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Dear friends, brothers, sisters and evil minions. I am thankful on this day. Thankful for being who I am and standing where I stand. And most of all, I am thankful for having my dear Elisabeth with me. And I hope we'll be by each other's side until death do us appart only so that we may find eachother once more and be togheter again after death. And also I am thankful of all of you my fans who have supported me throughout these years. And I hope you'll support me in the future too. I've actually become quite addicted to my Batman Beyond franchise and am willing to take it even further and make it even better. I hope you'll continue to enjoy this journey of a man's journey towards justice and peace. Thank you all. Have a nice day. It has sure been one for me.
  • Mood: Cheerful
Batman Beyond Claw Marks Teaser 2 by foxmaster55
Batman Beyond Claw Marks Teaser 2
Another Teaser for the Batman Beyond Claw Marks Saga. This one shows a little sneak peak of the main baddie for this story. He's based off The Phantasm from Batman : Mask of the Phantasm.
Batman Beyond Claw Marks Teaser by foxmaster55
Batman Beyond Claw Marks Teaser
The new Saga I've thought about. It'll take some time before I put all the ideas togheter and make them good but for now this is a teaser of what is to come. I'll keep releasing new wallpapers until I make the story.
It's a stormy night. A dead silence of the night fallen over New York City :

Jane DeWolf : *driving down the street* This whole situation is a mess...
Bullock : *eating a donut* Yeah, and this stupid storm ain't helpin' us at all... Where're those kids?! They should be helpin' us!
Jane DeWolf : They most likely are, Harv. But they can't be everywhere at once- !! *stops the car*
Bullock : Huh?
Rat guy : *runs to their car**panting*
Bullock : Whadda ya know? This must be our lucky day. *gets out*
Jane DeWolf : Wait! Oh screw it... *gets out*
Rat guy : *panting hard*
Bullock : Ok pal. No need to get rough. Just get in the car.
Rat guy : P-Please! You gotta help me!!
Jane DeWolf : That's what we'll do. But you have to come quietly.
Rat guy : No no! You don't understand! He's after all of us!
Bullock : Who?
Rat guy : The ba- *a dark shadow zooms across the street and grabs him, flying in a back alley with him* -AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!
Bullock and DeWolf : !! *run to the back alley**find the guy knocked out and reverted back to a human being*
Jane DeWolf : *pulls the empty serringe out of his arm* An antidote! But who was that? What was that?
Bullock : *looks up*.... Teh! Who else? *lights up a cigar*
Jane DeWolf : Huh...

Somewhere else :

Blonde girl : *running down the street frightened**panting*
Snake guy : *running after her**hiss**lounges at her and pins her to a wall* Hellooo ssssweetums!
Blonde girl : EEEEK!!!
Snake guy : Got a nice pair o' double D's there huh? I'd like to get a taste! *hiss**two ropes tie around his arms and he gets pulled up* AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
Blonde girl : *gasps**thunder flashes**covers her eyes from the flash**looks up and seeis the guy tied up and turned back into a human being*

In an old library :

Fox girl : Eek... I hate the rain... *drying*
Wolf guy : Ain't so bad... Dry up and let's go. I got my eyes on a nice car this morning. And I'm gonna take it! Heheh!
Fox girl : Ugh. Hang on.. *walks back between the book shafts* I'm gonna find the bathroom...
Wolf guy : Alright. *sits down and puts his hands behind his head* Mmm..... ? *stands up**looks around**sniff**sniff* Whose scent is this....? *walks back* Hannah? You there baby? *turns right* Han? *seeis her knocked out and turned back into a human being* Woah... *takes a step back**bumps into something* !! *turns around*
Batman : *the wolf guy seeis a dark shadow**grabs him*

At a bar :

