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Hey, guys. Just wanted to let you know I'll be less active this week. Got a big shitbomb project to do for college. Technical drawing. Lots of Geometry. I have 2 drawings planned out and also began working on the next Chapter for Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's Child. But I'm gonna hold them back for a while since I really gotta have this shit done by Friday. Normally I'd have my first drawing done by tomorrow but yeah. 


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John Wilson
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces

Name : Uchiha Dark
Specie : Hedgehog, Demon.
Gender : Male.
Village : Konohagakure.
Current Kage of the village : Uzumaki Naruto - Hokage.
Rank : Chunin.
Jinchuriki : Yes.
Bijuu : Kurama (Hell Clone)
Elements : Katon, Raiton, Enton.
Jutsu knowledge : Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Senjutsu.
Favourite Jutsu : Chidori, Enton : Kagutsuchi.
Kekke Genkai : Sharingan, Rinnegan.
Special Abilities : Modo RaienAku.

Relationships :

Family : Uchiha Angellica (Mother, Deceased); The Great Demon Lord Byoukaku (Father, Deceased), Karya (Brother), Uchiha Haruno Sakura (Adoptive Mother), Uchiha Sasuke (Adoptive Father), Uchiha Sarada (Little Sister).

Wife : Casey. :iconknuxrocks28:

Rival : Uzumaki Jorge. :iconj-thedemoniclighthog:

Best Friends : Uzumaki Jorge :iconj-thedemoniclighthog: and Galxina the Psychic Cat :icondarkmythicpsychiccat:

Team 7 : Uzumaki Naruto, Uzumaki Jorge :iconj-thedemoniclighthog:, Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Dark, Uchiha Haruno Sakura, Galxina the Psychic Cat :icondarkmythicpsychiccat:.
Leading Jonin : Hatake Kakashi.




Bleach 675 - Ichigo by foxmaster55
Bleach 675 - Ichigo
Yeah, yeah, I know that I'm a slowpoke and there's probably already forty thousand people who colored this panel by now, but I don't give a fuck! 

GOD DAMN YOU KUBO!!! GOD FUCKING DAMN YOU!!! You fucking troll!! I was SO close to giving up on Bleach entirely because it's become so blunt, boring, and drags on forever! And what do you do? You fucking give us Kenpachi's BANKAI and now THIS!!!

I was actually working on another Natsu pic when I paused to go read the new Bleach Chapter. I'll be honest, throughout every page, all I could scream in my head was "GO HOLLOW!! GO HOLLOW!! FUCKING GO HOLLOW ALREADY!!! IT'S BEEN 5 FUCKING YEARS!! aaaaaaaaaand he did.

Guys, let me tell you. The moment I saw the last panel, I had the same fucking reaction as when Spider-Man showed up in the Civil War Trailer. I just jumped out of my chair and started jumping around and screaming in joy! I don't give a fuck that he doesn't have a mask! He fucking did it! He fucking called upon his Vasto Lorde form!! And hey, for you guys who would've preferred him to have a mask on, chill out. He's still in Shikai. He didn't use Bankai. In other words, this ain't even his final form, bro! Sure it looks a little bit funny with just one horn, but you guys know I'm a sucker for half-demonized/half-hollowfied characters so I fucking love this so much!

Also, I noticed that the markings are the exact same as they were when he fought Ulquiorra. Meaning that if he does end up using the whole form, it will look exactly the same as it did back then, unlike how other people thought it would have different markings or something. I guess Kubo didn't want to just go "I know you haven't seen Ichigo go Hollow for 5 years, so here's the same old mask you've seen before because I'm too stupid to come up with something new." and he's probably saving up the full form for later. Honestly, I would love it so much if Ichigo could somehow make Hollow "Zangetsu" Ichigo materialize and have them fight side by side. It would be so friggin awesome.

Anyway, the moment I saw this panel I fucking dropped everything that I was doing and jumped on this bad boy to color it. Been working on it since last night. I tried my best to make it look like the anime. Even took some colors straight from a screenshot of Ichigo in the anime. Could've done a better background but hey, the original panel had nothing drawn in the background so I said "Y'know what? Fuck it." and just put a blunt Gradient coloring there.

Anyway, I hope you like this!

Kurosaki Ichigo, Bleach (C) Tite Kubo.
Lineart and Colors done by me.
Original Panel :…
(Naruto Shippuden OST - Konoha Peace :… )

It's been 1 month since the battle against Chronos. Konoha has been completely repaired from all the damage that it sustained during the fights.

