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Fairy Tail 435 : Gray and Frosch by foxmaster55
Fairy Tail 435 : Gray and Frosch
When I saw this panel of Fairy Tail 435 with Gray smilling, while holding Frosch, all I could hear in my head was "Color it, color it, COLOR IT!!!" So boom. Here it is. This panel is absolutely adorable! Frosch is so cute, I swear.

Credit to Hiro Mashima for the Fairy Tail Manga.
E.N.D. by foxmaster55
Lineart :…

I must say :iconxfairydrawing: does some amazing job with her concept of Etherious Natsu Dragneel. This was another linart work of hers that I just had to color because it's awsome. Based on the lineart this was supposed to be Natsu how he looks normally but with just the outfit changed. I wanted to make it look really demonic, though, so I made his eyes like that and added fangs. I wanted to put the markings on too (see my previous coloring of END if you don't know what I mean) but they came out like crap so I decided to leave him without markings on his face. Instead I gave him a Lightning-Flame. Since he can apparently tap into Raienryuu Modo whenever he wants. But since this is a Demonic Natsu, I made the flame blood red and the lightning black. I hope you guys like this :)

Natsu created by Hiro Mashima.
Lineart by :iconxfairydrawing:
Etherious Natsu Dragneel by foxmaster55
Etherious Natsu Dragneel
Since I've seen a lot of people color this :… I decided to give it a shot myself. Tell me what you guys think!

Lineart by :iconxfairydrawing:
Natsu created by Hiro Mashima.
Gray Fullbuster : Fairy Tail's Ice Devil Slayer by foxmaster55
Gray Fullbuster : Fairy Tail's Ice Devil Slayer
I really wanted to draw Gray because he's my favourite character in Fairy Tail. And I wanted to draw him in his Ice Devil Slayer Mode. I kinda combined it by showing the tattoo on his arm but also the black markings that he got from this power. I didn't know how to do the markings because they only appeared twice in the Manga and once was all of his left half body, while the second time it was a bit of his right half, in a similar manner to Sasuke's Cursed Seal Stage 1. Since I wanted to show the tattoo, I combined the markings' appearances into this form. I also made his left eye darker because it's shown to be darker in Fairy Tail 411. Made the pupil dark red because, well, those markings represent a demon power so I thought it would look good like this. Anyways hope you like it. The pose is taken from Fairy Tail 408.

Gray Fullbuster and Fairy Tail created by Hiro Mashima.
Natsu Dragneel by foxmaster55
Natsu Dragneel
As promised on my previous Sage Mode Naruto pic, I drew a pic of Natsu from Fairy Tail. This is the first time I actually draw him full body, I have a few sketches of his head and shoulders on paper but I never really drew him full body. I'm sorry if he doesn't look like in the Manga I'm not too good in drawing Hiro Mashima's style. It seems simple but when you start drawing it, you realize it's a bit more complicated. Anyways here it is, minna! Fairy Tail's Fire Dragon Slayer, Natsu Dragneel!

Natsu created by Hiro Mashima.
Batman's gonna have his first crossover soon. With who? Mmm try and guess. Here are a few hints. His base of operations is in Paris. He has a female helper. He has a brother that despizes him and tries to kill him. He is chased by the police. He's very much like Batman. Hm? No? Nothing yet? Ok then, mabye this will clear things out :…

Saw the video? If yes you can continue reading this.

That's right folks! Batman will fight alongside Diabolik! As a kid, I loved the cartoon and saw many similarities between Diabolik and Batman. There is a comic book series too but he's a notorius killer. In the cartoons he's more like a Robin Hood. That's who I grew up with, that's who I'm using. But yes, Diabolik and Batman will meet. Not right now but in the very near future.
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foxmaster55's Profile Picture
John Wilson
Name : John Wilson
Gender : Male
Age : 18
Relationship Status : Engaged

It's time I did something with this DeviantID XD Sooo about me. Meh I'm just your average Joe living every day like it's Hell on Earth, either spending time all day outside with Elisa or locked in my room drawing XD I'm a dirty-minded asshole and sometimes a pervert :iconjiraiyagrinplz: And I'm obssessed with boobs... Like honestly... Boobs... XD Kinda annoys Elisa sometimes but meh she gets over it XD I'm usually selfish unless it comes to Elisa. If it's not Elisa then I just do whatever I can to make things easier and better for myself without caring about the others. One day I will rule this world with Elisa by my side MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ahem... Yeah... My favourite animes are let's see : Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki. I used to like Bleach but it became stupid and weird in the Manga so I gave up on it. Also I'm more of a comic book guy. Marvel, DC, Image Comics, you name it. I've read plenty of comic book series not just Batman and Spider-Man comics like your average comic book reader.



"When I was a young man.
I had liberty but I did not see it.
I had time but I did not know it.
And I had love. But I did not feel it.
Many decades would pass
Before I understood the meaning of all 3.
And now in the twilight of my life
This understanding has passed into containment.
Love, liberty and time.
Once so dispossable.
Are the fuels that drive me foward.
And love must especially mio caro.
For you, our children, our brothers and sisters.
And for the vast and wonderfull world that gave us life.
And keeps us guessing.
Endless affection mio Sofia.
Forever yours... Ezio Auditore.."

Requiescat en pace.... Mentor... :iconezioauditoreplz:

Metalhead here!!

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stomper1232 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
I agree with you about giving up on Sonic stuff, Sonic is kind of getting boring and even though you don't know me, we had a lot of the same Youtube buddies in the 2008-2010 era who used to be Sonic fans as well who also started to get bored of Sonic like Darkthehedgehog160, Hirothehedgehog, and NTWarrior485 (I know Dark got a life and became a skater but I have no idea what happened to Hiro, and NT is still around sort of)
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
Dude. You just brought me back so many nice memories that I had with that group. Hiro was my very first friend on YouTube when I started back in 2008. Meph and I quickly became bros, Dark and I would always make fun that we're both named the same. Sadly I haven't talked too much to NT but I remember him well too. I'm glad there's someone from that era still around. Well the last time I talked to Hiro on Skype was I belive 2-3 years ago and he had his passion of playing the guitar, he might have started a band or something. I know nothing of Meph though, he left around the same time Dark left. Hiro left a bit later than them.
stomper1232 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
I agree, those where some good memories, Dark would also hang out with me and my 2 closest Youtube Sonic Buddies Zerothehedgehog360 and Warlock/Itgluver(who I both surprisngly discovered recently that they hung around here after they disapeared from Youtube at differnt points of time) but yeah its good to see someone who still remebers the good times of the 2008-2010 era of Sonic fans.
foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
I know zerothehedgehog360 is Tice but I don't remember who Warlock is. But yeah, Tice and Strife did hang around here and I still talk to them even today on Skype. Strife and I usually a lot about Fairy Tail Manga since we both love it. 
100hypersonic Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015
hey man whats up
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Dude. Who cloned you and made me? We like almost all the same things
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I feel like we like all the same things ( except I have never watched an anime )
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foxmaster55 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
Listen, I'm truly sick and tired of doing this every single year... He doesn't understand that if somebody doesn't want to be his friend, you can't force him to be. So, please, tell him to just leave me alone. I've got my own life, my own problems, and I don't need him. Have a nice day.
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