Copperhead : Double shot! *playing biliards**knocked 2 balls in different holes* Heheh!
Ramrod : *drinking beer* Ah!
Bear guy : *comes in* You guys sure enjoy yourselves.
Copperhead : Why wouldn't we?
Bear guy : *walks behind the bar and gets a beer* Word is, the bat's back in town. And he's gone nuts. *drinks* He's hunting all of us down. One by one. Us 3? We're the only ones left.
Copperhead : !!
Ramrod : !? What're you saying?
Bear guy : I dunno what the boss did to him... But he's ticked off big time.
Ramrod : That ain't right! Last time he came at us he tore us appart! We gotta run for it!
Bear guy : *sits down* Run? Teh... I've had a run with the bat before when I was still human. Oh yeah. A big score at a jewlery store. You can't run from him. Last time I tried to put up a fight with him, got 4 ribs broken and a twisted arm... Ain't no difference even if I'm like this... *one of the lights bleeps out* Yeah... We're all going down anyways... *drinks up the beer**the door blows up and two explosive batarangs fly in and blow up in Copperhead and Ramrod's face*
Copperhead : *hits the wall hard*
Ramrod : *crashes through the wall*
Copperhead : Ungh! *holds his head**2 arms burst out from the wall and grip tight on him* GAAAH!!! Ack!! Aaack!! *passes out*
Batman : *comes out of the wall and injects him*
Copperhead : *reverts back to a human being*
Batman : *looks back at the bear guy*...
Bear guy : Told ya they were here...
Batman : *throws an antidote at him*
Bear guy : *grabs it and injects himself**reverts back to a human being* Deal stays?
Batman : *tilts his head quickly*
Guy : See ya around bats. I'll lay low as promised. *walks out of the bar*
Batman : ...
Ramrod : *comes out* You crazy creep!
Batman : *narrows eyes**presses on his belt**spreads his wings and hundreds of bats fly out from them**the bats are actually mere hollograms*
Ramrod : What the--?! *covers his head*
Batman : *leaps at him and kicks him with both feet, pinning him to the wall**starts punching him in the face**grabs him and throws him to the other end of the bar**leaps and lands on him**grabs him by the throat*
Ramrod : AAAAAARGH!!!
Batman : *deep voice* Where is he....?
Ramrod : G-Go to H-Hell!
Batman : Wrong answer... *grips tighter**claws come out and start digging into his neck* WHERE IS HE?!! WHERE IS THE JACKAL?!! I've been to his old lab and nobody was there!!
Ramrod : I... I don't... Know!! I swear!!
Batman : *clenching his teeth**claws dig deeper* You where one of his first men!! You must know SOMETHING!!
Ramrod : AAAAGH!! I-I remember... Something a-about a... A steel mill!! A steel mill!! I overheard him talking to... To Tigress and K-Kaine!!
Batman : Kaine... Kaine!! *gripping*
Batman : !! *lets go**panting*.... *takes an antidote and injects him with it*.... *walks outside*

Batman : *lands on a rooftop**looks at his hands*.... Tch... RAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!! *panting*....

Alfred : *talking through the comunicator* Sir?

Batman : What...?

Alfred : I've managed to restore the Batcomputer and got a lock on miss Elisabeth's cellphone.

Batman : !!

Alfred : She seem to be at the old Steelmill in the far south of the city. I'm sending the Batmobile to your location.

Batman : Ramrod was right after all.... Thank you, Alfred...

Alfred : Always, sir. Also I've managed to make another antidote sample based on what you came home with. I'm sure you've done the math correctly. But just for safety.

Batman : Yeah...

Later at the old Steelmill in an underground hall :

Spider-Man : *wakes up**holds his head* Ungh... What's... What's going on... *stands up**looks around* Where am I...?
??? : Ungh... Beats me... *stands up* I've got a heck of a headache...
Spider-Man : !? *turns around* What the...!? *in a hall with another Spider-Man*
Spider-Man 2 : Huh... Little early for Halloween, huh pal?
Spider-Man : Little early for-!? What do you mean?? I'm Spider-Man!
Spider-Man 2 : No, I'm Spider-Man.
Jackal : *above them* No, you BOTH are Spider-Man! HAHAHA!!
Both Spider-Men : *look up* JACKAL!! *look at eachother* JINX!!
Jackal : My dear Peter. Haven't you figured it out? I've cloned you! Say hello to your twin. Heheh!
Spider-Man : Cloned me!?
Jackal : The only problem is I really don't know which one of you is the real one now... I dressed the clone up just like you and he has all your memories and feelings up to this second. So it's really hard to tell. Heheheheh!!
Spider-Man 2 : You maniac! *shoots a web at him**web hits a glass* Huh?!
Jackal : Really, Peter? You think I'm stupid? *looks at his watch* Well now, I've got places to be. I'll come back here later. Until then fight it out until one of you dies. The one who lives gets out. Bye bye, children. *leaves*
Spider-Man : This is ridiculous!
Spider-Man 2 : I know. So then... Are we supposed to fight now or what?
Spider-Man : Why? None of us did anything wrong. I'd say we better find a way to get out of here togheter.
Spider-Man 2 : But which one of us is the real one?
Spider-Man : I don't know. But Bats will find the answer. You know him. Always had an answer.
Spider-Man 2 : Can't argue with that... *sits down* But...
Spider-Man : But what? *walks over to him* You ok?
Spider-Man 2 : 2 Spider-Men are too much for this city... One of us has to leave. And it's only fair that the clone will... What if I'm the clone...
Spider-Man : Why? Come on, we're talking about a gigantic city composed of 5 boroughs. One the other hand the clone will have to change both identities... But we can work it out. I mean, it'll be hard to tell Aunt May but Gwen knows who we are. We'll just straight out tell her. *hand on his back* Neither one of us has to give up on our loved ones.
Spider-Man 2 : I... I guess you're right.
Spider-Man : Of course I am. Come on. We gotta think of a way to get outta here.
Spider-Man 2 : Yeah. Let's do this!

