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Halloween Costume : The Scarlet Spider by foxmaster55
Halloween Costume : The Scarlet Spider
Elisa and I are going to a Halloween party tonight. This is who I'm going as : Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider. Well more or less. I couldn't find a Scarlet Spider mask so I had to improvise with a halloween Spider-Man mask. However the mask's eyes were red instead of white (stupid taylors) so I had to spray them white that's why they look crappy. Also you'll notice that the symbol on the chest is a small symbol. That's because I used a hoode jacket which I cut off its sleeves and I couldn't place the Spider over the zipper. But anyhow this is it. It took like 5 hours to make all togheter. 3 hours for the mask, 2 hours to get the spider symbols (cause there's a diagonal one on the back too) and then I just put over a red shirt, some black sleeveless gloves, pair of black jeans and presto! The Scarlet Spider lives! Happy Halloween guys!
A few months ago after the big break out (Chapter 3) :

*a door opens in a dark chamber*

Doc Ock : *turns on the light* As promised, my friend.
Mister Freeze : *walks in* Nora... *inside the chamber is a cryogenic tube where Freeze's wife, Nora is held* But how?!
Doc Ock : It happened a year ago. I was sent as Otto Octavius to retrieve a contract for Oscorp. The contract was about Ferris Boyle handing over your equipment to Oscorp. When I got to your lab I discovered a hidden room where your wife had been "buried". It is pure luck that she still had a pulse. It didn't take long for me to find out what was going on with her. By then I was a very warm-hearted scientist. And so I took the liberty of restoring a cryogenic tube for her. And I did indeed start researching a cure.
Mister Freeze : And do you now still feel the same way, Octavius?
Doc Ock : I may be a criminal, Victor. But in the end I AM a scientist. This terminal illness she has. Curing it could be the cherry on top. The greatest achievement for someone like me who hungers for discovery and knowlage.
Mister Freeze : But of course you want something from me in return, do you not?
Doc Ock : Indeed. I have been contacted by someone who calls himself "The Kingpin". I am to recieve large amounts of tech, to use as I please as long as I kill Batman. I would like your help.
Mister Freeze : *sighs* I am not interested in killing Batman. But if it means saving my wife... I have no choice.
Doc Ock : Excellent. Now, allow me to talk over my plans with you.

Present day :

*police cars gathering up around a bank*

Harvey Bullock : *comes out**lights up a cigar* A'right you jokers! Come out with your hands up!

Inside the bank :

Robber 1 : They got us cornered!
Robber 2 : Suggestions, boss?
Black Cat : *hands on her hips* Well, boys. I belive a tactical retreat is needed... Hm? *notices some dirt gathering up underneath one of the robbers' feet* Where's all that dirt coming from?
Robber 3 : Huh!? *can't move* Dirt!? Feels more like sand!
Sandman : *manifests**police uniform**knocks out the robber* Anybody said "sand"? *smirks*
Black Cat : Gah! You!! *takes the money bags and runs for it*
Sandman : Hold it right there- *bullets go right through him**looks back*
Robbers : *shooting at him*
Sandman : Oh please... *fires sand at them and sticks them to the wall**more robbers pop* Ain't got time for this! *glass breaks* Huh!?
Venom : *lands* Hi! We're Venom!
Sandman : *guard pose*
Venom : Don't threat. We're here to help. We'll go after the cat girl.
Sandman : You that big guy that the bat told me about?
Venom : Yes *swirls tongue*
Sandman : She's headed for the basement. Go for it!
Venom : *thumbs up**leaps away**runs at the basement*
Sandman : A'right you dorks! Eat Sand!! *fires more sand at them*

At the basement in the underground parking lot :

Venom : *leaps inside the parking lot* Heeere kitty, kitty, kitty~! We can sense you're here!
Black Cat : Oh? *jumps on his back and claws him around his neck*
Venom : GRAAAGH!! *shoves her over**thursts his fist at her*
Black Cat : *leaps over it*
Venom : *shoots out a tentacle and grabs her leg**throws her into a wall*
Black Cat : *hits the wall* Agh!
Venom : *webs her up* You're good, Kitty Cat. *grabs her* Mabye you could consider changing lines of business. Buuut... Keep the costume heheh!
Black Cat : Ugh. Where do all you guys come from...

Later outside :

Sandman : *walks Black Cat in the police van**closes the door* Hey thanks for the help.
Venom : You're welcome.
Sandman and Venom : *shake hands*

Batman : *on a rooftop closeby**watching* Told ya.
Spider-Man : I see it but I can't belive it. Sandman as a cop and Venom as a good guy.
Batman : *walks in the opposite direction* Yeah well... I guess some people can change.
Spider-Man : Yeah... *stands up* I gotta go. I'm meeting up with Gwen to check up on Harry.
Batman : Alright.
Spider-Man : *leaps off and swings away*

At Queens General Hospital :

Gwen : *in the waiting room*
Peter : *runs in* Gwen! Sorry I'm late.
Gwen : You're not. I came early. *stands up and kisses him*
Peter : *kisses back* Let's go then. *walks into Harry's room*
Harry : *still in a coma*
Gwen : *looks at him*...
Peter : *holds her hand*...
Gwen : Why is this world so broken, Peter...?
Peter : I don't know... But I suppose this is why people like me and Johnny exist. To fix it. Or atleast try to fix it.
Gwen : I guess...