Gal : *walking* EEEEEH!? All that happened while I was away!?!?
Sasuke : *walking* Yeah, pretty much.
Dark : *walking* But it's ok. We took care of it! *grins*
Naruto : *walking* It was pretty rough, but we pulled through.
Jorge : *walking* Where were you, anyway?
Gal : I was in the Psychic Realm, forced to attend a meeting with all the Gods... But I managed to skip it, though I couldn't leave the Psychic Realm until now because I had some other things to do... I have no idea what they were discussing about, though.
Sasuke : Chronos.
Naruto : Chronos.
Jorge : Chronos.
Dark : Chronos.
Gal : How do you know that!?
Dark : My brother was part of the meeting. And he came here to help us out.
Gal : -.-*
Sasuke : Oh well, we won, either way...
Gal : Did you guys have any trouble?
Jorge : *stops and smirks* Yes... *hands in his pockets, eyes closed* But in the end, I managed to outsmart and overpower the enemy. I taught him what it means to fear me. And using the power of the Crystal of Time, I managed to drive him awa-
Naruto : *anger mark**punches him in the head* We all did our best, but in the end Dark took care of everything.
Gal : *hands on her hips**smiles* Figures. He always does.
Dark : Eh?
Gal : You're always the guy who wins, in the end. The fight with Zeref, our mission in Kagegakure, and so on.
Dark : I-I don't win alone. Everybody helps out.
Gal : Yeah, but at this point, none of us can keep up with you.
Jorge : Don't be ridiculous, princess. I can kick his ass any day!
Gal : Did you just.... Call me princess....?
Jorge : Yeah, so?
Gal : *eyes glow*
Jorge : *glowing light blue* Eh? *thrown miles away* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE--!!!!
Everyone : *sweatdrop*
Naruto : *smiles and sighs* Y'know, I'm actually kind of relieved-ttebayo. Every day he's starting to become more and more like the old days. Still a little arrogant prick, but at least he's the old arrogant prick.
Gal : Well, that's also thanks to Dark, for knocking some sense into him.
Dark : *sweatdrop* Wh-Why do you keep praising me...?
Gal : ^_^
Sasuke : Don't get in over your head because of it, Dark. You're good. But you've still got a long way to go. You couldn't beat me in a fight, the way you are now.
Dark : H-Hai...
Naruto : *sweatdrop**thinking : I know Sasuke's talking big like that to keep Dark motivated to keep training, but at this point, I'm pretty sure he'd mop the floor with either of us. Though, if we team up on him, yeah...*
Dark : *raises his fists and glares at Sasuke* Oh, just ya wait! One day I'll fight you in a real battle and show you what I can do!
Sasuke : Hn. I'll be waiting for that.
Dark : *grins*
??? : Minna!
Everyone : ?
Sakura and Hinata : *walking to them*
Gal : Sakura-San! Hinata-San! Congratulations! I heard that you're both pregnant!
Sakura : Oh, that's right, you've been away for a while. *smiles* Yup! Hinata's already 2 months pregnant. I'm just 1 month. ^_^
Hinata : *nods* Mm! *rubbing her slightly bigger belly* It's starting to show. ^_^
Naruto : ^_^
Sasuke : *smiles*
Dark : ........

Kurama : Well, we can both agree that Sakura's quite the moaner.

Dark : ..... *punches his own stomach*

Kurama : Ow!

Sakura : ! What's wrong?
Dark : *face red* Nothing! ^////^;
Hinata : Either way, we should be heading over to the Hokage Mansion. It's going to start, soon.
Sasuke : Oh, that's right.
Gal : Eh?
Dark : Huh?
Naruto : What is-ttebayo?
Sakura : *hands on her hips* Sheesh, I can understand Gal, since she's been away, but what excuse do you two have, Naruto, Dark-Kun?
Naruto : Uhh...
Sasuke : Haven't you noticed that the other Kage have arrived in the village?
Dark : I was in The Forest of the Dead, training...
Naruto : I was asleep. ^^;
Sakura : *sighs* Well, nevermind. Let's go. You'll find out what's going on, soon enough.

Later, the whole Village had gathered at the Hokage Mansion :

(Fairy Tail 2014 Main Theme :… )

Kakashi, Gaara, Ay, Mei and Onoki : *on the roof of the Hokage Mansion*
Onoki : It's become quite lively here!
Kakashi : Yeah. It's because this is a major event.
Ay : Are you sure about hosting it within the whole village? There might be some collateral damage. You've just finished putting the Village back together.
Kakashi : It's fine. There are only 3 people that I can think of who are clumsy enough to make a total wreck of their battle zones, but they mostly love to fight outside the village. That's why I made the Training Field and Forests available as well.
Mei : In any case, this should be a very interesting competition.
Kakashi : *nod*
Gaara : It seems everybody is here. I think now's a good time as any for your announcement, Hokage.
Kakashi : You're right. *takes a mic* Thank you all for being here today. Some of you may know this, some of you may not, but we Five Kage have decided to do something interesting to give you all a little adrenaline boost. So we put together a Tournament for you. A "Battle Royale" if you will. Of course, it isn't an obligation. Take part in this Tournament only if you want to.

Dark : *stars in his eyes* Oooooh!! So that's what it is! A Tournament!
Naruto : *stars in his eyes* With ALL these people here?!
Dark and Naruto : YOSHAAAA!!!
Sasuke : *smirks and shakes his head slowly*
Sakura : *sighs* It's not hard to get you two happy.

Kakashi : Each one of you will be handed a Crystal, based on your Rank. Jounin and Chunin will get a Red Crystal. Genin will get a Blue Crystal. Red Crystals are worth 5 Points and Blue Crystals are worth 2 points.

Chunin : *handing out crystals*
Dark : *gets a Blue Crystal* Eh? Blue?
Sasuke : *also has a Blue Crystal*
Naruto : *also has a Blue Crystal*
Jorge : *also has a Blue Crystal*
Gal : *has a Red Crystal*
Dark : Nande?
Sasuke : The 4 of us are still Genin, technically.
Naruto : Yeah. Jorge and I went to train with Ero-Senin, and you two were at Orochimaru. During that time, the Chunin Exams took place again.
Dark : Huh... Oh well, makes no difference! *holds the Crystal tight in his hand* Heheheh! I'm gonna win this for sure!
Jorge : Don't get ahead of yourself, I'm gonna pound EVERYONE here into the ground!
Dark : *looks at him with his eyelids lowered**smug grin and anger mark* That's quite a dream you've got there, Usuratonkachi.
Jorge : *giving him the same look* What was that? Care to repeat that?
Dark and Jorge : *smack their foreheads together**electric current between her eyes*
Dark : I'll say it as many times as you want, U-su-ra-ton-ka-chi~!
Jorge : Temeeee... How 'bout we settle this right here and now, huuuh?
Dark : *pressing his forehead harder* Fine by me...!
Jorge : *pressing his forehead harder* Then let's get to it...!
Gal : *grabs them by their coats, pulls them back from each other and knocks them hard into each other* That's enough out of you two!
Dark and Jorge : *fall down* @_@
Naruto : Hahahahaha. That's really nostalgic. Na, Sasuke?
Sasuke : Hn. Yeah.

