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Sharinnegan by foxmaster55
So I wanted to draw a pic of Dark with his Sharinnegan. I also wanted to show you guys why he usually keeps his right eye closed when he uses it. This is why. Because the Sharinnegan is basically focusing the power of both Rinnegan eyes into one eye, thus doubling its power. And while doing that, his right eye goes blank and blind, so he doesn't see anything with that eye, while the Sharinnegan is active. But it's not a must to keep it closed. He can keep it open, but since he can't see with it anyways, there's no reason to keep it open.
Team 7 has been on the run for almost a day to make it to the Stonedrop Village and as night fell down upon the land, the 4 Konoha ninjas have set camp for the night, discussing their mission.

Dark : So, Kakashi-Sensei, what exactly is our mission?
Kakashi : We're heading for the Stonedrop Village. It's a village at the outskirts between the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning. The Hidden Cloud Village supervises that village and protects it.
Lilth : What happened there, that required us to come all the way from Konoha?
Kakashi : There have been kidnappings and signs of bandits attacking. However the culprits were never caught. The Hidden Cloud is dealing with politic issues within the village and cannot afford to send Shinobi to defend the village.
Dark : And with the Chunnin Exams taking place, they must be low on Gennin Teams.
Kakashi : Truth be told, we don't have many Cloud Gennins participating this year. It might also be because of the in-village problems.
Jorge : Mmm so basically we're here to fight bandits? *slams fist in his palm* This is gonna be a piece of cake!
Lilth : For once I agree with him. This will be over quick.
Kakashi : *nods* I hope so... Well, we'll see what we're dealing with tomorrow. Let's get some sleep.

Minutes later :

Lilth : *sitting on a rock**looking at the sky*...
Jorge : *pops up behind a tree**walking towards her and sits down* Lilth-Chan ^^
Lilth : .... What?
Jorge : I just wanted to talk to you...
Lilth : Ok.
Jorge : Not tired? We had a long run here.
Lilth : I can't sleep... I'm a bit worried about Sakura-San and the others.
Jorge : Ah. Don't worry! Naruto-Sensei is with them! *rubbing his nose* Of course he'll be busy protecting "Sasuke-Chan" but I'm sure he'll look after Sakura-San too.
Lilth : .... *sigh* More like Sasuke-San and Sakura-San will keep that idiot from dying.
Jorge : Eh!?.... Well.... Um...
Lilth : Face it, Jorge. You and Naruto are the worst of this team. You always screw up. Especially you. You just show off and lose control and then end up almost dead. Sasuke-San and Dark do all the work.
Jorge : Lilth-Chan you're so cold...
Lilth : *sighs* Well I guess your stubbornness is impressive.
Jorge : Ah! *stars in his eyes*
Lilth : *sweatdrop*....

Meanwhile :

Dark : *sleeping*.... *hears a growl* !! *wakes up and stands up* Who..?! *looks around* Huh!? *inside a hallway that looks like a sewer with pipes on the ceiling and water on the floor* Where... Am I?... *hears the growl again* !! *walking towards where the growl came from**gulps**thinking : I can feel it.... It's that red Chakra... The one Jorge and Naruto-San also have... Time to see what it is... **enters a huge chamber* W-Woah! *the chamber has a very big height, width and length, and at the end there is a huge gate with pitch black behind the bars**walking towards the gate**stops and looks up at 2 big red eyes staring at him from behind the gate* Wh-What is... This... *seeis a giant orange fox with 9 tails*
Nine-Tails : *snarling* Come closer... Young hedgehog...
Dark : *approaches the gate**claws his the gate hard* AAAH! *takes a step back*
Nine-Tails : This blasted seal...
Dark : Nine tails.... Are you... Are you the Nine Tailed Fox?
Nine-Tails : Yes... And no...
Dark : What's that supposed to mean...?
Nine-Tails : I'm a copy. A clone. Created in Hell... *eyes glow* By your father...
Dark : !! M-My father..!? Why?!
Nine-Tails : He plans to use me to take control over you and destroy this world in his name. But if I ever gain control over you, I'll rip him to shreds and THEN destroy this world in my own name!
Dark : Well if that's how you want to play it then like Hell I'd let you out. Hmph.
Nine-Tails : *growls*
Dark : So, what's your name?
Nine-Tails : !?
Dark : You gotta have a name right? What is it?
Nine-Tails : Why do you want to know?!
Dark : Well since I'm stuck with ya in here, we might as well try and get along, don't you think? First step is knowing your name. I'm Dark. Nice to meet you.
Nine-Tails : *roaring* Fuck off! Your fake compassion won't work on me! *growls*
Dark : ... Well fine, have it your way. You'll get lonely, sooner or later. *walks away* See ya, fox.
Nine-Tails : .... Hmph...

