny and Elisa all the shinning in all my stories. So now I started with Sam and Twitch. It'll pretty much be detective work. But I hope you enjoy it. 

Spawn created by Todd McFarlane.

Part 2 : Purgatory.

In the Valley of Judgement, souls bare witness to a great event. A soul of a dead man, and a Symbiote from Hell, bond togheter, and are ready to claim their destiny. Joseph stands there, jaw dropped, eyes widened, as Spawn emerges from the blood red aura sorrounding him. His costume weakened, most of his powers gone, he is ready to venture in the depth of Hell.

Spawn : ....
Joseph : M-My Devil! You...
Spawn : Allow me to pass. I won't be judged. I know where my place is.
Joseph : A-Ah! R-Right.

Without hesitation, Spawn advances foward. He walks past the long trail of souls waiting to be judged, their eyes fixed on him with curiosity and fear. They've never seen anybody like him before. His cape morphing around, trying to maintain a form. His costume is incomplete. And he'll need to fix that. Spawn reaches a wall. He seeis the gate that leads to the judgement hall. But next to it is a cave entrance with 2 guards keeping watch.

Guard 1 : *looks at Spawn* A Hellspawn?
Spawn : *stops infront of them* Allow me to pass.
Guard 2 : What are you doing here?
Spawn : *narrows eyes* Please do not make me repeat myself...
Guard 1 : Look, pal. Hellspawn or not, we can't just let you go through here. Do you know what lies within?
Spawn : ...
??? : Acheron River.
Spawn : *turns around* !? C-Cog!?
Cog : Hello, lad. You didn't think I'll just leave you alone yet, did you?
Guard 1 : Count Cogliostro! *both of them bow down*
Cog : Allow this young Hellspawn to pass. He is to be tested in order to be welcomed in our ranks.
Guard 2 : Yes, sir! *both of them step away from the entrance* Forgive our rudeness. You may proceed.
Spawn : Cog...
Cog : Listen to me. Beyond this entrance, you will reach a river. There, await for the Acheron River's ferryman, Charon. He will take you to the other side of it. Once there, you will begin your test. Travel through the 9 circles of Hell. Good luck.
Spawn : *nods* Thanks, old man. I'll see you in 5 months. *walks through the entrance*
Cog : I hope, my boy... I hope...


It's raining in New York City. It's been raining all morning. Elisabeth sits in her appartment, on the couch. The TV is turned off. Nothing is turned on. She just stares out the window. She feels as if the rain responds to her. She's worried for her loved one.

Elisabeth : ...
Luna : *sleeping next to her*
Elisabeth : *hugs her knees*... I know... I know that what you're going through now is important... I know that... But please... Just promise me this one thing... Please... Just come back to me...


Spawn arrives at the Acheron River. He gazes in the distance only to stare into mist. Thick, thick mist. He awaits the ferryman patiently.

Spawn : *thinking : So this is it, huh? The Otherworld. Underworld to be more precise... Hell... I'm finally here...**looks at himself**thinking : My costume looks weird. It feels empty. My powers have been taken, as Cog and Clown have told me... My cape... It's going crazy back there, trying to keep a stable form... Don't worry, baby. We'll be complete again.*.... Hm?

Spawn seeis a boat approach his side of the shore. Someone seems to be rowing im the back. A dark shadow. The boat approaches. Spawn looks at the dark shadow closely. It is an old man with a long silver beard, wearing a black cloak, with a hood covering his head. But the most interesting aspect of him are his blank, black eyes. Emptiness. A dark void. He is Charon. Acheron River's ferryman.

Spawn : ...
Charon : ... *leans hand towards him, as if waiting to recieve something*
Spawn : *narrows eyes**thinking : The ferryman, Charon. I've read about him in different books about Hell. He has 2 rules... First come, first served... And payment for the ride... Since I'm the only one, I don't have to worry about the first rule. As for the second rule... I hope my suit is up for it.**moves his right arm and clenches his fist*... *leans it above Charon's hand and opens his hand, 4 golden coins falling on Charon's hand.
Charon : *clenches his fist and pulls his hand back**nods*
Spawn : *nods**gets in and sits down*
Charon : *starts rowing*

The ride takes hours. Hours of silence in an empty valley with a large empty river. Spawn uses this time to think. To wonder curiously. To remember. To remember why he's doing this. To remember why he mustn't fail. Why he must go back.

Spawn : ... Elisa... *looks up* I won't be late... I promise... Wait for me, alright?...

Soon, the boat stops. They've arrived at the shore. Spawn gets off the boat and Charon rows back, dissapearing into the mist. Spawn walks foward. It doesn't take long for him to reach a gate. There, a demon comes out. A serpent. He had humanoid muscled arms and a torso, a lizard hear with horns coming out, and from the waist down, his body was nothing more but a serpent's tail, with a black belt with skulls on it.