Kakashi : *had witnessed the whole thing**thinking : Ah, memories.* There is a Time Limit to the first round of the Tournament. *Timer appears on a screen next to the Five Kage, set to 5 hours* Collect a set number of Crystals within the Time Limit and you'll advance to the Finals.

Naruto : Sounds simple enough.
Dark : *looks at Sakura* Oh, yeah! Kaa-San, are you also participating? With the baby on the way?
Sakura : No, sweetie, I'm gonna sit this one out. But I'll cheer you and Sasuke-Kun on!
Dark : Oh okay! ^_^...... !! Cheer me and Tou-San on... That's right!!! *points at Sasuke* Tou-San!! Finally the time has come!!
Sasuke : *looks at him**smirks*
Dark : *clenches his fist and grins* I'm gonna show you what I can do!
Sasuke : Hn. You'll have to find me, first. The moment Kakashi gives the start, I'll warp away from here. You want to fight with me? Find me. Be warned. I will lower my Chakra below sensing levels.
Dark : *grins* Heh! I'll find ya! You'll see!
Sasuke : I'll be waiting.
Sakura : *smiles at them*

Kakashi : Now, to reveal what the prize of this Tournament will be. The winner of this Tournament will be granted one request by us, the Five Kage. Anything you wish for, be it within our power, we will give you.

Gal : Oh, wow! That's quite a prize!
Jorge : Heheh... Finally. I will wish to become Hokage, and have a whole golden statue made in my honor!
Gal : Don't make me hit you again......
Naruto : Hmmm... *thinking : Kurama, help me out here. Lower Ramen prices, or more Ramen shops?*

Naruto's Kurama : As if I give a fuck...

Naruto : =_=;
Sakura : What would you two wish for?
Sasuke : I don't care about the request. I just wish to sharpen my skills. This Battle Royale is a very good opportunity to do so.
Dark : Umm... I don't exactly have anything I want. I pretty much have anything I want. I dunno, maybe have my brother be recognized as a citizen of Konoha? Although I don't know if he wants to be a citizen of Konoha... *grips fist* Nah, doesn't matter! I want to test my skills against everybody too! This will be fun! Moete kita zo!!

Kakashi : Alright. This is all the information. The rules are simple. No killing. No dirty fighting. Just fight to your heart's content and don't hold anything back. Oh... And uhh... Please don't wreck the village... The people I'm refering to know who they are.
Dark : ^^;
Naruto : Y-Yeah... ^^;
Sasuke : ...
Jorge : Yeah, yeah...
Kakashi : Alright. So that you don't all jump at each other's throats right here and now, I will ask everybody to scatter around the village right now. Once this whole area is clear we will fire a signal in the sky, and the Tournament will officially begin. Now then, which one of you shall triumph as the greatest Shinobi who ever lived? *throws his right arm to the side* LET'S FIND OUT!!!! *crowd yelling "YEEAAAAH!!!"* Yosh! SPREAD OUT!! *entire crowd begins to split apart and everyone is rushing in a different direction*

Dark : Yosh! Let's do this!! *looks at Sasuke*
Sasuke : *gone*
Dark : Ah!? That was fast.
Sakura : *walking off with Hinata**waving back at Dark* Dark-Kun, do your best!
Dark : Huh? Yeah! Definetly! Ikuzo! *flash steps away*
Jorge : Finally, my time to shine has come! *flash steps away*

Ay : That's quite the enthusiasm they've got.
Mei : This should be fun!
Onoki : Now then, let's see what these youngsters are capable of.
Gaara : Hm.
Kakashi : *nod**area around the Hokage Mansion completely clear of Shinobi* Yosh. *hand signs**fires a large string of flames in the sky and starts the Timer*

(Song Stops) :

Dark : *lands on the edge of the rooftop of a longer building**looking around and sees Shinobi fighting everywhere* Man, they're really getting it on. Alright then! Time to find Tou-San! Kurama, I want you to focus on picking up Tou-San's scent!

Kurama : A'right. This should be an interesting little game.

Dark : Yup! *starts to see his own breath* Huh? *blows and sees his own breath* Cold? *turns around*
Taka : *walking towards him**stops the cold* Got your attention!
Dark : *smirks* I figured I'd run into ya during this tournament sooner or later.
Taka : Yeah. I want to test my skills against you. We're both Devil Slayers of the two most opposite elements. Fire and Ice. Hot and Cold.
Dark : Heh. I guess you could say... *throws a pair of sunglasses on* I'm hot 'n' you're cool!


Taka : *sweatdrop* Y-You've been waiting to make that pun for a long time, haven't you...?
Dark : Oh you have no idea. *takes the sunglasses off*
Taka : R-Right.
Dark : Anyway. *stretches**grips fists* Ikuzo! *Sharingan*
Taka : Yeah! *Sharingan*
Both : *dash at each other*

(Fairy Tail 2014 OST - Ice Edge Exhibition :…) :