The next morning :

Kakashi : *arrives inside the village with his team*
Lilth : *looks around* Wow. So much life in this village. Even with the kidnappings.
Kakashi : This is a village of commerce. Lots of shops. Being at the border they get merchandise from both lands.
Dark and Jorge : *staring at all the food courts*
Jorge : Raaamen... Pooork... *drooling*
Dark : Steak... Ribs... *licks his lips*
Kakashi : Alright, you too. Come on. We'll have enough time to pig out after the mission.
Jorge : *glares at Dark* Teme, I hereby declare a truce between us. Let's work hard and complete this mission ASAP so that we can stuff our bellies with all these goods!
Dark : *glares at him* I agree...
Both : *grab each other by the back* FOR THE SAKE OF FOOD!!!
Lilth : That's a first...
Kakashi : *sweatdrop* Huh... Well there's some improvement over Naruto and Sasuke's relationship...

At the Village Chief's Office :

Kakashi : *bows down* Thank you for welcoming us in your village.
All 3 : *bow down*
Jorge : *thinking : I'm getting deja vú...*
Chief : Thank you for accepting our request. The Hidden Cloud has political issues that need dealt with immediately, so Raikage-Sama did not have time to look over our problems.
Kakashi : We will do whatever is in our power to stop these kidnappings.
Dark : Is there any information that you could give us? Such as a triangulated area where the suspects might be hiding?
Chief : *nods* Indeed. We have sent scouts to look for the missing people. *takes a map and opens it up* And all of them disappeared within this large area. *points*
Kakashi : Hmm... It's a pretty large area to cover... Alright then. We'll head out right now.
Chief : Thank you.

At the outskirts of the marked area :

Kakashi : We'll split up. There's a lot of ground to cover.
Dark : Alright.
Jorge : I wanna go with Lilth-Chan!
Lilth : No way!!
Kakashi : Ok then. Let's go, Dark. *walks*
Dark : Ok, Kakashi-Sensei. *walks after him*
Lilth : =.=;
Jorge : YOSHAA!! Let's go! *running inside the forest*
Lilth : Uunnggh!! *walks after him*