Lausty : I am Lausssty... Guardian of the Purgatory.
Spawn : I am John Wilson. Hellspawn of the 9th Circle. I am here for my tests.
Lausty : You wish to take the tesssts of worthynesss... Very well. You may enter.
Spawn : ! Excuse me, but I was expecting I would need to fight you to get through.
Lausty : No. The purgatory isss free for anybody to enter. *narrows eyes* Because not many get out...
Spawn : I see...
Lausty : Are you ready, Hellsssspawn?
Spawn : Of course.
Lausty : *opens the gate* Go. All you have to do issss walk foward. That'sss it.
Spawn : That's the test, huh? I assume it's much harder than it sounds.
Lausty : You will sssee.
Spawn : Alright then.

Spawn moves foward and enters through the gates. As Lausty closes them, all Hell breaks loose.

Nothing. That's what he seeis. That's what he hears. That's what he feels. In his days he used to wonder what is it like not to exist. Now he understands. This is what it means to be thrown away from existence.

C-Can't see... Can't hear... Even... My own thoughts... Am I talking right now? Am I talking mentally? I'm trying to move my arm. I don't feel it moving. I don't feel it at all. It's overwhelming! This is all overwhelming!!

Ok... Alright... I mustn't despair. If I don't get out of here I'll be trapped here forever. I must walk foward. I don't know if I'm walking, but I think it. I think it and hope that my body can still respond to my thoughts. I'm willing my body to go foward and don't stop. I'm ordering it to start running. To break into a sprint. And if it doesn't, then I hope Elithia can help me. Otherwise, I will spend all eternety here... In nothingness...


It's early morning in New York City. Johnny's mother, Maria, invited Elisabeth over to have breakfast togheter. Luna was welcomed too.

Maria : *opens the door* Good morning, Elisa!
Elisabeth : *holding Luna in her arms* Morning, miss Maria!
Maria : *pets Luna* Aww she's so adorable! Come in, come in.

First thing Luna did once in the house was starting to explore it. She has never set paw in this place before. But she soon realises that this is her "daddy"'s house. Because she had found his old room. And it still has a little bit of his scent. She misses her "daddy". The poor animal doesn't understand where he's gone or why didn't he come back. Luna jumps on Johnny's old bed and lays there. In her mind, she thinks that if she waits in his old room, he'll come back and play with her. Meanwhile, downstairs, the 2 girls are having breakfast.

Maria : He left, didn't he?
Elisabeth : Yes. It's already been 4 days. I don't even know if I should be worried or not. I mean, he's going there to claim his... Destiny, I guess? I don't think he'll be in pain.
Maria : Hell's tests to determine the worthy ones might not infloct physical pain on one's body. But it might inflict pain on one's soul. I don't want to imagine what he's going through. I can only hope he's going to pull through.
Elisabeth : Yeah... *looks out the window*... He's not going to be the same man when he comes back, will he?
Maria : That depends all on him. *smiles* And on you.
Elisabeth : ?
Maria : He knows you're waiting for him. He knows you'll expect that once he comes back everything will be back to normal and soon these 5 months will be just a memory that doesn't count. So for you, even if everything inside of him has changed, he'll still be the same man he always was.
Elisabeth : I... I see... *smiles*
Maria : How about you? You ok?
Elisabeth : Yeah. I know he'll come back so I have no reason to be sad. But I can't help but worry, you know...
Maria : If you ever feel lonely up in that appartment, you can always just come here and stay with me until Johnny comes back. Or you can go with your parents.
Elisabeth : Thank you, but it's ok. I have Luna to keep me company. *looks down and puts a hand on her own chest* Besides... When night falls down, I turn off all the lights... Because... Ever since he became a Hellspawn... *smiles* I feel very confortable in the dark.
Maria : ?
Elisabeth : Since he's become this creature of the night that hides in the shadows all the time... Because of that, when I'm alone in the dark, I feel as if he's right behind me, wrapping his arms around me... And so I feel safe, and warm.
Maria : ... *smiles* Yeah... You're right... When darkness comes... It feels like he's right there with you.


How long has it been?... Hours?... Days?... Am I even moving?... I don't know if I'll ever get out of here... I stop. I start wondering. Is this it? Am I so pathetic that I can't get past the first damn circle of Hell?!... Elisa... No!! I can't let it be this way!! I must get out of here! I must!! I will return to her! I promised!

This place cannot and will not hold me! I am Spawn! I am a creature of the night! Darkness is my power!! And I have plenty of it here!

Spawn spreads his arms and screams. It is a scream of agony and of despair. But it is also a roar. A roar of power. And even the Purgatory itself, trembles at the sound of it. He was reborn a creature of the night. And he is here in the blackest void of them all, to prove it! Spawn feels the darkness of the purgatory enter his body. He feeds off of it. As much as he can take. Before even realising it, he regains a degree of control over his senses. He feels his body moving, he feels the darkness making him stronger... And he hears... He hears the thousands of shadows screaming in despair. Shadows of people who have been sent here to dissapear. Anybody would lose all control and scream in fear at his sound. But he bears it all. Because this is Hell. And this is his home.

Ah... I see how it is now. Quite laughable. I might have been running all this time. But it was all in vain, huh? Let's get out of here.

A light. A crimson red light. Something that has never before appeared in this forsaken realm. Spawn regains some of his power from feeding off the darkness. And as his hand is sorrounded by the crimson red fire, he stretches his hand foward, and commands this realm to let him out. And in the blink of an eye, a door appears right infront of him. He makes no hesitation and walks right through it, the door closing after him. But what he finds, is unexpected.