That evenig in the Batcave :

Johnny : *Batsuit, unmasked**typing on the computer*
Alfred : *walks in* Your favourite, sir. Vanilla Pancakes. *puts the plate on the desk*
Johnny : Thank you, Alfred. *rubs his chin*
Alfred : *looks at the screen* Is it truly so hard to belive Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin?
Johnny : He's always been this cheerful philantropist. It is kinda hard to belive.
Alfred : Never judge a book by its covers, sir. Should the cover be a elegant and wonderful wooden color, the pages could still be dirty and ripped apart. Not to mention the story could be... Well, complete crap, sir.
Johnny : True. *stands up and walks over to the edge of the platform**looks down at the robotics chamber where the Bat-Legion is built*
Alfred : The work on the Bat-Legion is making wonderful progress, sir.
Johnny : Good. I have another project in mind now.
Alfred : Oh?
Johnny : Mister Freeze is still out there. I want to be able to fight with him on equal terms. My suit protects me from cold but not enough.
Alfred : An "Extreme Environment Armor" then?
Johnny : I like the sound of that. The "X.E." Suit.
Alfred : I shall prepare your workshop, sir.
Johnny : Take your time. I still gotta draw the skematics for it first. But until then I'd like to pay a little visit to our newly discovered friend, Wilson Fisk. *takes his mask and puts it on**walks over to his Batmobile*
Alfred : Very well, sir. I shall prepare your breakfast for when you return then.
Batman : Thanks. It's gonna be a long night. *gets in and starts up the engine**drives off*

Fisk Tower :

Man in a suit : I'd like to hold up a toast! To our dearest philantropist Wilson Fisk!
Fisk : *holds up a glass**smiles*

Batman : *outside**cloaked**thinking : This world is truly misceavious... People like him turn out to be scum...**crawls up the wall**enters his office and uncloaks**looks around**thinking : The problem is that I have no idea what I'm looking for...*
Fisk : *behind him* Can I help you?
Batman : !! *jumps back* But you were...
Fisk : I was expecting you. It took longer to get up here than to know that your were up here.
Batman : Then you know why I'm here...
??? : That's right, Bats! *walks in*
Batman : !? Who...?
Electro : *looks human**bald**glowing gold eyes**wearing a black leather jacket and grey cargo pants**tall black boots* Don't you know me? *lightning around him* I'm Electro! *fires a blast at him*
Batman : !! *evades**blast breaks the window* MAX!?
Electro : Don't CALL ME THAT!!! *fires another blast and hits him*
Batman : Ugh!! *hits the window and it cracks*
Fisk : Electro. I'd much prefer if you don't wreck the place...
Electro : Sorry, mister Fisk. But I've wanted to fry this joker into nothing since day 1!
Batman : *stands up* You're gonna have to do better than that "Maxy".
Electro : ! Grrr!! *charges up*
Batman : *quickly fires a Batarang at him**Batarang has golden edges*
Electro : *fires a large blast**Batarang absorbs his blast* WHAT!?
Batman : *Batarang returns to him* Thanks. I needed that. *places it in his belt* How'd you do it, Fisk? How'd you manage to cure Electro? Well, so to speak.
Fisk : It was all thanks to your dear friend, Derek Powers.
Batman : So you two are in the same league, huh? Well he's already out of commision. And so will you be soon.
Fisk : On the contrary, my friend. It is YOU who will be out of commission soon. But perhaps, I could offer you a job instead.
Electro : WHAT!?
Fisk : A simple task. Don't fight any kind of petty crime. Of course the city would be devastated if you wouldn't fight Superhuman level threats. But no petty crimes. And I will pay handsomely for it.
Batman : Not interested, fat boy.
Fisk : Then all that is left is to dispose of you. Electro, kill him. Then I will unmask him infront of LIVE TV Cameras before crushing his head.
Electro : Oooh I like the sound of that! *lightning around his hands*
Batman : *taunts him*
Electro : Tch! *fires another blast at him*
Batman : *leaps on the ceilling and runs upside down*
Electro : *firing lightning beams at him*
Batman : *doges them**kicks him in the face*
Electro : *hits the wall* Augh!
Batman : You're outclassed Electro.
Fisk : *grabs him between his arms and grips tight*
Batman : AAAAGH!!
Fisk : Your mistake was to forget that I also pose a threat. You might think that my body mass is just fat. But allow me to show you what you can do with 350 pounds of muscle! *grips tighter*
Batman : AAAAAAGH!!!
Fisk : Heehee! *gets pulled back**lets go of Batman* Woah! *hits the wall*
Spider-Man : *panting hard* Holy smokes! That took all I had! You're WAY too damn fat!
Batman : *falls in his knees**panting*
Spider-Man : Bats! You o- *gets zapped by lightning* NYAAAAGH!!
Electro : Missed me, wall crawler? Cause I sure missed whooping your butt!!
Spider-Man : *body twitching* Really, Sparkles? Cause the way I remember it it was ME beating YOU up.
Electro : That was the old me. But now I'm stronger! Much stronger! I'm practically a God!!
Spider-Man : ... A God named Sparkles? Wow...
Electro : *eyes flash* AAARGH!!! *fires a blast at him*
Spider-Man : Aaaaand leap! *leaps out of the way**blast hits the wall close to Fisk*
Fisk : *covers his face* Electro!!! Take this ELSEWHERE!!
Electro : Uhh sorry...
Spider-Man : Good idea fatso! Hey Bats, you good here?
Batman : *stands up* Yeah. Go on.
Spider-Man : Come on "Maxwell". Let's dance outside! *jumps out the window*
Electro : STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!!! *dashes after him*
Fisk : It appears we are left alone, Batman.
Batman : Yeah. Ready to beat you into a pulp anytime! *grips fists*
Fisk : Of course... But I'd like to discuss this manner as gentlemen rather than with our fists. *walks over to a small closet**takes a bottle of whiskey and 2 glasses* You are old enough to drink, aren't you, young man?
Batman : I don't want any drinks...
Fisk : Oh well. *places 1 of the glasses back in the closet*