Kakashi : *walking**looking around*
Dark : *walking and also looking around* Kakashi-Sensei, you fought in the Third Great Shinobi War even though you were just a child, right?
Kakashi : That's right. *looks around*
Dark : How... How was it...? Was it as bloody as everybody says?
Kakashi : .... Yeah.... It was... *looks at him and smiles with his eye* Everyone close to me is now dead because of that war.
Dark : *widens eyes* G-Gomenasai... I-I didn't mean to bring back bad memories...
Kakashi : No, it's ok. It's all in the past now. We have to move on ahead and pursue tomorrow, without letting yesterday slow us down.
Dark : ! Yeah.
??? : Isn't that just adorable.
Dark and Kakashi : !?
Kanzen : *in a tree branch* Gihi!
Kakashi : A mobian?
Dark : Not a friend of mine.
Kakashi : Who are you?
Kanzen : I'm Kanzen. And you're trespassing. *grins and pulls out 2 Kunais* So I'm going to have to kill you now.
Kakashi : Yare, yare... I suppose you're one of the culprits who are kidnapping people around here.
Kanzen : What of it? Would you like to see what I do with them?
Kakashi : *narrows eye*
Dark : .... Kakashi-Sensei.
Kakashi : ?
Dark : Go on ahead. I want to fight this guy! *Sharingan*
Kakashi : You sure?
Dark : Positive. Let me do it.
Kakashi : Alright. Good luck. *runs off*
Dark : ....
Kanzen : Hoo? I know those eyes very well. So you're an Uchiha, eh? I'll enjoy taking out your eyes! I might give the Sharingan a try! *dashes at him**swings one of his Kunais at him*
Dark : *takes out his Kunai and blocks it* Gh! *pushed back*
Kanzen : Geeh! *thrusts the other one in his ribs*
Dark : GAAAAH!!!
Kanzen : *grabs him by the shoulder and flips him away*
Dark : *hits a tree*
Kanzen : Easy kill! Now for the other one. *takes a few steps foward* Huh? *looks back*
Dark : *panting**pulls the Kunai out and his wound heals* Ngh! Stings...
Kanzen : *turns around at him* Well, that's rather unexpected.
Dark : *panting*
Kanzen : Heheheh. I see. So you're not just a hedgehog, huh? I'll just have to try harder to kill ya! *runs at him*
Dark : Tch! *throws the Kunai straight at him*
Kanzen : *leaps and twists, grabbing the Kunai between his teeth*
Dark : !!
Kanzen : *lands and swings to the left, cutting Dark on the chest*
Dark : Nuagh! *jumps back**handsigns* Katon! Goukakyo no Jutsu! *fires a fireball at him*
Kanzen : !! Shit!! *gets caught up and blown away**thrown at a tree**grabs a branch and swings, landing on it* Not bad, kid. But I got a trick of my own! *handsign* Wind Style : Devastation!
Dark : !! *gets blown away hard with the force of wind* NAAAGH!!
Kanzen : Heheheh!

Meanwhile :

Lilth : *walking*
Jorge : Lilth-Chan, w-when this is over, would you go out on a d-date with me? ^^;
Lilth : *stops*
Jorge : !! G-Gomne, I just-!!
Lilth : Shush!! *looks around* We're... Not alone... *hears something move behind them* ! *throws a Kunai hard**Kunai gets stabbed in a tree*
Jorge : Agh!! What is it, Lilth-Chan?!
Lilth : I smell a snake...
??? : Perceptive aren't we?
Jorge and Lilth : !?
Scale : *comes up and walks close to them**grins* Hi~
Jorge : Who the hell are you, ttebayo?!
Scale : Name's Scale. I'm a *swirls tongue* Sssssnake...
Jorge : Guh! *thinking : I-I-I-I'm afraid of snakes... =.=;*
Scale : Heheh...
Jorge : Well whatever! We'll take you do- *gets thrown away hard* AGH!! *hits a tree**looks up*
Lilth : *her eyes are red**walks towards him*.....
Jorge : Lilth-Chan?
Scale : She's under my control now. Hypnossissss~
Lilth : *walking*....
Jorge : O-Oi... Lilth-Chan.... I don't want to fight ya... Oi...
Lilth : *lifting up large stones with her powers* Hm!! *throws them all at him*
Jorge : Yikes! *doges*
Lilth : *swings her hand and fires a psychic wind blast*
Jorge : *gets caught up and thrown up* Woaaaah!! *falling down*
Lilth : *hands glow bright**slams her hands together hard, creating a shock wave*
Jorge : !! *curls up**shock wave hits him and he gains a few scratches on his arms and legs**lands**coughs* Agh...
Scale : *leaning on a tree branch* Aww it's so adorable. You don't wanna fight her~
Jorge : T-TEME!! LET HER GO!!
Scale : I'm afraid I can't do that. Yer gotta have to fight her.
Jorge : Wha-?
Lilth : *grabs him and holds him up by the collar*
Jorge : Gak!! L-Lilth-Chan!!!
Lilth : ... *slams her hand on his chest, blowing him away**a little bit of his shirt left in her hand*
Jorge : *stands up, shaking* Agh...