Dark : *flicks 5 Shuriken in his hand and throws them at him and thrusts his other hand towards the Shuriken* Moeru! *ignites them in black flames*
Taka : *swings his left arm to the side* Tōketsu! *Shurikens freeze**runs through them, breaking them**slides and stops* !? Wha-?! *looks around but doesn't see Dark*.... ! *looks up*
Dark : *in the air**has a black flame around his right fist**sclera black**dashing down at Taka* Kasai Aku no-!!
Taka : Tch! *Demonizes* Hyoma no- *inhales deep*
Dark : *thrusts fist* TEKKEN!!
Taka (Demonized) : *blows an ice blast at him* HOKKOOO!!!
Both : *clash their attacks*
Dark : *struggling to push down* Ngh! Gh!
Taka (Demonized) : HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *pushes through*
Dark : !! *froze into an ice cube*
Taka (Demonized) : Yes!
Dark : *ice cube cracks**breaks out, Demonized* That's cold! *lounging at him*
Taka (Demonized) : Heh! *lounges at him**swings a kick*
Dark (Demonized) : *blocks**swings up a kick*
Taka (Demonized) : *leans back, evading it**falling down* Ice Make... *Ice gathering in his hands*
Dark (Demonized) : !
Taka (Demonized) : HAMMER!! *swings an ice hammer at him and whacks him hard*
Dark (Demonized) : Nuagh! *flown off the building**lands on the street* Tch!
Taka (Demonized) : *falling dowards him*
Dark (Demonized) : Heh! *black flames shoot out of his his hands, taking a rough shape of wings* Kasai Aku no...! *dashes at him*
Taka (Demonized) : !!
Dark (Demonized) : *swinging around, while crossing his arms**leaving trails of black flames*
Taka (Demonized) : !! *looks around as the trails of flames start to flow around him*
Dark (Demonized) : *dashes right past Taka and spreads them* YOKUGEKI!!!
Taka (Demonized) : *blasted away hard from all the flames* GAAAAAAH!!!
Dark (Demonized) : *lands**flames fade away*
Taka (Demonized) : *crashes down*

(Song stops) :

Sasuke : *watching them from a rooftop*... Hn... I'll let you finish here, then. *warps away*

Dark (Demonized) : ! *looks back but doesn't see anything*...

Sasuke : *appears in the Hidden Leaf Forest* ? You're already here, huh? Let's begin then.

Taka (Demonized) : *stands up* Ite-e. *cracks his head* Heh. Not bad, cous'! But I can do better than this!
Dark (Demonized) : That so? *smirks and taunts him* Show me!
Taka (Demonized) : Heh! *rushes at him* HAAAA!!!
Dark (Demonized) : *dashes at him* HAAAA!!!

Kaera : *slides back**pant*
Lee : *slides leg to the side a bit* You're very good. However, I will not ne defeat so easily.
Kaera : Hehehe. We'll see about that, won't we? *throws multiple Shuriken at him*
Lee : *rushes at them and dodges all of them*
Kaera : *flashes in front of him as he is still dodging and drops smoke pellets*
Lee : !? *looks around* Hmmm... Konoha Senpu!! *whirls around and clears away all the smoke*
Kaera : *has a Fuma Shuriken in her hand* Dark taught me this one! *spins around and throws it hard*
Lee : *avoids it* Ha! *Shuriken puffs in smoke just as it passes him* Nani!?
Bunshin Kaera : *used Henge to look like the Shuriken* Here it is! My volleyball special! *grins and spin kicks him hard*
Lee : Uagh! *thrown off*
Kaera : *runs at him* Haaaa!! *uppercuts him hard with her fist griped in her other hand*
Lee : *sent flying up* Aaagh!
Bunshin Kaera : *leaps up at him* Mada mada! *spin kicks him to the ground and puffs away*
Kaera : *handsigns* Katon : Goryuuka no Jutsu!! *fires a large Dragon Fire Ball at Lee*
Lee : !! *gets hit and blasted through a tree* Uuughh...
Kaera : *winks and grins* Dark taught me that Katon no Jutsu too!
Lee : *gets up* That was very good. Truly you fight tenaciously and with a burning fire in your heart! I accept my defeat. *hands her over a Red Crystal and two Blue Crystals*
Kaera : ! 7 points! *grabs them* Yes! Thank you!
Lee : No, thank YOU! I need to train much harder! Would you like being my new training partner?
Kaera : Eh? Well, uhh...
Lee : *pulls out a green suit, like his, out of his pocket* Here, I even have a suit your size.
Kaera : *whacks him and sends him flying* THERE'S NO WAY I'M WEARING THAT!!!
Lee : *sparkles in the sky*
Kaera : Mattaku... -_-* ..... Allthough.... *imagines herself wearing that suit, doing a sexy pose* .... Actually, I think Dark might like it.... Ah well! *clenches her fist and smirks* I gotta do my best and make it to the finals! I'll show him how strong I am! *runs away**thinking : Wait for me, Dark! I'm gonna catch up to you!*

Dark (Demonized) : ? *sneezes*
Taka (Demonized) : Gazuntite.
Dark (Demonized) : *sniff* Thanks.
Taka (Demonized) : We wasted some time here. Everybody else probably already gathered crystals.
Dark (Demonized) : Yeah. So... *reverts to normal*
Taka (Demonized) : ?!
Dark : *hands on his hips**smiles* I'm not gonna continue. We're both clearly holding back.
Taka (Demonized) : Yeah. *reverts to normal*
Dark : I say we both do our best to get into the finals. *walks to him* And fight over there for real!
Taka : Yeah! I'll show you what I can do! *grins*
Dark : Heh! So will I! *grins*
Both : *bump their fists and quickly run in opposite directions*
Taka : Good luck, Dark!
Dark : You too, Taka!