Meanwhile in the city :

Spider-Man : *swinging fast**Spider-Sense tingling**doges a lightning bolt* Missed me~! *lands on a rooftop and runs fast**Spider-Sense**jumps out of the way of another lightning blast* Missed me again~!
Electro : *flying after him* I'LL FRY YOU!!! I'LL FRY YOU INTO NOTHING!!
Spider-Man : *leaps far away and starts swinging* Yeah, yeah. Gotta catch me first. Seriously, I bet Doc Ock is faster than you!
Electro : RAAAAAAAGH!!! *fires a large lightning blast at him*
Spider-Man : Uh-oh. *tries to evade but still gets hit**thrown into a wall* Ungh..
Electro : HA!! What NOW, bug?!
Spider-Man : *shakes his head**looks around* ! *seeis a water tank right next to him**jumps on the side of it* Ok. But I bet you can't come down here yourself and hit me "Maxy".
Electro : *eye twitch* Alright webhead! You asked for it! *dashes at him fast*
Spider-Man : For someone who used to be an electrician, you're pretty supid... *leaps out of the way*
Electro : !!! NO!! *crashes in the water tank**explosion*
Spider-Man : *hiding behind an air vent* Eep! *explosion ends**peeks*
Electro : *out cold*...
Spider-Man : *leaps over close to him* Guess he was so juiced up that making contact with the water backfired at him... Oh well. *webs him up in 5 layers of webs* Atleast he ain't going anywhere. I hope Bats is doing good.

Back at Fisk Tower :

Fisk : *drinks whiskey* So tell me, young man. What do you plan to do? Simply knowing about my organization isn't going to do you any good.
Batman : No. That's why I came here. To find evidence that I can use againts you.
Fisk : *smirks* Surely you must realize that it's very easy for me to bribe the police to look the other way, as I already have.
Batman : Mabye. But not all cops out there can be corrupted.
Fisk : Your dear friend, Commissioner Gordon is indeed a strong exception. But yet again, he alone cannot do anything.
Batman : *narrows eyes* What are you really after, Fisk? You must have a goal in mind.
Fisk : I have achieved my goals, Batman. I now fight to maintain them. I have complete control over crime all around the globe. And at the same time, I help improve this city's safety againts threats. Threats like you.
Batman : Oh?
Fisk : The police force now uses Flint Marko, the Sandman. What would happen if he went rogue.
Batman : He's a good man at heart, Fisk. And if you dare try to change him I'll-!!
Fisk : I'm not interested in him. He was always a mere petty thief unsure if the path he walks on is the right one. It was just a mere example.
Batman : ... Well it doesn't matter. *stands up*
Fisk : ?
Batman : Now I know who you are. I'll keep a close eye on you and shut down your operations 1 by 1. *walks over to the window*
Fisk : I wish you luck, young man. I will also fight on to destroy you. I'll find out who you are and hunt you down like an animal.
Batman : I'll be waiting. *leaps off and opens his wings**flies away*

The next day in Central Park :

