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I am thou... Thou art I... by foxmaster55
I am thou... Thou art I...
I haven't drawn a pic of Nero in a looooooong time. So here's one. I was too lazy to draw Johnny so I re-used him from this : Uncontrollable

The phrase "I am thou... Thou art I..." is a common quote of the signature Personas of the protagonists of the Persona Series when they are being summoned the first time. The complete quote varies a bit throughout the series, but the general meaning is almost the same. Archaic grammar is deliberately used here to denote the figure that the Persona is based on originated from ancient mythology.

I just realised how cool Johnny and Nero would fit in into the Persona Series. Truth be told I found out about Persona around July 2014 and I created Nero sometime in 2013 or so. Oh well.
Nymphetamine by foxmaster55
So about 3 days ago Elisa sent me this song… that she found, saying she loves it. I listened to it a few times and I was amazed by it. The song itself is so beautiful and well sang. And the message is very interesting too. It can be comprehended in 2 different ways. For broken couples it represents a message of a love so powerful that even when it's thought to be dead there is still a glimpse of it. And for couples it's about their addiction one to another tying them togheter like a red thread of fate (which is why I used that in the drawing). Both messages mean the same thing : This is a song about the perfect love.

The lyrics I used are my favourite from the song. I wanted to draw this in a demonic/gothic/noir mashup style. I'm not sure if I did a good job though. I decided to use our demonic powers from my DevilHunterX series, namingly Elisa's Inner Animal possession/Kyuubi possession (in Burning Chronicles) and for me I used Nero's eyes. 

Anyways hope you like it.

Song by Cradle of Filth.
Dragon Ball Multiverse - U13 Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 by foxmaster55
Dragon Ball Multiverse - U13 Vegeta Super Saiyan 3
It's been so long since I didanything Dragon Ball Z Related. This isn't really a drawing though. It's more like colouring. From Dragon Ball Multiverse Page 941 (… ). I made him undamaged because... Well idk I just like it more this way. I'll mabye do a damaged version when I'll have the time. But anyways, here he is, Hyper Vegeta! 
Original drawing by Asura.
Dragon Ball Multiverse created by Salagir and initially drawn by Gogeta Jr.
Vegeta and the Super Saiyan 3 transformation are created by Akira Toryiama.
True Hyper Dark by foxmaster55
True Hyper Dark
This is Dark's True Hyper Form. If Dark manages to use Chaos Control to evolve the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds then he can access this. His Ultimate Form. While in this form, his body temperature reaches that of the sun, and his hits leave the opponents with burning bruises. His entire body is glowing and that is why his clothes' colors are lighter. In this form he is almost a Pure Chaos Entity. Almost. 
Theme Song :…

Original Hyper Form idea created by SEGA.
Pure Light and Pure Darkness by foxmaster55
Pure Light and Pure Darkness
I don't know why I drew this honestly :/ Oh well. This is a little antithesis between Hyper Dark and Nega Dark. Hyper Dark represents Dark's power of Pure Light and Nega Dark represents Dark's power of Pure Darkness. So yeah... 
My friends, the year 2014 has been both wonderful and awful at the same time. It was wonderful because it was another year spent with my love and with my friends, a year which was filled with Full Age parties. A year of exploring Europe as I've done with Elisa and our parents, a year of somewhat creativity since it's the year I've started my Batman Beyond stories which some of you seem to enjoy. But it had its downfalls too in Media Industry such as movies and video games. First of all it was a sad year, because Naruto has ended. After all these years of constantly following that blonde hyperactive ninja who loves Ramen, I must say I broke into tears as I've read the final Manga Chapter. Speaking of Manga, it was also the year when I simply gave up on Bleach. It got boring for me honestly. Nothing more than a series which throws a super overpowered villain at us only to make the main character even more overpowered. Seriously why not make Ichigo God and be done with it. Ugh. It was also an year of dissapointment. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 the video game was dissapointing. Assassin's Creed Unity was dissapointing, and then... Then there's Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. I've watched a full Walkthrough of this game and I must say... Say whatever you want about Sonic 06 but this one is WORSE! The story is interesting but the gameplay is just bad, the game is glitched as fuck and let's not mention the injustice done to Knuckles. Therefor this game shall be called "Sonic' 14".... But anyways, it's time to look past all that. Time to look ahead and hope that 2015 will be a good year. Well for me it will because it's the year when I'll get married with Elisa. Other than that I hope it will be a good year. And I hope it will be a good year for you guys as well.
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foxmaster55's Profile Picture
John Wilson
Name : John Wilson
Gender : Male
Age : 16

It's time I did something with this DeviantID XD Sooo about me. Meh I'm just your average Joe living every day like it's Hell on Earth, either spending time all day outside with Elisa or locked in my room drawing XD I'm a dirty-minded asshole and sometimes a pervert :iconjiraiyagrinplz: And I'm obssessed with boobs... Like honestly... Boobs... XD Kinda annoys Elisa sometimes but meh she gets over it XD I'm usually selfish unless it comes to Elisa. If it's not Elisa then I just do whatever I can to make things easier and better for myself without caring about the others. One day I will rule this world with Elisa by my side MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ahem... Yeah... My favourite animes are let's see : Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki. I used to like Bleach but it became stupid and weird in the Manga so I gave up on it. Also I'm more of a comic book guy. Marvel, DC, Image Comics, you name it. I've read plenty of comic book series not just Batman and Spider-Man comics like your average comic book reader.



"When I was a young man.
I had liberty but I did not see it.
I had time but I did not know it.
And I had love. But I did not feel it.
Many decades would pass
Before I understood the meaning of all 3.
And now in the twilight of my life
This understanding has passed into containment.
Love, liberty and time.
Once so dispossable.
Are the fuels that drive me foward.
And love must especially mio caro.
For you, our children, our brothers and sisters.
And for the vast and wonderfull world that gave us life.
And keeps us guessing.
Endless affection mio Sofia.
Forever yours... Ezio Auditore.."

Requiescat en pace.... Mentor... :iconezioauditoreplz:

Metalhead here!!

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