Spawn stands on a cliff, having just exited the Purgatory. He stands there, gazing at what appears to be a metropolian city. The entire realm around him looks like one enormous cave, and the lights in the city infront of him are very dim. This is the first Circle of Hell. Limbo. And he has arrived in its residential area. A place where souls who have not been damned, but are not permitted to enter Heaven, are allowed to live their afterlife peacefully for all eternety. Just like in the real world. They have jobs, they fall inlove, they marry, they have children. But they live for thousands of years.

Spawn : This... Is quite awsome.

Spawn walks the streets of this metropolian city. Its residents greeting him as they pass by him. Naturally, this is Hell, and seeing a Hellspawn here is no big deal.

Spawn : This place is really nice. But walking around like this won't get me anywhere. I need a guide... *looks up* And a vantage point!

Spawn leaps up on the buildings and stands up straight, spreading his arms. He welcomes this feeling of control over his sorroundings. On a rooftop he feels most confortable. Spawn breaks into a sprint and starts leaping from one building to another. He has no idea what he has to do. Who he has to meet. Which way is the exit. There has to be someone watching him right now, right? As he lands on a taller building, he takes a moment to think everything through.

Spawn : Alright... This is a city. And every city has a mayor. And a City Hall. My best chances of finding some answers must be riiiight... *looks around* ! There! *seeis a building that looks like a City Hall* Alrighty then. *leaps away towards it**lands infront of it, on the streets, and gazes up at it* Woah...

The City Hall. Where the head of the Metropolian City is. Spawn gazes in amazement at the beautiful building. Beautiful in his eyes. It was a gothic style building that looked like in the old Roman Empire days. A tall, ashen, structure. He proceeds and walks on the steps of the tall and wide staircase that leads to the entrance, once at the top he gazes at the 4 huge pillars holding the building's front up. But he doesn't get to make too many steps, and he is greeted by someone.

Spawn : *stops* Hm?
Raven Spawn : *comes out from behind a pillar*

The Raven Spawn. A Hellspawn of the First Circle. His attires consist of an iron helmet with an opening that shows his desfigured, undead face, a Roman Empire knight-like armor donned in the black colors of a Hellspawn, with the white markings on its torso, a skull's face emblem on his waist, which chains come out of, similar to Spawn's, red armor around his forearms and below his knees, and his red cape which unlike Spawn's has no high collar or spiky shoulders, but instead is leaned down like a raven's wings.

Raven Spawn : Greetings, young brother.
Spawn : You are a Hellspawn as well. *bows his head down in sign of respect* I'm grateful and happy to meet a superior. *raises his head back up*
Raven Spawn : The pleasure is mine, young one. I have been informed of you. *walks closer to him* He who has joined the Hellspawn ranks even though he was alive. And now, you are here to claim your destiny. And you seek guidance from your superiors.
Spawn : Indeed. Are you here to guide me, my older brother?
Raven Spawn : I am. Since you've come this far so quickly, the Purgatory must've been a child's play for you.
Spawn : At first it did overwhelm me. But I pushed through.
Raven Spawn : Good. Very good. Come, to the training field. It is time for your first lesson.

The two Hellspawns start walking towards their destination. During that time, Raven Spawn takes his time to teach Spawn a bit about Hell. There are 2 sides of Hell that are found in every circle. The residentual area, such as this one, where those who have been loyal to Hell, or have simply done nothing wrong yet were deemed unworthy of entering Heaven, are allowed to spend their afterlife here. And then, the damnation area. The prisons if you will. Where souls are punished for their sins. The sins that one gets punished for are of murdering ranks. There are the 7 deadly sins : Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Those who simply posses these sins are not damned. Every human has a bit of ever sin in him. But those who succumb to these sins and commit acts of murder because of them, are punished for all eternety. Tormented forever. Damned.

Spawn : So that's what it's all about then. Damnation and destiny.
Raven Spawn : Indeed. I've looked into your past, young Spawn. You've had your share of unfairness from destiny, have you not?
Spawn : *narrows eyes* I used to obey the bastard from up above. I used to follow his will. But then I woke up and realised he was doing nothing more than mock me and the entire human race. And then he brought me to my knees. Took my first girlfriend away from me, put me in a coma and have my father killed. *looks at his hand and clenches his fist* But then Hell has had enough of His blasphemy over me and has sent me the means to fight back! And so I must fight on not to be destroyed. The one that lives in me keeps me safe from all the lies. And His wrath tried to claim my soul time and time again. To humiliate me, desecrate me!
Raven Spawn : As he did with his only son. With his only direct descendant.
Spawn : Exactly. But I am not as weak as that so called "savior". Whatever He throws at me, I'll just break it and throw it back.
Raven Spawn : Good. I like your fire, young one. Tell me, what is it that keeps you fighting? What goal do you have in your mind?
Spawn : *looks up**has Elisa in his mind*... Let's just say I want to make the world a safer place for someone.
Raven Spawn : I see.