Johnny : *walking with Elisa, Peter and Gwen*
Peter : So that's how it is then?
Johnny : Yes. He can't hide from us anymore. We'll just take down his forces one by one and play around with him until we can expose him and put him behind bars where he belongs.
Elisabeth : Well it's going to be one hell of a road.
Peter : Meh, it'll be fun!
Gwen : By the way guys. We got only 1 month left of Summer. School's going to start again soon.
Peter : Our last school year.
Elisabeth : Exams at the end and then sweet college. I'm guessing we're all going to E.S.U.?
Gwen : Yup. I want to become a great bio-chemical scientist like Doctor Connors.
Johnny : Ah, Doctor Connors! I wonder how he's doing.
Peter : We should write him sometimes. With all that's been happening we kinda forgot all about him...
Gwen : Yeah...
Elisabeth : And quite a lot has been happening this past year you guys have been superheroes.
Johnny : Yeah... *recalls the battles with the Sinister Six, Venom and Carnage and Hobgoblin*...
Peter : *recalls the Black Cat, Toombstone and the Green Goblin*... Quite a lot...
Johnny : And a lot more is coming our way. We gotta be ready for anything.
Peter : *nods**holds out his fist at him* Here's to a lot of years of kicking the bad guys' asses!
Johnny : *smirks**bumps fists with him*

Chapter 17 : The End.
Batman Beyond Earth - 26499 Chapter 17
Chapter 17 : Juiced up

Not sure if any of you missed my Batman beyond stories but I for one missed writting them. So here is Chapter 17 kicking off  Season 2 of the series! Yep. From now on I'm moving away from the Spectacular Spidthemes and trying to come up with my own material with some inspiration from various Spider-Man and Batman events. Hope you like it!
It worked out. I can't belive it. This is officially my best birthday ever!! Yes, Elisabeth and I are engaged. Tomorrow we're going to whereever we need to go to make it legal and all. Her dad was kinda shocked and said that if I don't make her happy he'll chop my balls off >.>;;; But we'll be happy, I know it. So yeah... Once we finish Highschool we'll get married and go through College togheter and when that's over with mabye we'll add a little "Robin" to our nest <3 Ah, planning ahead XD Anyways thank you all for your birthday wishes and gifts, I really appreciate them all :) See ya around!
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So I'm turning 18... Apparently it's this major step foward in my life. The time when one turns 18 (atleast in this country) means that the child gives in to the man. It's the age of maturity. The age of change... So I auppose I should do something about it huh? Like a little overview of my life til now... Let's see... I remember my early childhood days. Back then I was pretty much just like Naruto. I was alone. Always ignored. Always hated for some reason. As far as I know I have no demons sealed within me. But no matter where I turned and went, people just hated me. I remember age 8 when I moved out from my hometown to the place I live in currently. The moment I entered my new schooll. The way everyone looked at me. They didn't welcome strangers too well. Those cold eyes have always resent me and thrown me into a corner. I'd come home all beaten up every day. I'd always sit down in my room and cry. I was all alone and it hurt. No siblings, parents always away with work. Since age 8 I had to learn to live for myself. Learnt to cook basic food, take care of the house, always studied on my own and was quite good at it since I didn't have anything better to do so I sunk myself in books. By age 12 I've come to realize one thing... If they won't accept you, then make them fear you... I learned how to fight during those 4 years. Everytime someone would come pick up on me I'd just kick their ass so hard they'd shit my size for weeks (thanks for the quote Tice XD from your Brian VS Charmy court video). I became a troublesome guy for them. The teachers didn't really have what to do to me since I was second in my class. I had great grades and behaved during classes. But during breaktimes I payed those bastards back for every cold glare they gave me. And so I began to hate humanity. I became quite sadistic towards humans. Because I understood that us humans only know how to destroy and throw away. Never do humans give a second thought about something if it seems beneath them. I closed myself within myself. That is... Until Highschool started... I can remember it clearly like I'm watching a recording. Yeah... The day I first met "her"... It was the opening ceremony. I was wondering around. Didn't know what to do. Where to go. I finally found my class and she was right there. Tall and beautiful. Elisabeth. But what caught me... Was her eyes... She had the same eyes as me... Eyes of someone who knows what a hell this world can be. We began talking and went to a caffe after class. We became friends quickly. But I wanted us to be more. I couldn't belive that there was somebody exactly like me. I wanted to be there for her and protect her. And so in that springtime at the Spring Ball we ended up kissing and making out without realising. And the next day we confessed to eachother. I'll never forget it. The best day of my entire life. And since then not many interesting things had happened. I had even calmed down more and wasn't such an ass to everybody or beaten up everybody. And Elisa was always smilling. Always laughing. In a way, each of us had calmed down the other one's demons. I'm glad. I'm so glad I met her. And that's why... That's why tomorrow when my birthday is, I'll ask her to marry me. Today was her birthday and I bought her a ring with a scarlet red small diamond in it. I said I'd give it to her tomorrow because I want us both to be 18 for this. I think she caught up. She's smart but overall she knows me well. Too well not to figure this out. I hope that it'll turn ok and that me and her will be togheter forever... So overall, I had a life of crap up til Highschool started. But all those tears. All those laughters. Every handshake, every hug, every argument. They're all part of my life. They make me who I am. I am John Theodor Wilson. And up until now, I've had a decent life. Thank you.
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The next day :

Sasuke : *walking**holding Dark's hand (before making any comments about this being gay, remember, Dark was 4 currently)**walking up to the Nakano Temple*

Itachi : At the Nakano Temple... In the right corner on the rear right... Under the 7th tatami mat... There is the Uchiha's secret gathering place. And inside a tablet containing all the secrets of our clan's Doujutsu...