Hot Springs Area :

Jorge : *lands**panting* Grrr...!
Sai : *flickers his brush* Ninpou : Chōjū Giga! *summons 2 panthers, drawin on his scroll**panthers rush at Jorge*
Jorge : Tch! *grabs 2 Kunais and dashes at them cutting them down**spins and throws a Kunai at Sai*
Sai : *draws out his blade and deflects it**hand sign**snake swirls out of the scroll and lashes at him*
Jorge : !! *throws his left arm forward as the snake wraps around it**pulls in and cuts the snake down with the other kunai he has**shakes the snake off* Grr!! *forms a Rasengan**rushes at Sai*
Sai : Hm. *handsign**summons a large tiger and sends it at him*
Jorge : *smashes the Rasengan into it, blowing it off*
Sai : !! *covers his eyes from the wind of the impact* Ngh!
Jorge : *rushes out of the explosion* Stay DOWN!! *punches him hard in the cheek*
Sai : *hits a wall and falls down* Ngh!
Jorge : *leans hand* Now, give me all your crystals.
Sai : Very well. *gives him two red crystals*
Jorge : *grips on them**smirks* That makes it 11 Points.
Sai : You're fighting style is very impressive, Jorge.
Jorge : Hn.
Sai : But your art is shit. ^_^ Bullshit even. A 3 years old can draw better than you. ^_^
Jorge : *glares at him*
Sai : I can provide you with art lessons. For free. Because your drawings are such an eye sore that I'm willing to pay you to take my lessons so that world must not be forced to witness such horrible drawings. ^_^
Jorge : .... *wind blowing in his quills**eyes shadowed*....

Jorge's Kurama : K.O.!!!

Jorge : .... *walks away slowly**black cloud above his head*
Sai : Hai, we'll start tomorrow then! ^_^

Genma and Raido : *walking, carrying documents*
Genma : *sighs* Well, this sucks.
Raido : Yeah... Why can everybody have a good time and fight, while we're stuck carrying these files.
Genma : Ma, it can't be helped I guess... *stops* Uh?
Raido : *stops behind him* What's wrong?
Ino : *smirks* You're good! I haven't had this much fun since I fought Sakura in the Chunin Exams!
Gal : *hands glowing* Heh! Keep fighting, I'll show you a great time! *runs at her and swings a kick*
Ino : *evades and swings a kick*
Gal : *backflips and lands on her leg, jumps behind her**lands* Ha! *accidentally bumps into Genma*
Genma : Hey! *crystal drops from his chest pocket*
Gal : Oops, sorry!
Ino : Ah! We didn't see you there! Gomen! Come on, Gal, let's take this somewhere else. *flashsteps away*
Gal : Right! *dashes after her*
Raido : Mattaku...
Genma : *trying to get the crystal with his toes* Ngh. Gh.
Raido : Just leave it. It's not like you'll need it...
Genma : Yeah, if we can't compete, these things are useless. *kicks it behind a box on the side of the road**keeps walking*
Raido : *keeps walking**both walk passed Ichiraku Ramen*
Dark : *lands on the rooftop of Ichiraku Ramen* Gaah! Where are you, Tou-San?! *looks around* I can't even sense him. Well, maybe I can sniff him out! *inhales deep**gathers up only the smell of Ramen**wide smile, drolling* That's a nice smell... *shakes head* No, no! Gotta focus! *stomach growling*.... Fine, one little bowl! *drops down and walks inside*
Teuchi : Oh, Dark-Kun!
Dark : Yo, Teuchi-San, Ayame-San! Can I get a quick bowl? I gotta get back in the game, fast!
Teuchi : Sure!
Dark : *sits down* Eh? *sees a red crystal on the counter* EEEEH!? Teuchi-San! There's a Red Crystal here!
Teuchi : Ah, yeah. Someone must've left it here. It's been here for a while now and nobody came in to claim it.
Dark : Then, can I take it?
Teuchi : Sure, I don't see any problem.
Dark : Yosha! *grabs it* Hehe! Well, let's make if fair. If the owner does come looking for it, tell him or her that I took it. *winks and grins* So that they can come challenge me and I can take more crystals, hehehe!
Teuchi : Haha! Okay!
Ayame : *gives him his bowl of Ramen* Hai, here you go!
Dark : Alright! Itadakimasu! *eats it quickly**slurps up all the soup**puts the bowl down* Aaah, Gochiso Sama! *pays up*
Ayame : Good luck, Dark-Kun!
Dark : *walks out* Haaai! *stretches* Yosh! Let's get back to it! *turns left and starts running* Gotta find, Tou-San! Huh?
Shino : *right in the middle of the road*
Dark : *stops* Uh...
Shino : I found you. I've been looking for you, Dark. Why is that? Because I wish to test my strength against you in battle. After all, you have, time and time again, proven your power. I cannot allow myself to fall behind. Why is that? It is because I am also a Konoha Shinobi, just like you.
Dark : *crickets sound*..... Who're you? o.o
Shino : .... *wind blowing* Nani...?
Dark : I don't think I've ever met you. So who are you?
Shino : How can you ask that...? Are we not comrades of the same village...?
Dark : Uhh... Well, yeah, but...
Shino : I'll give you a hint. I am part of Team Kurenai.
Dark : Uh? Team Kurenai? That's the team that Kaera was in! Sō ka, lemme think. *hand on his chin* Ēt-ooo.... Uhhh....
Shino : ....
Dark : Hummm.... Ā, sō ka! *point at him* It's you, isn't it, Kiba-San!!
Shino : *blue lines fade out of him*
Dark : Nanda, what's up with that get up? You're really creepy! Where's Akamaru?
Shino : ..... I'm not Kiba....
Dark : Oh.......... !! Oh! Now I know! You're the guy with the bugs! From the Aburame Clan! Shorin!
Shino : Shino...
Dark : Sh-Shino! Right!
Shino : How could you not recognize me?
Dark : Man, we never really met, face to face, and if you keep your face hidden like that all the time, nobody's gonna recognize ya!
Shino : Sō ka... Well, anyway, let us now fight for the crystals.
Dark : *battle pose* Yeah, let's go!
Shino : *slowly leaning his arms forward* I warn you. Do not take me lightly. *bugs slowly start to crawl out of his sleeves* Why is that? It is because I am not some weak opponent, that you can just take out in one hit. I will do all in my power to win this tournament.
Dark : =.=; Th-That's great and all... Can we start fight-?
Shino : Why is it that I want to win the tournament, you ask? It is because my wish to the Five Kage is for a natural habitat to be built, for all the insects to live in. Why is that? It is because insects play an important role in our ecosystem, and they provide just as much as people think they take away. For example-.
Dark : *punches him away with a black fire fist* You talk way too much....
Shino : *crashes into a wall and falls down* Ugh...
Dark : *sighs* Yosh, I beat you, and in one hit, so now hand them over.
Shino : *gets up* Ngh... Very well... Here... *gives him a Red Crystal and a Blue Crystal*
Dark : *takes them* Yosh!