The two Hellspawns arrive at a place that looks like some sort of Colosseum. Nobody is inside but them. They move on towards their training ground in the center of the Colosseum.

Raven Spawn : Here it is. In here we shall train.
Spawn : Alright.
Raven Spawn : *forms 2 large hooks and holds them in his hands**the hooks are connected to eachother through a very long chain* in the Purgatory, you've learnt to make the darkness sorrounding you to obey your will. Let us see if you can now use all that darkness you've absorbed and made part of you.
Spawn : *battle pose* Very well.
Raven Spawn : Allow me to give you an example of what you can do with this darkness. Come. Try and hit me. I will not hit back.
Spawn : ?? Um... Ok. *dashes at him**swings a kick at him*
Raven Spawn : *becomes a pitch black mist and the kick goes right through it*
Spawn : Huh?!
Raven Spawn : *manifests back* This would be one way of using the darkness.
Spawn : How did you do that?
Raven Spawn : Your costume, Hellspawn. Now that it has absorbed the darkness, the darkness of the Purgatory for that matter, it can do anything it wants. You just have to will it. Use your imagination. That's your only means of limitation. Go wild.
Spawn : Ok. I understand.
Raven Spawn : We shall see! *swings a hook at him*
Spawn : !! *tries to become mist but can't concentrate**gets hit, the hook getting stabbed in the back of his shoulder* AAAAARGH!!!
Raven Spawn : *pulls back and kicks him away* You're not concentrating! In the battlefield, you must learn to remain calm and focus no matter how fast everything happens around you.
Spawn : *stands up**shoulder heals* Ungh...
Raven Spawn : Empty your thoughts, young Spawn. Let it be just you and your Symbiote and fight as one! *runs at him*
Spawn : Just me... And Elithia... *closes his eyes* Fight... As one... Elithia... Can you hear me...?
Elithia : *talking to him mentally* Yes, I can. I'm ready. Are you?
Spawn : Yes. I am!
Raven Spawn : *swings a hook hard at him*
Spawn : *becomes a shadow and the hook goes rig through him**shadow dashes around and appears at a distance from Raven Spawn* Woah!
Raven Spawn : Very good! Let's try this again. Try something else now. *thrusts his left hand and throws one of the hookblades at him*
Spawn : *narrows eyes**raises his hands and dissapears into hundreds of bats that fly away from the hookblade*
Raven Spawn : Oooh. Very, very good, young one. But two can play that game. *dissapears into hundreds of ravens*

Both hundreds of animals fly around eachother covering the whole inside of the Colosseum in darkness. Some of the animals manage to scratch the others, some managed to bite the others. After a few seconds, both Hellspawns return to their original forms.

Raven Spawn : *reverts to normal* Heh.
Spawn : *reverts to normal* Ugh... Wow.
Raven Spawn : Good. *his blades dissapear* As humans say nowadays, class dismissed. You've done well, young one. You may now proceed to the next circle.
Spawn : Thank you. How do I get there?
Raven Spawn : *grabs his shoulder and teleports*
Spawn : *both of them reach a cliff outside of the city**the cliff has a door at the end of it* Huh!?
Raven Spawn : This is the door out from the first circle. Once you pass this door, you will be transported to the next Circle.
Spawn : I see.
Raven Spawn : The Second Circle. Ruled over by Asmodeus. The sin of the Second Circle is Lust.
Spawn : Asmodeus... Lust...
Raven Spawn : Are you prepared for this? Once you leave here, your sins will be tested in every circle. I cannot tell what you will experience. It is different for each soul.
Spawn : I understand. I'm ready.
Raven Spawn : Then I wish you luck, my brother.
Spawn : *nods*

Raven Spawn proceeds to open the exit gate. As Spawn stares at the slowly opening gates, he takes a deep breath and clenches his fists. Without hesitation he runs through the gates. He has passed the first test succesfully. But what will lie ahead?

Chapter 10 - The End.
Spawn - Chapter 10
Part 2 of Depths of Hell. Spawn ventures through Limbo as he struggles to get through the Purgatory, and is greeted by a fellow Hellspawn of the first circle.

Spawn created by Todd McFarlane.

Part 1 : Forgotten but remembered.

Where am I?... Who... Who am I?... An empty soul... Alone and confused... Images flashing in my mind... But they don't make sense... I... I died... Oh God I died... God... No... Not God... I... I follow the Devil... I follow Lucifer... Am I in Hell?... I remember there was... I had to die... But why?

The valley of judgement. Souls gather here after they've passed away. They await their turn to be judged. Guards are placed around in order to guide the lost ones. His name is Joseph. He's a demon resident of Hell who works here. Has a wife and 2 children, a teenage boy and a newly born girl. Afterlife's pretty good for him. He gets payed well. His wife is a lawyer. His son's close to graduate Soul Reaper Academy. A Soul Reaper, or in their Japanese term "Shinigami", are humanoid versions of Grim Reapers. They wander the living world and guide lost souls. So his son's job would be sending the souls to his dad's workplace, to get ready and be judged. In Otherworld time, it's still early in Joseph's shift for the day. And it seems he has a client already.