Sasuke : *reading the tablet* I see... That's what it's all about...
Dark : Mmm... I don't get it... I don't understand it.
Sasuke : *chuckles* You gotta learn to read first. Also in order to make out what is written here... You'll need the Sharingan.
Dark : Sha... Ah! Mommy told me about it! Shagingan!
Sasuke : Sha"R"ingan.
Dark : Right! It's a red eye with comas around it right? Mommy has it!
Sasuke : I know. And yes.
Dark : Do you have Sharingan, Senpai?
Sasuke : Well...

Flashback :

Itachi : And then, when you posses the same eyes as me.. *Mangekyo* Come face me! *glares*
Sasuke : !! *eyes going numb**falls down**stops* Gh!
Itachi : !?
Sasuke : *panting**looks at Itachi**Sharingan in his eyes but with only 1 coma*

Flashback ends :

Sasuke : I do. *activates it* But it's incomplete. See, it has only 1 coma.
Dark : Ooooh. I wanna too!
Sasuke : Teh. You're gonna need some training for it... *thinking : In fact...*

Flashback :

Angellica : *rubbing his tummy* Yes~. It's your Senpai, Dark. When you become a ninja he'll train you.
Sasuke : Huh... *grins* Ya bet!

Flashback ends :

Sasuke : *looks at him* Dark. Wanna start training? It's kinda early but I'd like to teach you the basics at least. Are you up for it?
Dark : Will I be able to spit fire like you? And activate the Sharingan?
Sasuke : *nods* Of course.
Dark : Yeah!! Let's begin!
Sasuke : We'll start tomorrow, ok? Now come on. Angellica asked me to get some eggs from the grocery store.
Dark : Mm! *nods* When I awaken the Sharingan I wanna come back here and read this.
Sasuke : Yeah.

Later in the village :

Sasuke : *exits the store with a bag of eggs*
Dark : *has a lolipop**walking home with him**looks over to see a blonde 8 years old boy being bullied by a store owner* Huh?
Sasuke : ? *looks*
Shop owner : *kicks Naruto down* Damn demon! That'll teach you!
Naruto : I'm not a demon!! I'm Uzumaki Naruto!! I'll become Hokage dattebayo!!
Shop owner : Tch! As if a monster like you could ever be accepted as Hokage! *leaves*
Naruto : Uh! *runs away*
Dark : Senpai, who is that?
Sasuke : *lowers eyes* Just an Usuratonkachi. Don't bother with him. *keeps walking*
Dark : Usu... Usura... Hmm.. Usuratonkachi!
Sasuke : *thinking : Crap. I taught him a bad word...* Use that word only around that kid ok? Nobody else. Well mabye on people LIKE him too. But try to avoid saying it.
Dark : Kay!

That night :

Sasuke : *in his room**looking at a family portrait*....

Fuugaku : As expected from my son.

Mikoto : When he's with me, your father only speaks of you.

Sasuke : ... I wonder... What he told you... *seeis Itachi* !!

Itachi : Foolish little brother. If you want to kill me then curse me, hate me. And live in shame over it. Run and run. Cling to your meaningless life.

Sasuke : Gh!! *breaks the portrait around Itachi's image**thinking : Itachi... I will kill you!! No matter what it takes! No matter how much I sink into the darkness! I will obtain power and destroy you!!*

That night was a stormy night in the Hidden Leaf Village. Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage was in his office, looking out the window while smoking his pipe. Meanwhile at the gates of the village, 2 Chunnins noticed someone come through the gates. It was a 4 years old child, looking like he's been through Hell, panting and shaking. However there was something unusual about him. He wasn't human. He was mobian. A blue hedgehog with red eyes. But something was funny about him. His upper quill was red, the 2 underneath were green, the 2 underneath those were yellow and finally the 2 at the bottom were white. The little hedgehog passed out right as he entered the village and was taken to the Sandaime. He awoke 2 hours later.

Sarutobi : Oh, you're awake!
??? : Where... Where am I?
Sarutobi : You are in Konohagakure. The Hidden Leaf Village. What is your name?
??? : My name... My name is... My name is Jorge! I'm lost. I have no parents...
Sarutobi : ! Is that so? Hmm...
Jorge : Mister, am I in trouble?
Sarutobi : In trouble? Why? In fact you are in luck! I know someone who you could live with. He's a bit older than you but he's just like you. Alone. You'll get along fine.
Jorge : I.. I'll have a daddy?
Sarutobi : Um. Well. If you want to put it that way, I suppose.
Jorge : Aaah! *hugs him* Arigatou ogii-san!!
Sarutobi : *thinking : Yep... Same temper as him. I think he and Naruto will get along just fine.*

The next day :