Jorge : *lands on a rooftop, above the street* I found you, Dark...

Dark : Hehehe! That makes it 14 points! A good start! Arigatou, Shiro-San!
Shino : It's Shino...
Dark : Right. Sorry. ^^;

Kurama : ? Oi, Dark, watch out!

Dark : Huh? What is it, Kurama?

Kurama : I feel Bijuu Chakra walking behind us... Kore wa.... ! Gyuuki!

Dark : Eh? *turns around*

(Naruto Shippuden Unreleased OST 3 - Track 09 - Killer Bee's theme -… ) :

Bee : *walking toward him, moving in a rhythm* YOOO, Baka Yaro! Kono Yaro!

Jorge : Bee... Ugh... This will take a while...

Dark : Hey, I know you! You're the one Naruto-Senpai told me about! Ē-to... Killer Bee-San!
Shino : = =||| *thinking : You have never met him either, and you know his name....*.... *walks away*
Bee : ~Yes, that is me! The Jinchuriki, Killer Bee! My wits and my rhymes are all that I need, they are keys which I need to succeed!~ *throws arm up* WHEEEEEEE!!!
Dark : Huh. A rapper. Cool. *scratches the back of his head* I'm honestly more of a Metal kind of guy but yeah, Rap's okay too, I guess. Anyway, let's do this! *battle pose* I know why you're here!
Bee : Oh?
Dark : This'll be fun! It'll be awesome to fight another Jinchuriki! To see how Kurama fairs against Gyuuki!
Bee : Kurama? Sō ka. You have the Kyuubi in your soul, just like my little bro, Naruto! *holds out his fist* Hold your fist out and don't be bitter, let me know you just a little better! Yyyeah!
Dark : Eh? Ok. *bumps fists with him*
Bee : Hmmm.... Naru hodo. ~Spawn of the Devil, a child born from Hell! You were born to destroy us, but you're a good guy, I can tell!~
Dark : =.=; *thinking : This guy talks too much, too...*

Kurama : Don't lower your guard. From what my other told me, he may look like a buffoon, but he's very strong. He might actually give you some trouble.

Dark : Huh... Well then, um... Let's begin?
Bee : *waving his hands* No.
Dark : ...Uhh...
Bee : This battle won't be won with fists. If you want my crystals, you need to insist. Show me your rhymes, and you might just get a prize!
Dark : .... A Rap Battle?

(Song stops) :

Jorge : *grins**thinking : This will be so sweet! Dark sucks at rapping! He'll lose all of his crystals for sure!</i>*

Jorge's Kurama : Yup. Rap's the only thing that you're better at than him.

Jorge : *thinking : Yep........... WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE ONLY THING?!?!

Dark : *sigh* Shikata 'nai.... *starts to tap his foot in a rhythm**rapper pose* ~Very well then, my brotha, I'll take you up on your offa'! I'll admit my rhymes don't shine, but I won't run away and hide! If you really wanna sing, I'll give ya a nice ring!~


Bee : *grins* ~Hey, your rhymes are not at all bad, I might even say they're pretty rad! Your beat and tune are really good, it's like you came from somewhere in my hood! There's still things you need to learn, but my lessons are something you have to earn!~ Yyyeaaah!
Dark : ~Never checked if I could sing, it was never really my thing. But this fight, I wanna win! So no matter what, I'm not giving in!~

Jorge : *thinking : How!? HOW!? HOOOOOOW!?!?!?*

Bee : *moving around* ~Music is universal! It's a very strong proposal! It's the key to understanding, all the burdens on which we're all standing! So tell me through this rhyme, what is it you desire!~
Dark : ~I never thought of what I want, I'm just here cause it's fun! To test my skills is my desire, so I'm not going to tire! Be it rhymes, racing or fights, I just gotta hang on tight!~
Bee : YYYOOO! ~You're fighting spirit's burning hard! You're power level's off the charts! I know your past has left you scarred, but you get up and hit back hard!~
Dark : ~I've learned to leave the past behind! I look ahead, man, I'm not blind! I've learned a lot, lost even more. But I won't run out the back door!~
Bee : *smiles**swings his hand behind him* ~You stand up, proud and strong, and I really love your song! I can see a lot of pain, but I know that it's been tamed! There's one last thing I have to say, since you see Naruto, every day! Tell me how he ends his rhymes! *pulls out a Red Crystal and 3 Blue Crystals and leans his hand at Dark* And you can proudly claim your prize!~
Dark : *grins* ~You wanna know about Naruto? Where do you come from you dolt? I'll tell you all you need to know! *grabs the crystals, grins and winks* He's Uzumaki Naruto, Dattebayo!!~
Bee : *throws his arm up* WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Your song was good, Baka Yaro! We should do this again, Kono Yaro!
Dark : Hehehe! It was fun, I'll tell ya that! I think I'm starting to like this rap! *hears a voice shouting "Bullshit!" continuously, getting closer and closer* Eh?
Jorge : *lands hard* --it! Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!! BULLSHIT!!!! *walks to them* Since when can you fucking rap?!
Dark : Um... Just now I guess? All song genres have rhymes. With rap you just need to know the style.
Dark : From him? *points at Bee* He pretty much raps while talking. I don't need my Sharingan to learn fast, y'know.
Jorge : Is there anything you CAN'T fucking do!?
Dark : Yep. I was never good at losing to you! *grins*
Jorge : *growling* What did you say...?!
Dark : Rapping is the only thing that you could do better than me, huh?
Dark : Okay. Do a Chidori.
Jorge : AH-.............
Bee : Looks like this battle's heating up. I think that I should start backing up. *walks off*
Dark : *smirks* Welll, dobe? I'm waiting.
Jorge : I'm gonna kick your ass, right here, right now, take all your crystals, and win this thing!
Dark : Heheheh. Not here. We'll damage the Village. Come with me. *dashes off*
Jorge : Tch! *chases him*