Joseph : Hm? *notices a lost soul wandering around out of line* Oh my. *walks towards him* Sir? Excuse me sir. *pats him on the shoulder* Please, let me help you.
Johnny : *wearing a dark grey robe**looks at him with his eyes widened* Wh-Who...?!
Joseph : My name is Joseph, sir. What's your name?
Johnny : My name... I... I don't... I don't remember my name... I don't know who I am!
Joseph : Oh dear... It's ok, sir. You must've lost your way from the 40 days of exploring your past. It's alright, we have plenty of those cases. Let me help you, we'll take you to our medical facility here.
Johnny : N-No, wait. I... I'm here for something. I-I'll be sent back... There was something I had to do...
Joseph : Hm? Oh you remember some things? It's good. Mabye we can solve the problem right now. What was it you had to do?
Johnny : I... I had to come here for something.. *holds his arms* I'm cold...
Joseph : ? *looks down**thinking : H-His shadow... Is missing!? Who is this person?!* Sir? Your shadow is missing.
Johnny : My shadow? My... I remember... A red cape... And... Green eyes. Glowing green eyes...
Joseph : !?

Joseph widens his eyes. Johnny just described a Hellspawn to him. Was he sent here by a Hellspawn? And if so, why? What madness could possibly go through a Hellspawn's mind to send an innocent man to the Otherworld with a mission?

Joseph : O-Ok. Let's take it slow. What do you remember about that red cape?
Johnny : *shivering* I... I need... I need it... I'm cold...

Clouds. Clouds were gathering above the valley. Something unusual. It was not common for clouds to gather here. Joseph stares at the clouds. As they knock into eachother they let out terrifying roars. All the souls tremble in fear at the sound of it. But Joseph notices something. The roar sounds like a voice. Calling. Or trying to respond to a calling. Joseph looks one more time at Johnny who is in his knees, shivering. He doesn't know what to do anymore. He takes another look into the skies and he is horrified. A black bolt is shooting down straight at them. Not at the souls. At THEM. At him and Johnny. The black bolt hits the ground behind Johnny. Jospeh stands up and takes a step back. All the souls bare witness to it.

Joseph : My Devil... *gulps*...

Joseph glares at the black mass as it grows twice as big as him, and is forming glowing green eyes sorrounded by white shapes. Unknown to everybody, the black mass is K9-Elithia. Johnny's Symbiote. And she is here to reunite with her host.

Joseph : S-Sir?... I-Is that... Your shadow?
Johnny : U-Uh... *shivering*

Elithia looks down at Johnny with what Joseph notices is a sad look. Like a mother looking at her son as he suffers from an illness. And like that mother, Elithia sorrounds Johnny with her arms, or more exactly, falls down over him like a waterfall. Everybody is in shock and doesn't know what to do as right before their eyes, man and Symbiote begin to bond... Once more...


In total blackness...

I'm here again... It's black... And cold... Where am I?... Please... Sombody... Huh? Is... Is that a baby... Crying?

Nurse : *holding a newborn baby in her arms* Congratulations, miss Wilson! It's a healthy boy!
Maria : *panting**stretches her arms foward* G-Give him.. To me, please..
Nurse : Yes, of course. *gives her the baby*
Maria : *holds him in her arms and smiles* Hey there, Johnny. I finally meet you.
Baby Johnny : *crying*

I-Is... That... Me? And... My mother? J-Johnny... Is that my name? Johnny... Wilson...

Carl : *tall, brown haired man wearing glasses, a while buttoned shirt, black jeans and a pair of brown shoes**walks in* I hear a cry. *walks towards the bed wifh a wide smile on his face* I hear a cry!
Maria : Hehehe. Say hello to daddy, Johnny!
Baby Johnny : *crying*
Carl : He's adorable... My son...

Dad...? My dad... It's dark again... Where... Ah!

Memories flashing infront of him. The first steps. The first words. The summer house. His grandfather that he loved very much. All the fun he had as a child. And then, loneliness and isolation... He was 8 years old and had transfered to a orimary school in Queens. All the others would pick on him and throw him around. Beat him up. It was Hell.

Bully : C'mon, geek! Fight back! C'mon!!
Johnny : *8 years old**wearing glasses**on the ground* N-No. I.. I turn the other cheek!
Bully : Fine, do that! I can hit that one too!
??? : *a dark shadow with glowing green eyes stands on a rooftop, looking down at Johnny**narrows eyes*...

Later :

Johnny : *walks in the house* I'm home...
Maria : Oh hi, dea- !!! Johnny!!
Johnny : *his face is all bruised and his clothes torn up*...
Marianna : *Johnny's grandmother* Oh, my! Sweety what happened to you?
Johnny : The kids...
Maria : Honey.. Why don't you fight back?
Johnny : Uh?
Marianna : Maria Wilson! Don't teach the child to be violent, for God's sake! He must learn to always turn the other cheek.
Maria : Oh yeah? Look what turning the other cheek made of him! He's bruised and beaten! He needs to learn to defend himself!
Marianna : That's not God's way, child. You've deviated from his ways. Don't make your son do so aswell.
Maria : My son will choose his own creed and beliefs! You keep throwing all the God nonsense at him. You're the one influencing him!
Marianna : Hush! Don't blaspheme the Lord!
Maria : Oh I'll blaspheme him, alright!
Jason : *Johnny's grandfather* Alright, alright, that's enough.
Carl : Yeah, let's all calm down here, ok? I'll just take Johnny upstairs and see to his bruises, ok? Come along, Johnny.
Johnny : O-Ok, daddy...