Naruto : *wakes up around 8 AM**yawns* Another day, another set of pranks to pull and another 50 bowls of Ramen to eat! Heehee! *washes up and boils up some Ramen**gets dressed while waiting for the Ramen to boil* Hmm... *arms crossed**waiting* Mmm... I hate these 5 minutes it takes to boil Ramen. And then the other 3 for it to cool down... *hears a knock on his door* Hm? *stops the fire on the Ramen and answers* Ogii-san?
Sarutobi : Good morning, Naruto! Slept well?
Naruto : Yeah. Uh... What's that behind you?
Jorge : *peeks from behind* I'm... I'm Jorge! Nice to meet you.
Naruto : *thinking : What... The heck... Is that... It... IT TALKS!?**pale look* Uh... Nice to... Meet you...Dattebayo...
Jorge : Dattebayo? Haha! Dattebayo! *grins*
Naruto : *sweatdrop* Ogii-san... Why did you bring him here-ttebayo?
Sarutobi : Naruto, meet your new roommate!
Naruto : Eh? NEEEEEEEEEE!?

That day :

Sasuke and Dark : *walk out of the library*
Sasuke : *has a bag with some books and scrolls* Alright. This will be enough for now. Basics of Chakra and all 3 styles of Jutsu.
Dark : Yeah! *pass by Ichiraku Ramen**hear 2 people munch and eat like crazy* ?
Sasuke : Nani? *peeks in*... Should have guessed...
Naruto and Jorge : *eating Ramen bowls like crazy*
Naruto : *slurping* Aaah! *seeis Sasuke* TEME!! *points at him*
Jorge : *turns around* Eh? *seeis Dark**imitates Naruto* TEME!!!
Dark : !? Whaaat? You wanna start something you rainbow head?!
Jorge : *jumps down from the chair* What did you call me!? *forehead to forehead* Grrrr!!
Sasuke : Naruto... What is that...?
Naruto : Heheh! He's my son!
Sasuke : ....
Naruto : And you're the one to talk. You got one too.
Sasuke : Hey! Don't talk about him like he's an object!
Naruto : *grins*
Sasuke : *sighs*... Let's go home, Dark. No point in wasting time with these Usuratonkachis...
Dark : ! Hai, Senpai! *looks at Jorge* See you around, Usuratonkachi.
Jorge : !? WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!!??
Sasuke and Dark : *leave*
Jorge : *steaming hot from anger* I'll pound that guy into the ground!!
Naruto : *ruffles up his fur* Hai, hai. But first more Ramen.
Jorge : Ah! HAI!!!

Back at Angellica's home :

Dark : *reading a scroll* Mmm...
Angellica : *passes by his room* ! *walks in* Oh? You began studying already?
Dark : *nods* I wanna awaken the Sharingan!
Angellica : *giggles* And you learned to read?
Dark : Mm! *nods* Senpai taught me yesterday. I learned the alphabet and started reading.
Angellica : I'm glad! *thinking : He learned that so fast at such an early age? Could this be a trait of being half-demon?*... Well, I'll let you work then. *leaves*
Dark : Mm! *nods**keeps reading*

Outside at a lake :

Sasuke : *panting* Gh! *making handsigns* Katon : Goukakyo no Jutsu!! *fires a large fireball**falls in his knees**panting hard*

Itachi : Foolish little brother...

Sasuke : Kh!!

Itachi : If you want to kill me then curse me, hate me. And live in shame over it. Run and run. Cling to your meaningless life.

Sasuke : !!! *activates his Sharingan**makes handsigns* KATON : GOUKAKYO NO JUTSU!!!! *fires another fireball twice as large and more destructive**panting*

The next day at the Academy seemed to take forever for Sasuke. The first few hours of history and literature were boring as hell. He wanted to skip time to Shuriken Training. Unfortunately that one was last. However at one point, Iruka-Sensei said something interesting.

Iruka : Now then. Presumably, all of you will become great Ninjas. One day you'll all become Chunnin and mabye Jounnin as well. And you will have students looking up to you. Appreitences. Children who dream of becoming like you.
Sasuke : *thinking about it*... Children... Who dream of becoming like you...

Flashback :

Dark : I wanna awaken the Sharingan too! And one day I want to be just as strong and cool as you, Sasuke-Senpai!

Flashback ends :