Later in the Steelmill :

Batman : *crawling through the airvent**gets down and silently walks around**opens a door slowly**peeks in*
Jackal : *inside a large lab**looking over some chemicals**smirks* Come on in, Johnny boy!
Batman : *walks in*...
Jackal : I was expecting you. *turns around and faces him* Heheh!
Batman : *thinking : Kill him... One strike through the chest... NO!! No I don't kill!!... He's taken Elisabeth. Left Alfred half-dead. God knows where Peter is.... No!! Besides I need him to tell me where she is! Where they are!**clenching his fists*
Jackal : Ah. Getting in touch with your other side? Becoming the animal?
Batman : Shut up... Where are they?
Jackal : Peter's occupied at the moment and he can't play with us, I'm afraid... As for your girlfriend... Well... *presses a button**the back wall opens* You two look cute togheter so...
Batman : *widens eyes* No....
Elisabeth : *in a cage**transformed into a human bat**wearing a black tank top with a pair of black tight pants**turns around and seeis them**seeis Batman**skreeks**spreads her wings and starts flapping them**crying out*
Batman : U-Uh...
Jackal : *grin*
Batman : *snaps**fangs and claws grow**opens his wings and bursts at him* RAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
Kaine : *jumps in and kicks Batman into a wall*
Batman : *gets out and punches the wall leaving a hole inside**hisses* YOU!!
Jackal : Don't kill him. I want to try my new Man-Bat serum on him. And then he and the girl will mate and I'll overpopulate this city with Man-Bats!!
Kaine : Quite addicted to bats, aren't you?
Jackal : They're fascinating creatures, Kaine. You wanna know why? They're survivors!
Batman : *lounges at Kaine*
Jackal : *leaves*
Kaine : *guard pose*
Batman : *punches hard*
Kaine : *blocks* Hck!! *arms shaking*
Batman : *quickly spins around kicking Kaine in the sides*
Kaine : *impact throws him through a wall*
Batman : *crouching**hissing**lounges after him*

Meanwhile :

Spider-Men : *keep hitting the glass togheter but don't even scratch it*
Spider-Man 2 : *panting* This isn't working...
Spider-Man : Don't give up! We gotta keep trying... Hey wait a minute. *looks around*
Spider-Man 2 : ?
Spider-Man : The walls. Look. It's made of different platforms stuck togheter. That means they can be taken out. Mabye they'll be hard enough to break the glass.
Spider-Man 2 : I see. Nice work. Well, here goes nothing! *shooting a webline on a smaller wall plate and pulls it out**spins and throws the plate hard at the window**plate falls down**looking closely*..... !! There!! There's a tiny tiny crack there!!
Spider-Man : What'd I tell ya? Nothing's impossible! Come on! *web pulls a larger plate and throws it at the window* Instead of hitting randomly, focus on hitting that crack! *manages to enlarge the crack*
Spider-Man 2 *grabs another plate just as large* HAAAA!! *throws it**cracks gets wider and very small pieces of glass begin to fall down*
Spider-Man : Come on! Keep at it! We'll outta here in no time!! *keeps swinging the plate at the glass*

Back with the others :