Later upstairs :

Johnny : Daddy? Which one is right? To turn the other cheek or to fight back?
Carl : That depends on what you want. What do you want to do? When you think of all the bullies picking up on you. What do you want to do?
Johnny : I... I want to beat them up... I want them to say they're sorry!
Carl : Well sometimes you must listen to what your heart says.
Johnny : But gradma said I need to listen to God.
Carl : No, you don't have to listen to God. God won't be there to hold back all the bullies, or bandage your wounds. All he does is sit up there in his place and watch us humans tear eachother appart.
Johnny : Uh...
Carl : You do- *taps him on the chest*- what this tells you to do.

As a little child who grew up with his grandparents, Johnny was a follower of God. A slave, blinded by God's lies. And even though he listened to what his father said, his instincts still made him to hold back and not hit back. Until he was 10. 2 years of being bullied like that. Enough was enough.

Johnny : *10 years old**eating his sandwich*
Bullies : *walk over to him*
Bully : *slams his hand on his desk* Hey, dumbass! Whacha got there?
Johnny : *lowering his sandwich* Nothing...
Bully 2 : I'm kinda hungry. Gimme that.
Johnny : N-No.
Bully 2 : !! What'd you say!?

??? : *watching from outside the building*...

Johnny : I said no! My mommy makes me sandwiches everyday and you occasionally steal them! She works hard to make me food and you just take it! I'm not giving this to you!
Bully : Aw, that's ok.
Johnny : Huh?
Bully : *grabs his collar and pulls him out of the desk**throws him on the ground*
Johnny : Gah! *his glasses fell off under the desk*
Bully : You can keep the food, twip. But you'll excuse us for breaking a few of your bones! *grips fist*
Girl from class : You guys, stop it!! I'm calling the teacher! *runs outside*
Bully 2 : Hit him hard!!

??? : *eyes glow**raises a hand*

Johnny : !!
Bully : *swings a kick at him*
Johnny : *grabs it* No more!! *pushes him**stands up* I'm through!! It's time I fight back!
Bully 2 : Did'ya hear that!? HAHAHAHA!!
Bully : I'm gonna pulverize you, dweeb!
Johnny : *narrows eyes*
Bully : AAAAH!! *throws a punch at him*
Johnny : *evades it**runs at him and punches him hard in the stomach**grabs him and runs with him into the second bully**jumps on them and begins punching them both in the face repeatetly very violently* I'm sick of it, you hear me!! *thunders strike outside as a storm is starting**punching*

??? : *nods very slowly*

Johnny : I'm sick of being weak!! *punching**his hand gets grabbed* !?
Teacher : That's enough, Johnny! It's enough.
Johnny : M-Mister Larisson... S-Sorry...
Teacher : That's ok. *pets his head* I'm glad you finally stood up to them. They won't be bothering you anymore. *looks at them with a mean look* This time I'll make sure of it.
Johnny : *widens eyes* G-Glad... That I...

??? : *raises his head*

Johnny : !! *thunder hits**white flash**is now alone, inside a church, and outside there's still a storm*... *takes off the cross from around his chest and throws it away**glares at the church altar* What exactly is the meaning of this!! Just part of your twisted games!? Turn the other cheek!? What a joke!! Dad was right! Mom was right!! You're the worst of them all! You make us weak and fragile and you want to keep us that way!! Why?! I see how it is now! Mankind may sin but you're the one who created sin! You're the worst of them all!! *panting* !! *seeis the tall dark shadow come from behind the altar*

The tall dark shadow. Who is he? He was not originally there. He guides Johnny through his memories. Slowly. We fade foward. Years pass. 15 years old, first Highschool year. Johnny met a beautiful girl. She was strong, funny, like to take things to extreme, and she was fearless. Just like he came to be in these 5 years. And they fell inlove. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were a turqoise blue. Her name was Wanda Lannie. Johnny's first girlfriend.

<DISCLAMER : I did NOT name the character after Wanda Blake, the original Spawn's wife. Most of the events I tell in these flashbacks are from my real life. Wanda Lannie was my real life girlfriend before I was with Elisabeth.>

Unknowingly to Johnny, among his classmates there was a girl who set her eyes on him. She was a bit shy. She recently died her hair from light brown to a crimson red. Her eyes were green like a pair of shinning emeralds. She was Elisabeth Johnsson. And these are Johnny's memories of how they came to be. It all happened at the end of March, in Johnny's first highschool year. He had been with Wanda for 6 months. And they were inside a pub after classes. As they got out to go home, rain came down over them. They both ran into the nearest park and entered a pavilion.

Johnny : Whew!
Wanda : Heheh! That was fun!
Johnny : You're a real Daredevil sometimes, you know?
Wanda : Teh!... *looks away*
Johnny : *didn't notice* C'mere, you. *kisses her lips*
Wanda : Mm! *kissing*

??? : *watching from afar*...