Sasuke : I-
Naruto : Hahahahah!! *hands behind his back* I already have someone like that, Dattebayo!
Iruka : *sighs* Do you now, Naruto...?
Naruto : Yeah! He eats Ramen with me everyday and we sleep in the same room! Well not in the same bed though cause that'll be weird-ttebayo he's not even human to begin with and he's another guy-ttebayo!
Kiba : Huh? I didn't understand a single word...
Shikamaru : *sigh* Mendokuse na...
Iruka : Right, Naruto... Well...
Sasuke : Me too. *everyone (especially the girls) looks at him and pays attention* I also have someone... Who looks up to me and wants me to teach him all sorts of things... I've chosen a life of an avenger from the night that my brother slaughtered the Uchiha Clan... So I don't know if I'll be able to train him...
Iruka : *slight smile* Sasuke. For a Shinobi, a dream never dies. Whether it's to become Hokage, become a great medic, or even kill a certain someone. A Shinobi's dream lives on through those who inherit their will. Sasuke. So mabye you won't get to kill that someone. But your student will inherit your will. And he will take that will on and kill him.
Sasuke : !... But it's MY job to kill him!
Iruka : I agree. But say you fail. Say he kills you instead...
Sasuke : That's...
Iruka : Your student will pick up your will and fight in your place. And if he fails, then someone who looks up to him will give it a try. It's an endless cycle that has been going on for many generations now. Do you understand, Sasuke?
Sasuke : I... I think so...
Iruka : You all present here are Konoha's future. The children who will grow and surpass us all. But also your younger students are YOUR future. Sasuke, what is the name of your appreitence?
Sasuke : Uchiha Dark.
Naruto : Uchiha?
Sakura : So cool! Sasuke-Kun!
Ino : Butt out, forehead! Sasuke-Kun look this way!!
Iruka : Oi, oi, settle down now. *looks at Sasuke* Well then, Sasuke. Dark is your future. You must pass on the wisdom that you will gain to him. *thinking : And also... Mabye having Dark around him like that might kill off the darkness in Sasuke's heart... I can only hope...*
Sasuke : ....

Flashback :

Fuugaku : As expected of my son!

Flashback ends :

Sasuke : Yeah... Dark is... Dark is my son. I will teach him everything I will learn as a ninja! And if I fail to kill "him"... Then I'm sure Dark will finish the job!
Iruka : *nods* Exactly.
Naruto : *crosses arms and closes his eyes* Hmm *thinking : Then if that's the case...* Heeheehee! *thinking : Jorge and I will fight over the title of Hokage!* YOSHAAAA!!! *everybody looking akwardly at him*
Sasuke : Hmph... Usuratonkachi...

Later that day in the forest :

Sasuke : *takes a deep breath*.... *crosses his arms foward and spreads them throwing 6 Shurikens**all Shurikens hit a target in a circle* Yosh! Now you try.
Dark : Mm! *nods**crosses arms foward* Hmmm.... *spreads arms throwing the Shurikens**Shurikens fly in all directions and only 2 manage to hit the target* Err...
Sasuke : Well... Atleast 2 of them hit... *thinking : I don't know what'll be harder... Teaching him or having the patience to teach him...* Fine let's try one more time.
Dark : Yeah!

And so, 2 years have passed. Dark had become an expert at Shuriken Jutsu, and Kunai combat. Sasuke even thought that Dark might do well with a sword. Dark also mastered the Goukakyo no Jutsu and Housneka no Jutsu, while Sasuke developped a new Fire Style Jutsu that required sharp ropes tied around his enemies. Sasuke was now 10 and was in his final 4 years of Academy. Dark was 6 and had just began the academy in the Mobian Ranks. Their teacher was Nara Shikaku.

Shikaku : Good morning. Welcome to Konoha's Ninja Academy. I am Nara Shikaku, and I will be your teacher for the next 4 years. Hm? *looks at a brown hedgehog with brown eyes, ruffled up hair in the front, wearing a red sweater with a white stripe across  and black pants**hedgehog raising his hand* Yes? You are?
Connor : I'm Connor. I just wanted to know why does it take 4 years...
Shikaku : In the first year we will teach you everything there is to know about Chakra and the three types of Jutsu. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and finally, Taijutsu. The last 2 years we will build you up, doing physical practice of Chakra control and usage of Ninjutus, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. Of course, some of you might not be good at one of the three types. So in the 2nd year we will see who specializes in what. So you cannot use Ninjutsu but are an expert in Genjutsu and Taijutsu. It's perfect. So you're more of an all-out guy and can't use Genjutsu too well. No problem at all. Perhaps your body was simply not build for Taijutsu. It's perfectly fine. We will see which of these qualities you posses and we will exploit them. *seeis another hand* Yes? State your little name. Full introductions will follow up shortly.
Dark : My name is Dark. My Senpai started the academy at age 8 and will end at age 14... Why are we held up from age 6 and only til age 10?
Shikaku : That will be answered when you finish the academy. *smirk*
Dark : I see.
Shikaku : Now then! Introductions, please. First. *points*
Connor : Yeah! My name is Connor Damms! I am a Spiderhog, meaning I can use Spider-like powers through my Ninjutsu! I like flirting with girls and playing video games and I hate when my Internet Connection gets cut off and I'm left hanging... My dream is to become a good ninja, have a wife and a kid and live a good life! I may be a lazy butt sometimes but I was born in this village and that I can't change. It's a bother but I gotta make the best of it!
Shikaku : I see. *thinking : Much like Shikamaru. This will be interesting.* Next.
Sam : My name is Sam Parish. I am a chameleon as you can see so I'm quite good at sneaking up and go around undetected. I like handdrawn animations a lot and I dislike rabid fanboys... My goal is to be someone who can help out with whatever needed!
Shikaku : Hm! *nods**thinking : A kind spirit and a brilliant stealth technique. Very good.* Next.
Liam : I am Liam Shinsuke, of the Shinsuke clan. We specialize in Mystic Style Ninjutsu and control over all elements. Thogh not many of my clan had managed it. My dream is to become one who can control all elements!
Shikaku : Great power... Comes with a great responsibility. What do you intend to do with that great power?
Liam : To act as a bridge towards complete peace between the Five Nations.
Shikaku : Hm. *nods**thinking : Such wisdom at such a young age. He'd be a good Hokage...*