Training Grounds :

Dark : *lands*
Jorge : *lands*
Dark : This is better.
Jorge : Hm...
Dark : So! What're you gonna wish for?
Jorge : ..... *sclera becomes black* For all Uchiha to be exterminate- *slaps himself, sclera turns back to normal* NO!! *points at him* I'm gonna make myself Hokage and make you my fucking slave! You're gonna spend all your life working for me!
Dark : *slowly shaking his head* Yare, yare... Alright, then. Let's see you make that happen!
Jorge : Temmmeeee....! Huh?
Dark : *reaches for his pocket*
Jorge : ?
Dark : *pulls out his old Headband**ties it tightly around his waist* The last time we fought, we were enemies. *Sharingan* This time, I want it to be as friends. Rivals. *smirks* And teammates of Dainanahan!
Jorge : *widens eyes*......*calms down**smiles**pulls out his Headband and ties it tightly around his waist* Yeah... You're right.
Dark : *smiles**moves his right arm and forms The Seal of Confrontation*
Jorge : *forms The Seal of Confrontation*
Dark : *smirks*
Jorge : *smirks*

(Fairy Tail OST - Taima Gekisen :… ) :

Dark and Jorge : *dash at each other**dash past each other and flash away**shadows are seen flashing around the area and clashing*
Dark : *lands on a tree and flash steps away as Jorge drop kicks in the tree, blowing it away*
Jorge : !
Dark : *flash steps in front of him and spin kicks him in the face*
Jorge : *thrown away* Ngh! *flips backwards once and gathers Wind Chakra in his right hand**throws a wave of wind at Dark*
Dark : *swings his left arm and forms a lightning wave at the wind wave**both waves clash and cancel each other out in a large, electrically charged wind blast*
Both : *dash at each other, inside the blast and clash hits hard, blowing the blast away**start to throw quick combos at each other, each one blocking the other's fist*
Dark : *thrusts his fist at him*
Jorge : *blocks it and thrusts his other fist at him*
Dark : *blocks it* Ngh!
Jorge : *struggling* Grrr!
Both : *pushing against each other hard**jump up, still holding each other's fists*
Jorge : *swings his right knee at him*
Dark : *blocks it with his right knee*
Both : *keep swinging their knees at each other*
Jorge : Haaa!! *breaks Dark's guard and releases his fist**punches him rapidly in the stomach, while still in the air**spin kicks him to the ground, pushing himself a bit higher in the air* Heheh. Huh?
Dark : *dirt made from his crash start to spin around him and blow away**glares at Jorge, sclera black and cheeks full* Kasai Aku no... *blows and fires a black flames blast at him* HOKKOOOO!!!
Jorge : !! Shit! *covers his face with his arms**blast hits him, but tries to block out most of the damage* Ngh!! *drops down as the blast ends* Whew.
Dark : *sclera reverts to white* Whew. Whadda ya say? That about wraps it up with the warm up?
Jorge : Yeah, I think we can get serious now. Don't wanna drag this fight on forever now, do we?
Dark : Yup. *activates his Mangekyo Sharingan*
Jorge : *eyes slightly glowing light blue* Kaze. *wind blowing around him* And! *enters Sage Mode*
Dark : Heh. *zooms at him, lightning strings flowing out of him*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *zooms at him, creating a small Sonic Boom*
Both : *disappear just as they are 1 inch away from each other**wind explosions appearing all around the area as they clash hits*
Dark : *dashing fast, lightning strings flowing out of him*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *dashing**throws a punch*
Dark : *dodges it so fast that it looks as if he phased through it**delivers a right cross to Jorge's left cheek*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *bursts out of their sped up momentum and hits the ground hard, bouncing from it**lands and slides back* Ngh!
Dark : *lands and dashes at Jorge**draws out his sword*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *lounges at him and draws out his Katana*
Dark : *swings hard*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *swings hard**blocks it, sparkles shooting out from the connected blades**swings aside and spin kicks him in the air*
Dark : Ngh!
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *falling down**sheaths his Katana and forms a Bunshin that grabs him and throws him at Dark before disappearing*
Dark : *engulfs his sword in lightning**Demonizes*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *forms 2 Rasengans, 1 in each hand* Rasen Rendan! *thrusts arms at him*
Dark (Demonized) : *holds his sword perfectly horizontal and blocks the two Rasengans* Ngh!!
Jorge (Sage Mode) : HAAAAAA!!!!
Dark (Demonized) : *narrows eyes as his Mangekyo glows**Susano'o aura forms around him and the skeletal arms form out of the aura**arms shoot out at Jorge*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : !! *pushes Dark back and pulls the Rasengans back, ramming them in the palms of the Susano'o arms* Ngh!! Grrr!!
Dark (Demonized) : *backflips and pulls back, retreating his Susano'o**lands as the lightning from his sword disappears**panting*
Jorge (Sage Mode) : *discharging his Rasengans as he lands**panting*
Dark : (Demonized) : Not bad, dobe!
Jorge (Sage Mode) : Yeah. You're not bad either. Whadda ya say we take it up a notch? *stands up**Vermillion Chakra flowing upwards around him**enters Kyuubi Sage Mode*
Dark (Demonized) : *Demon mass extends on all of his body* Fine by me! *stands up straight and enters his Demon Form*
Jorge (KSM) : *forms a Vermillion Oodama Rasengan* Haaaaaa!!!
Dark (Demon Form) : *forms an intense Inton Chidori* Haaaaaa!!!
Jorge (KSM) : *glaring at him*
Dark (Demon Form) : *glaring at him*
Both : *dash at each other*
Jorge (KSM) : *pulling his right arm back*
Dark (Demon Form) : *pulls his left arm back*
Jorge (KSM) : *thrusts forward* RASENGAN!!!
Dark (Demon Form) : *thrusts forward* CHIDORI!!!
Both : *clash hard**Vermillion wind strings and black lightning strings shooting out, around them, engulfing the whole area**ground shaking* HAAAAAAA!!!!!