Wanda : *pushes him away*...
Johnny : !?
Wanda : S-Sorry... I-It's just... I... There's someone else...
Johnny : *widens eyes* Wh-What?
Wanda : Johnny, darling.. This isn't working out... I'm a strong girl. I don't want someone to protect me. I want someone that needs protected. And there's this other guy... His name is Andy... He's a total idiot who can't put up a fight with anybody... The kind that needs protected.
Johnny : W-Wait. Wanda. I don't understand... Why?!
Wanda : I'm sorry... I thought we could make it work...
Johnny : S-So you prefer weak people that need defending... Over people who can hold their own...
Wanda : Yeah... When you told me about your past, I thought you were that kind of guy. I soon realised you've become quite the opposite... But I couldn't break it up with you so quickly. I did have feelings for you... But...
Johnny : ... I...
Wanda : I'm sorry... I really am sorry... *runs away*
Johnny : !! W-Wait, Wanda!! *stretches his arm after her* WANDA!!!
Wanda : *gone*

Gone... Left... Left me in the dark... Was this... Was this His punishment... Ah... I see... I woke up... And he brought me to my knees... *sitting in darkness* Lord... I pound my fist at you... Would you just let me die! Would I not suffer enough?... No inner peace... Nothing...

John Wilson...

!? Who's that... That voice... It's calling me... Who is that...

I find myself looking at this... This thing... This shadow... Right infront of me... Those green eyes...

You're not lost... Come. Let me show you... You had found your light... Just a little further. Come...

Johnny finds himself flashed foward a year. October School Ball. 10th Grade. Second Highschool year. Wanda had moved to Boston after breaking up with her second boyfriend, Andy. In the end, Johnny had realised that she wasn't worth it. At the beggining of the tenth grade, Johnny was placed in desk with Elisabeth. They have been talking to eachother in the first year too. But now this event had made them closer one to another. And at the school ball...

W-Wow... Look at her... She's... Gorgeous.. Those eyes. That smile. That wonderful blue dress. It suits her a lot.

Johnny and Elisabeth : *at the ball, dancing*
Johnny : You look good in this dress.
Elisabeth : *slight blush* Thank you.

??? : *on a higher level in the club that the ball is held in* I will save you from the pain... *raises his hand*

Johnny and Elisabeth : *dance slower and slower and glare into eachother's eyes*
Elisabeth : *lowers her eyelids and stares into his eyes**He's so close... His touch... His breath... I just want to kiss him! I just want him to hold me in his arms!*
Johnny : *lowers his eyelids and stares into her eyes**thinking : She's gorgeous. Her face is so beautiful. Her hair gives off such a wonderful scent... And her body shapes are... Wow... I just want to hold her in my arms forever!* E-Elisa... I...
Elisabeth : *pulls him in and kisses him deeply**thinking : I can't take it anymore! The Hell with it all! You can kill me now!*
Johnny : Mm!! *relaxes**wraps his arms tightly around her and returns the kiss**thinking : My Devil...!*
Elisabeth : *thinking : H-He's kissing back!**keeps kissing him*

??? : *lowers his hand and nods*...

And then, the rest flashes foward. All the laughs. All the walks through the park. All the Heavy Metal Concerts. All the pictures they've taken togheter. Every kiss. Every hug. Every moment shared in a bed. Every night raining black roses of love. 2 soul mates. Followers of the Devil. Metalheads. A thing for Gothic style. Everything. It was perfect. A bond of love which would never break. And then...

The doctors were hurrying to the emergency room. The Ambulance medics were coming in. On the ambulance bed lied Johnny. Out cold. It was a car accident. He had left Elisa home and took off. Everything was going fine. But then a car was being chased by the police. The 2 thieves were driving as fast as they could. Johnny had a green light so he proceeded. Boom. The 2 cars knocked into eachother. An explosion. The thieves died. One's neck snaped, the other was caught in the flames and burned alive. Johnny hit his head and passed out. The flames slowly approaching him.

??? : No... *waves his arm*

Police Officer : *rips the car's door out and pulls Johnny out* Easy, son! I gotcha! Menken, call it in! We need an ambulance here!!

The doctors attended to Johnny's wounds. They were not fatal. But the problem was the head bump. The head bump and the shock of how sudden everything happened had put Johnny into a coma. If was to not awaken within 6 months, he might never awaken again. His parents devastated. His friends shocked and worried. But worst of all, Elisabeth, scarred... Every day after school she'd be there. By his side. Praying to Lucifer that he wakes. Hoping that the everburning flames of Hell would not drag him down yet. Because she wasn't ready to let him go...

I'm alone again... It's pitch black... I'm sick of this... I don't want to be alone again... It's all still so fuzzy in my mind. All of that... It was all me? The girl... Elisa... Elisabeth... Eveything...

You're not alone...

Johnny finds himself glaring at the shadow once more. But for the first time it comes out from the darkness. The shadow, unknowingly to Johnny at the moment, was his Symbiote. K9-Elithia, in the shape of Johnny's Hellspawn costume, in a humanoid form, as if someone was wearing it. But it was just the Symbiote. Here to rescue her host.