A few minutes later :

Shikaku : Ok. You there with the big red eyes. You're next.
Dark : *stands up revealing his outfit**wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a zipper going up his chest and the Uchiha Logo on the back, a pair of black pants that make it look like he's wearing a one-piece suit, black wrist bands and black sandals* I am Uchiha Dark. I am a member of the Mobian Uchiha Side Branch. There used to be lots of us but not many females, and so we could not reproduce too much. My mother and I are the last of our kind. I like to read and learn new techniques and I really hate when I screw up. My dream is to become a great ninja like Sasuke-Senpai. And so, help him obtain his goal. To kill that one somebody who used to give him everything, but has taken it away mercilessly...
Shikaku : *narrows eyes**walks towards Dark and pets his head* Sasuke has a great darkness within him... You must help dispell that darkness... Are you up for it?
Dark : If I'm needed to...
Shikaku : *nods**walks back* Alright. You're last.
Jorge : *slams his hands on the desk* YOSHA!!! *leaps over to the teacher's desk**wearing a red shirt with the Uzumaki logo on the back, a pair of blue pants and red shoes with a dark blue stripe across**crosses arms* I am Uzumaki Jorge!! I love Ichiraku Ramen and I love it when Naruto-Sensei treats me to it. But it's even better when Iruka-Sensei treats us both to it! I hate the 3 minutes I need to wait for the Ramen to cool down. My dream is to beat Naruto-Sensei to his goal and become Konoha's best Hokage ever!! And then everybody will know my name and respect me! And then, and then, my face will be craved up there and scare the crap out of all the enemies!! BELIEVE IT!!!!
Everyone : *akward silence**crickets heard outside*
Shikaku : *facepalm* Geez... Not another Naruto... *sighs* Alright! That's all. It's breaktime. We'll continue later. Go outside and meet your superiors. *everyone going outside*
Dark : *exits his desk**runs outside on the roof**looks around* Ah! *running* Sasuke-Senpai!
Sasuke : *eating a riceball* Mm? *looks back* Dark.
Dark : *arrives* Yo!
Sasuke : How was your first hour in academy?
Dark : The teacher's great and most people I'm with seem nice and smart and strong. *sweatdrop* Except for that rainbow quilled dobe....
Sasuke : Hm... !! *pulls him aside*
Dark : Woah!
Jorge : YOSHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *crashlands**all the children look at him**comes out of the hole he made**coughs*
Dark : *sweatdrop* What do you want?
Jorge : *points at him* SHADDAP!!
Dark : ...
Jorge : *points at Sasuke* You're mister big shot that always makes a fool of Naruto-Sensei!! I hereby declare war on you!!
Sasuke : What...?
Jorge : Fight me, teme!! *failed battle stance*
Sasuke : *sighs*...
Jorge : YAAAAAAAH!!! *dashes at him**throws a punch*
Sasuke : *evades with ease**grabs his arm**throws him over the rail*
Jorge : Eh? EHHHHHHH!!!! *falls down*
Sasuke : Be careful with this guy, Dark... He's a bigger idiot than Naruto...
Dark : *sweatdrop* I... I can see that...
Sasuke : Well then, I'm heading back to class. I'll meet up with you at the Academy gates after classes.
Dark : Kay!
Sasuke : Hmph. *walks away*
Dark : *thinking : The Academy... Just you wait mom, Sasuke-Senpai. I'll become the pride of the Uchiha Clan one day!**grins*

To be continued.
Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's child Part 2
Part 2. Forming up the characters and introducing a few others.
It worked out. I can't belive it. This is officially my best birthday ever!! Yes, Elisabeth and I are engaged. Tomorrow we're going to whereever we need to go to make it legal and all. Her dad was kinda shocked and said that if I don't make her happy he'll chop my balls off >.>;;; But we'll be happy, I know it. So yeah... Once we finish Highschool we'll get married and go through College togheter and when that's over with mabye we'll add a little "Robin" to our nest <3 Ah, planning ahead XD Anyways thank you all for your birthday wishes and gifts, I really appreciate them all :) See ya around!
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I had liberty but I did not see it.
I had time but I did not know it.
And I had love. But I did not feel it.
Many decades would pass
Before I understood the meaning of all 3.
And now in the twilight of my life
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Love, liberty and time.
Once so dispossable.
Are the fuels that drive me foward.
And love must especially mio caro.
For you, our children, our brothers and sisters.
And for the vast and wonderfull world that gave us life.
And keeps us guessing.
Endless affection mio Sofia.
Forever yours... Ezio Auditore.."

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