Kanzen : HAHA! *dodging*
Dark : *swinging two Kunais trying to hit him* NUAAAGH!! *thrusts one at him*
Kanzen : *evades and grabs his hand**pulls him in and headbutts him hard**lets go of his hand*
Dark : *takes a few steps back* Ngh... *keeps his guard up*
Kanzen : For someone using the Sharingan, you sure are slow! *runs at him*
Dark : *narrows eyes**Sharingan glowing*
Kanen : RAAAAH!! *thrusts his claws at him*
Dark : *does the exact same movement with his kunai**stops Kanzen's claws with his Kunai*
Kanzen : Huh!?
Dark : Hm! *lowering his body a little bit before quickly side-kicking him away*
Kanzen : *spinning backwards**lands in his hands and leaps back in his feet* What the heck!?
Dark : *breathes out slowly*
Kanzen : I see. You still got some fight left in ya! *opens up his claws*
Dark : *dashes at him*
Kanzen : Come! *dashes at him**both start flashing around eachother, colliding hits*
Dark : *leaps and spins around**throws 3 Shurikens at him*
Kanzen : *doges two, but one gets stabbed in his shoulder* Nagh! *falls down* Gh! *pulls it out of his shoulder* Huh?! Where are you!
Dark : *using his chakra to stick to a tree branch, upside down**smirks**handsigns*
Kanzen : !! *looks back and faces another Goukakyo* Tch! *slams hands together* Wind Style : Windmill!! *raises his hands up and a strong wind blasting upwards, surrounds him**the fire gets caught in the wind and both become a fire tornado*
Dark : N-Nani!?
Kanzen : HAAA!! *spreads his arms and the tornado explodes**large fire explosion*
Dark : GAAAAA!!!!

Kakashi : *running**stops* !! *looks back**thinking : I can feel large amounts of Chakra all over the area... The children are fighting...**looks around*... *turns back around and runs back towards the others**thinking : Ninja who defy the rules are scum. But those who let their comrades die are even worse. Hang in there, you guys. I'm on my way!*

Jorge : *slides back**wounded**panting* L-Lilth-Chan!!
Lilth : *has a scythe formed out of psychic chakra*...
Jorge : .... Damnit... *stands up* I'm sorry Lilth-Chan... But I'm gonna knock you back to your senses!
Lilth : *dashes at him*
Jorge : HOAAAH! *runs at her*
Lilth : *slashes down*
Jorge : *avoids* Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! *4 clones appear and grab Lilth trying to pin her down*
Lilth : ! *creates a psychic shock wave and blows away all the clones**stand up and turns around* !?
Jorge : *jump kicks her away**lands*
Lilth : *hits the ground but gets back up**narrows eyes and glares at him*
Jorge : You can hate me all you want for this! But I'm not gonna let you be the slave of some dumbass snake!
Lilth : ... Jorge...
Jorge : Eh?
Scale : *raises an eyebrow*...
Lilth : *dashes at him**throws Shurikens at him*
Jorge : Woah! *tries to doge them but one gets stuck in his left arm* Yagh! *takes a few steps back and pulls out the Shuriken*
Lilth : *forming spirals out of psychic energy and throws them at him*
Jorge : *Makes 3 clones that gather up in front of him and take the hit*
Lilth : *doesn't see the original anymore* ?
Jorge : *sneaks up behind her* Konoha Secret Taijutsu!!
Lilth : !?
Jorge : A THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!! *uses the attack on her*
Lilth : O//.//O *sent flying* AAAAH!!
Jorge : .... *blush* S-She has a nice ass... !! Wait I got it!
Lilth : *stands up, shivering**looks back at him* !?
Jorge : *surrounded by 6 clones* Hehehe... *handsigns*
Scale : ?!
Jorge : Reverse Harem no Jutsu!! Silver style! *all clones transform into naked Silver the Hedgehog clones that surround Lilth*
Lilth : *extreme nosebleed* O///////O S-S-SILVER!! *breaks free from the spell and starts cuddling in them*
Scale : O.o A-An attack... Like that... Worked!?
Jorge : *points at him* Don't underestimate Naruto-Sensei's Harem no Jutsu!!