She leans her hand towards him.

Take my hand, my child. Allow me to free you from all the pain and suffering.

This... What is this...?! Red cape... Glowing green eyes... This... Is this my shadow? Yes... My shadow... I'm cold without my shadow...

Johnny reaches out for the figure standing before him. Taking a few steps foward to close the distance between them. He grabs Elithia's hand. And everything is made clear to him.

I... I remember... Oh Lucifer, I remember!! The car accident! I woke up as this allpowerful being! A ruler lf the night! Clown, Cogliostro, Sam, Twitch... Elisabeth... This isn't my shadow. It's my demon! And I need my demon! Oh, yes! I can feel it. Everything is coming back to me as we embrace eachother and become one, oncemore... Yes... Yes!! Goddamnit I'M BACK!! I am Spawn!! And I'm here to claim my destiny!


Though for him it had been hours. Days. In reality, they were mere seconds. Some of the souls tremble in fear, while the others gaze in amazement, as the black mass before them gains a humanoid form. It stands up, opening its arms, a pitch black humanoid form. A mouth opens as it roars to the skies. Blood red aura flowing around him like steam. The white markings going up to his chest and then back down towards the sides, only to mirror the same design on his back and connect them. His eyes. The necroplasmic green eyes open. Sorrounded by their white shapes. But the chains are missing. The chains do not appear. Nor do the spikes on his elbows and legs. And the cape. The cape forms. But it's incomplete. It has no solid shape. Instead it is a scarlet red mass of Symbiotic substance, morphing around, trying to maintain the form and shape of the cape. The mouth closes. The eyes glow. And through the hissing noises heard from the costume a single sentence comes out from him.

Spawn : I'm back...

Chapter 9 - The End.
Spawn - Chapter 9
Well here's Chapter 9. The first part of the Depths of Hell Saga. I've got some things to tell you here. First of all, as I stated in the disclamer, some of the flashbacks here are actually stuff that happened to me in real life. Namely the bullying and Wanda. I did have a girlfriend named Wanda Lannie. My first girlfriend, before I had Elisabeth. And she really did leave me because she was looking for the type of men who are fragile, puny and afraid. It was a very hard break-up but it made me be a little more cautious and observant about how the world works. And in the thick mist that is the world, I've found Elisabeth. The one person who I knew was "the one". And that my friends is a true story about my life. And as many writers before me have done, it is an aspect I would like to share with you through my stories. Thank you for reading Chapter 9. Stay tuned for the next chapter as well as other stuff.

Spawn created by Todd McFarlane.
Well guys, Futures' End reaches it's end soon (pun intended) and in #46 it seems that Terry was killed... I must admit I cried. I mean I practically grew up with Batman Beyond on par with Spider-Man. But I guess I shouldn't be too sad because this was The New 52's Terry McGinnis, not the original one introduced in the Animated Series, who has his own comic book series set in that universe (Batman Beyond 2.0, allthough I think they cancelled it. No new issues have been out for months now...) In his place it seems Tim Drake takes on the mantle of Batman Beyond and is now sent in some weird new future that they didn't reveal to us... So... What's this supposed to mean exactly? Are they cancelling Batman Beyond 2.0 and replacing it with this New 52 Batman Beyond and say that it's the mainstream one and the Terry we all know is actually dead? (in which case, I will crawl into my corner and cry for a few hours) Who knows? But fear not fellow fans of mine. Because MY Batman Beyond is still ongoing and not dying anytime soon. I'm sorry I haven't been updating the story, I did leave you guys with a little cliffhanger with Chapter 26. I did start working on 27 but at one point I simply stopped and had no more ideas and instead got brainstormed with ideas for Spawn. I'll try to do both stories in parallel. Stay tuned. 

More info about what DC has in store for Batman Beyond here :…
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It's time I did something with this DeviantID XD Sooo about me. Meh I'm just your average Joe living every day like it's Hell on Earth, either spending time all day outside with Elisa or locked in my room drawing XD I'm a dirty-minded asshole and sometimes a pervert :iconjiraiyagrinplz: And I'm obssessed with boobs... Like honestly... Boobs... XD Kinda annoys Elisa sometimes but meh she gets over it XD I'm usually selfish unless it comes to Elisa. If it's not Elisa then I just do whatever I can to make things easier and better for myself without caring about the others. One day I will rule this world with Elisa by my side MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ahem... Yeah... My favourite animes are let's see : Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki. I used to like Bleach but it became stupid and weird in the Manga so I gave up on it. Also I'm more of a comic book guy. Marvel, DC, Image Comics, you name it. I've read plenty of comic book series not just Batman and Spider-Man comics like your average comic book reader.



"When I was a young man.
I had liberty but I did not see it.
I had time but I did not know it.
And I had love. But I did not feel it.
Many decades would pass
Before I understood the meaning of all 3.
And now in the twilight of my life
This understanding has passed into containment.
Love, liberty and time.
Once so dispossable.
Are the fuels that drive me foward.
And love must especially mio caro.
For you, our children, our brothers and sisters.
And for the vast and wonderfull world that gave us life.
And keeps us guessing.
Endless affection mio Sofia.
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