Elisabeth : *watching**skreeking*
Batman : *punches Kaine hard in the face**uppercuts him and leaves scratches on his chest*
Kaine : AAARGH!! *kicks Batman away**grabs some lab equipment and throws it at him*
Batman : *backflips**dashes at the equipment**digs his fists in it and rips it in half**holding the two halfs over his fists like gloves*
Kaine : !!
Batman : RAAAAGH!! *punches Kaine with one of them and the equipment breaks appart*
Kaine : *thrown back hard**grabs a pipe and pulls it off**throws it at him like a spear*
Batman : *punches it away with the other half and it breaks appart*
Kaine : *running at him*
Batman : *running with his claws spread**leaps over him and claws him on the back*
Kaine : Nnrgh!! *swings his arm at him and hits him hard throwing him in the ceiling*
Batman : Oof! *falls down*
Kaine : *grabs his head and smashes it into the ground*
Batman : Mmmf!! *presses on his belt and sorrounds himself in an electric barrier*
Kaine : AAAAAARGH!! *lets go*
Batman : *stands up* Grrr!! *clenches his fists and sorrounds his gloves with electricity**punches Kaine repeatetly in the face and chest*
Kaine : AAAAGH!!
Batman : *strikes hard in the stomach and throws him to the other end of the lab**electricity wears off**walking* Gh! *voice deepens**falls in one knee* GROAAAGH!! *holds his head* NUURAAAAGH!!
Kaine : *stands up**coughs* Losing to the bat are we?...
Batman : Nnngh!! *holding his head**thinking : Don't stop! Ignore the pain! Kill him!! KILL HIM!!..... No!! THAT'S NOT HOW I DO THINGS!!.... You chose this! You gave up on the man! You are the bat!.... I'm not!! I'm... I'm...* Kh! *takes out an antidote**thinking : I'M BATMAN!!**injects himself with it* AAARGH!! *panting**looks over at Elisabeth*
Elisabeth : *looks down at him**skeeks*
Batman : *voice back to normal**fangs and claws go away* I'll... I'll get you out of there... I'll turn you back to... Normal... I swear... *panting**thinking : All that rage burned out... And the antidote... I can barely stand...*
Kaine : *walks up to him* Hmph... *punches him hard twice and throws him in the back wall*
Elisabeth : *starts to get agitated**skreeking loud*
Kaine : *walks at him*
Batman : *panting*... *holds his hand out towards Elisabeth*.... *points a finger and fires a Mini-Batarang**Mini-Batarang hits a bar on the cage and blows up*
Kaine : *looks back* !!!
Elisabeth : *gets out**flies down at Kaine**roars**kicks him away hard**crouches down at Batman**whimpering*
Batman : H-Hey there... *stands up*
Elisabeth : *looks at herself**whimpering*
Batman : Easy. I've got you... *takes out an antidote**injects her with it*
Elisabeth : !! *skreeks**reverts to normal* U-Ungh... *passes out*
Batman : *grabs her and hugs her**falls down in his knees holding her in his arms* There we go...
Kaine : *stands up* Forgetting something?
Batman : !!
Kaine : Hrr!
Spider-Men : *kick him away at the same time* Double-Time!! *look at eachother* Jinx!!
Batman : !?
Kaine : ARGH!!
Tigress : *comes in* Oh for the love of...
Spider-Man 2 : Where'd she come from?
Batman : Right I forgot about her...
Kaine : Where's the Jackal?
Tigress : Escaped. Sent me to pick you and Batman up. But I didn't expect this...
Kaine : What do you mean got away!? What about me!?
Spider-Man : Huh... Anybody else confused?
Tigress : You really thought he'd help you didn't he? You're a lost cause Kaine. And now you all die. *presses a button* This place will self destruct in 5 minutes. Good luck getting out of here! *runs away*
Kaine : Wait!!
Batman : *picks Elisabeth up* Forget it, Kaine! You've been had! Let's get out of here!
Kaine : Go &€@$ yourself, Wilson! I need the Jackal's help! *runs after Tigress*
Spider-Man : Come on let's go!!
All 3 : *run out**manage to get out just as the building blows up*

Minutes later on a rooftop infront of the Steelmil :

Spider-Man : *watching the building burn* Good ridance... *takes his mask off*
Elisabeth : Mm... *wakes up* Uh... *in Batman's arms* Johnny...?
Batman : *looks at her and smiles**takes off his mask* Yeah.
Elisabeth : *smiles**sits and holds her head* I never want to go through that again...
Johnny : Nobody does.
Elisabeth : *looks over* Um... Why are there two Spider-Men?
Spider-Man 2 : ... *takes off his mask**looks just like Peter*
Johnny : Clone... One of them is a clone.
Peter : But which one.
Elisabeth : Hey... We'll figure it out. It was a rough night... For now... *sun starts rising* Let's just enjoy the moment.
Johnny : Yeah...
Elisabeth : *holds his hand* Are you normal again?
Johnny : Yeah. My powers are gone... I almost lost it completely back there... Almost became that monster again...
Elisabeth : Oh you... *grabs him by the back of his neck and sinks his face in her chest* Just shut up...
Johnny : !! I... Ok. *arms around her waist**closes his eyes*

Later that evening in the Batcave :

Johnny : You. *points at Peter 2* You're the clone.
Peter 2 : Yeah... I thought so...
Peter : Hey. *pats his back* Remember what I told you? We'll just have to work on a new identity for you and then it's all solved.
Johnny : I think I can help with that.
Elisabeth : *sitting on the table* On the bright side, you two can be brothers. I mean you are practically twins.
Peter 2 : I suppose...
Bruce : *comes in* I'm back everybody!
Johnny : !? Bruce!? Where... Where were you?!
Bruce : Business trip. I didn't catch you home so I didn't get to tell you. Why? Did I miss anythi- *seeis the 2 Peters* Why are there 2 Peters?
Elisabeth : *giggles* Have we got a story to tell you!