Forest of the Dead (At the beggining of the Second Exam) :

Naruto : *running* !! AACHOO!! *sneezes*
Sakura : *running* Bless you!
Naruto : *sniff* Thanks... I think someone's talking about me.
Sakura : Most likely Jorge...
Sasuke : *running* Hn... *looks back**thinking : I hope you're doing well as expected of you... Dark...*

Back at the battle :

Kanzen : *walking**the area surrounding them is burned to the ground*
Dark : *on the ground, wounded and out cold*
Kanzen : Geehee... *grabs him by the collar* Yer weak, kid. Way out of your league. I guess the great Uchiha Clan isn't so great, in the end.
Dark : *body twitching* K-Kh...! *trying to move*
Kanzen : Give it up, kid. It's no use.
Dark : *clenching his teeth**thinking : O-Oi... I know you're in there... Nine-Tails... Please... Give me some power... Just a little bit...*

Nine-Tails : *opens his eyes* Heheheh... You're weak, brat... *stands up* Pathetic, actually...

Dark : *thinking : Call me whatever you want... I admit this guy's too strong for me... But I can beat him if you'd lend me some power...

Nine-Tails : Hn... I'll do it, just because I detest that punk more than I detest you. Here. Have a little drop of Chakra. *grins*

Kanzen : *grabs his throat* Well, kid. It's been fun. Well, for me anyways. *grips tight*
Dark : NGH!! *opens his eyes wide**grabs Kanzen's wrist and grips tight*
Kanzen : !?!?
Dark : RAAAAAGH!!! *pushes him off hard*
Kanzen : *falls down* Wh-What the?!
Dark : *enters Nine-Tails Base form**on all 4s**growling as vermilion Chakra shoots up from the ground like boiling steam*

Kakashi : *running* !

Flashback :

Kakashi : The power you posses is a heavy, dark power. It would be best if you used it as rarely as possible.
Dark : Yeah, I get it. I'll only use it as a last resort. I promise.

Flashback ends :

Kakashi : *running**thinking : Dark's not one to go against his word. So then, the one he's fighting is a Chunnin Level at least... If not Jounnin... If Dark was forced to resort to the Kyuubi's power. I need to hurry!**speeds up*

Kanzen : Just what the heck are you?!
Dark (Nine-Tails Base Form) : *dashes at him* I'M DARK, OF THE UCHIHA CLAN!! DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME!!! *throws a barrage of claws and punches**kicks Kanzen hard in the sky*
Kanzen : *bleeding from many small cuts* AAAAGH!!!
Dark (Nine-Tails Base Form) : RAAAAAAAAGH!!!! *dashes up high**lightning surrounding both his hands*
Kanzen : L-Lightning Element!?
Dark (Nine-Tails Base Form) : HAAA!!! *grabs Kanzen by the shoulders and grips tight*
Kanzen : *the lightning zaps him hard* GAAAAAAAAAHH!!!
Dark (Nine-Tails Base Form) : *throws him hard into the ground**lands hard and roars*
Kakashi : *arrives* DARK!!
Dark (Nine-Tails Base Form) : !? *looks at him*
Kakashi : Calm down, Dark... Take it easy, ok? Just breathe and calm down...
Dark (Nine-Tails Base Form) : *growling*... *shakes head**reverts to normal**panting*....
Kakashi : *walks to him*
Dark : G-Gommenasai, Sensei... I had to..
Kakashi : It's alright... *looks around**thinking : Judging by the damage, this was done by an explosion... And judging by Dark's torn up clothes and wounds, he was the target... His opponent was very strong...**looks at Kanzen*...
Kanzen : *coughs*
Kakashi : *lifts his headband and grabs Kanzen by the collar of his shirt* Who are you working for... *glares in his eyes with his Sharingan* Talk!
Kanzen : S-Sp-Spear...

Scale : Tch...
Jorge : Now it's your turn, you little prick!
Scale : *thinking : I can't sense Kanzen's power. This is bad. I need to report back.**leaps away fast**disappears*
Jorge : OI!!
Lilth : *grabs him* Forget it. He's long gone.
Jorge : Lilth-Chan? Um.. Sorry for the... Eheh...
Lilth : *raises her hand*...
Jorge : EK!! *covers himself*
Lilth : *pats his shoulder* Thanks for saving me.
Jorge : Eh? *blush* N-No problem!
Lilth : Come on. We gotta regroup with Kakashi Sensei and Dark. This is bigger than we thought. *runs*
Jorge : Right! *runs after her*

Kakashi : Why did you kidnap all those people.
Kanzen : Th-They were.. Needed.. Their l-life force... Was needed... For Experiment S.U.N.
Dark : Experiment S.U.N.?
Kakashi : What experiment...? *narrows eyes*
Kanzen : T-To create... The true Ultimate Lifeform... I-It would surpass... Doctor Gerald Robotnik's creation... From  40 years ago...
Kakashi and Dark : !?