Chapter 22 - The End.
Batman Beyond Earth - 26499 Chapter 22
Chapter 22 : Animal Kingdom Part 3 FINAL.

The final clash begins as Batman storms through the city bringing down all the Cross-Species. Desperate to rescue his loved ones, he won't let anything stop him. Not even Kaine.

Sooo I hope you enjoyed my little 3 parts story. I wanted to introduce a couple of things and test a couple of things with this. First of all I always wondered "What if Batman had Bat Powers like Spider-Man has Spider Powers?" so I wanted to play around with that a little but I didn't want it to be a permanent thing because it would ruin what Batman is and what he stands for. Second thing I wanted to do was to do a sum up of the Clone Saga. Instead of going on for years and years with it, I straight out revealed the clones and also gave the straight answer as to which Peter is the real one and which one is the clone. Of course you all realised that the real Peter is the one that's been through everything til now and the clone was "Spider-Man 2"/"Peter 2" as I've used their names in the story. And yup you guessed it. You guys will have to stay tuned because starting next chapter we'll meet Ben Reilly, The Scarlet Spider! I'm going to take a break though because I need story ideas and I need to do some brainstorming for that. But yeah, this chapter also puts an end to the "Mutant Wars Saga" that has been going on since Chapter 17.

Spider-Man created by Stan Lee.
Batman created by Bob Kane.
Batman Beyond created by Bruce Timm.
Animal Kingdom Part 3 Teaser Wallpaper by foxmaster55
Animal Kingdom Part 3 Teaser Wallpaper
A teaser for Animal Kingdom Part 3. In this chapter you'll see a Batman who is more violent and wilder than ever before. His girlfriend and his best friend kidnapped, his butler beaten half to death and his Batcave destroyed. This time Batman is out for blood. And he won't stop until he takes down every single Cross-Specie and stops the Jackal. But don't sweat it off just yet because the Jackal might just have another trick up his sleeve.

I think this song works perfectly with this pic :…;

Batman created by Bob Kane.
Batman Beyond created by Bruce Timm.
Dear friends, brothers, sisters and evil minions. I am thankful on this day. Thankful for being who I am and standing where I stand. And most of all, I am thankful for having my dear Elisabeth with me. And I hope we'll be by each other's side until death do us appart only so that we may find eachother once more and be togheter again after death. And also I am thankful of all of you my fans who have supported me throughout these years. And I hope you'll support me in the future too. I've actually become quite addicted to my Batman Beyond franchise and am willing to take it even further and make it even better. I hope you'll continue to enjoy this journey of a man's journey towards justice and peace. Thank you all. Have a nice day. It has sure been one for me.
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foxmaster55's Profile Picture
John Wilson
Name : John Wilson
Gender : Male
Age : 16

It's time I did something with this DeviantID XD Sooo about me. Meh I'm just your average Joe living every day like it's Hell on Earth, either spending time all day outside with Elisa or locked in my room drawing XD I'm a dirty-minded asshole and sometimes a pervert :iconjiraiyagrinplz: And I'm obssessed with boobs... Like honestly... Boobs... XD Kinda annoys Elisa sometimes but meh she gets over it XD I'm usually selfish unless it comes to Elisa. If it's not Elisa then I just do whatever I can to make things easier and better for myself without caring about the others. One day I will rule this world with Elisa by my side MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ahem... Yeah... My favourite animes are let's see : Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki. I used to like Bleach but it became stupid and weird in the Manga so I gave up on it. Also I'm more of a comic book guy. Marvel, DC, Image Comics, you name it. I've read plenty of comic book series not just Batman and Spider-Man comics like your average comic book reader.



"When I was a young man.
I had liberty but I did not see it.
I had time but I did not know it.
And I had love. But I did not feel it.
Many decades would pass
Before I understood the meaning of all 3.
And now in the twilight of my life
This understanding has passed into containment.
Love, liberty and time.
Once so dispossable.
Are the fuels that drive me foward.
And love must especially mio caro.
For you, our children, our brothers and sisters.
And for the vast and wonderfull world that gave us life.
And keeps us guessing.
Endless affection mio Sofia.
Forever yours... Ezio Auditore.."

Requiescat en pace.... Mentor... :iconezioauditoreplz:

Metalhead here!!

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