Spear's base :

Scale : *appears* Spear-Sama! I've got bad news. The Konoha Shinobi Team has defeated us. I can't find Kanzen. They might have captured him for intel!
Spear : This is indeed bad... No worries... *looks behind* He's almost ready to wake up... *staring at a tube that has inside a crimson red hedgehog with light purple skin, skintight black suit, purple cloves and red shoes with a black stripe across them* Slade is almost awake. *grin*

To be continued.
Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's child Part 7
After a very loooong time, I finally got to continue Dark's story. I promised you Part 7 is on the way. The reason I got to this is because I got my first exam tomorrow and today my dad suggested I take a day off to let my brain process all that information. And I felt in the mood for it so I decided to write the story. Here you guys go.
Which one looks better? by foxmaster55
Which one looks better?
Dark VS Jorge time. I designed both of these forms randomly for the sake of my drawings but now that I think about it I wonder... Which one did I design better? Dark's Bijuu Mode, or Jorge's Sage Bijuu Mode? Time for you guys to vote!

Jorge belongs to :iconj-thedemoniclighthog:
Bijuu Mode Dark Redesign by foxmaster55
Bijuu Mode Dark Redesign
I kinda neglected the fact that Dark also has Kurama inside of him (read "Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's Child" if you're a newcomer and confused as to why) and that means he can use Bijuu Mode like Naruto and Jorge can. So I thought I should come up with a redesign for it. And a more complex one, since the previous one looked like this :… So yeah here it is. Hope you guys like it.

Original Kyuubi Chakra Mode/Bijuu Mode created by Masashi Kishimoto. 
Susano'O Redesign by foxmaster55
Susano'O Redesign
I almost forgot about Susano'O. I felt like I should redesign it as well. So here. I also put a sprite of Dark next to it to show you how big it is compared to Dark. Not really that big as you can see, it's the basic size that a Susano'O has in this stage.

Original Susano'O idea created by Masashi Kishimoto 
The wait is over! Today, Ten Thousand Fists strike the skies!!…

Disturbed has returned!!!
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And now in the twilight of my life
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Love, liberty and time.
Once so dispossable.
Are the fuels that drive me foward.
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For you, our children, our brothers and sisters.
And for the vast and wonderfull world that gave us life.
And keeps us guessing.
Endless affection mio Sofia.
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Dude. You just brought me back so many nice memories that I had with that group. Hiro was my very first friend on YouTube when I started back in 2008. Meph and I quickly became bros, Dark and I would always make fun that we're both named the same. Sadly I haven't talked too much to NT but I remember him well too. I'm glad there's someone from that era still around. Well the last time I talked to Hiro on Skype was I belive 2-3 years ago and he had his passion of playing the guitar, he might have started a band or something. I know nothing of Meph though, he left around the same time Dark left. Hiro left a bit later than them.
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I agree, those where some good memories, Dark would also hang out with me and my 2 closest Youtube Sonic Buddies Zerothehedgehog360 and Warlock/Itgluver(who I both surprisngly discovered recently that they hung around here after they disapeared from Youtube at differnt points of time) but yeah its good to see someone who still remebers the good times of the 2008-2010 era of Sonic fans.
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
I know zerothehedgehog360 is Tice but I don't remember who Warlock is. But yeah, Tice and Strife did hang around here and I still talk to them even today on Skype. Strife and I usually a lot about Fairy Tail Manga since we both love it. 
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hey man whats up
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Can you please unblock funnytime77? He says he's sorry.
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015
No. Now tell him to stop sending people to ask me to unblock him. I will never unblock him. He is nothing to me. A nobody. He must learn to understand that you cannot force people to be your friends. So no. I won't unblock him. Goodbye.
KatarinaTheCat Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was one of funnytime77's victims too and I blocked him. I will never ever forgive him!
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I feel like we like all the same things ( except I have never watched an anime )
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