Jack : YES!!! *aura bursts* KILL HIIIIIM!!!!!

Fleetway : Heh. *aura bursts* Ya won't mind if I join, won't ya, Aibou?

Jorge (KSM) : *Rasengan darkens**dark time Aura bursts around him**pushing harder, growling*
Dark (Demon Form) : *blood red Demonic Aura bursts around him**gripping tighter on the Chidori and pushing harder*
Jorge and Jack : *Jack's image flashing over Jorge* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Dark and Fleetway : Fleetway's image flashing over Dark* HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! *giant flash of light and explosion*

(Song fades out) :

Jorge : *dust clears**panting**falls down*
Dark : *dust clears**panting* Heheh... *throws his right arm up* SHOOOORI!!!
Jorge : *panting*
Dark : *walks to Jorge**leans his hand at him*
Jorge : *looks at him* Tch. *looks at his hand* ! ...... *smiles**grabs his hand and gets pulled up**looks at him*
Dark : *smiles at him*
Dark and Jorge : *form the Seal of Reconciliation*
Dark : That was a good fight!
Jorge : Hmph. Yeah. It was. *pulls out all the crystals he has* Here you go.
Dark : Keep them.
Jorge : ?!
Dark : I want you to make it in the finals too! I want you to beat all your opponents there and face me again.
Jorge : Teme... *smirks* Fine. You big softie. *puts the crystals back* Be careful. This decision could cost you your victory.
Dark : Heh. Then I hope you can provide me with a better challenge.
Jorge : Hn. Yeah. Whatever. *walks away*
Dark : Heheheh. *thinking : Yosh. I got plenty of Crystals as it is. And it's been an hour since the event started. Meaning we still have 4 hours left of the Preliminary Round. But I still can't find Tou-San... Where could he possibly be...?*..... AAARGH!!! WHERE ARE YOU, TOU-SAAAAAAAN!!!!...... *sighs*... *hears a powerful clash in the distance* !? That was from the Forest.... It's gotta be!! Tou-San!! *starts running towards the forest**grins**thinking : Don't go anywhere! I'm coming for you!*

To be continued.
Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's child Part 34
Yo, minna! I finally got my brain around to resume my story! Since I wanna drag on The Last Era as much as I can I keep brainstorming for new stories, whether trying to come up with a story all by myself, like the Children of Seth Arc, or like this one, where it is inspired by an already existing Naruto story that I didn't touch upon in my Universe yet. This story is inspired by the Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 OVA : "Finally a clash! Genin VS Jonin!". I thought it'd be fun, and since pretty much every Anime has some sort of Tournament going on sooner or later. Like seriously, a lot of them do. Naruto had the Chunin Exams, Fairy Tail had the Grand Magic Games, Dragon Ball series had the Tenkaichi Budokai and now the Multiverse Tournament in Dragon Ball Super, and while I did touch upon the Chunin Exams a slight bit in my story, I never actually showed any of the Tournament fights. So I decided to do this little thing. Difference is that unlike the OVA where only Konohagakure and Sunagakure participated, this time ALL the Five Villages participate. Not sure how much I'm gonna touch upon that, since I'm a lazy fuck, but eh, y'never know! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!

Naruto and all related characters are propriety of Masashi Kishimoto.
All Fan Characters used in this Fan Fiction belong to their rightful owners.

DISCLAMER : Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's Child is a non-profit Fan Fiction, based on multiple Original Manga/Anime series, such as Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Fairy Tail and so on, created by the brilliant minds of Manga writers such as Masashi Kishimoto, Tite Kubo, Hiro Mashima and so on, as well as containing characters created based on the concept of "Mobians" found in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game and comic book series, owned by Sega and Archie Comics. Please support the official releases!
Unknown Soldier by foxmaster55
Unknown Soldier
Show me what it's like
To dream in Black and White,
So I can leave this world

I've been working on this piece all week. I wanted it to be perfect. I know it's not. But hey, I tried. Not much else to say here, hope you like this.

Song by Breaking Benjamin.
Venom by foxmaster55
I was too tired to work for the College project anymore, so I just said "Fuck it, enough for today" and decided to color one of the 2 Venom sketches. I chose this one because I wanted to do it quickly and to pretty much be relaxed when doing it. I really, really love how this came out! This is my first real Venom drawing, til now I've only just sketched him here and there but I don't think I've ever actually drawn in digitally to post here. Oh well, hope you like it!

Venom (C) Marvel.
Hey, guys. Just wanted to let you know I'll be less active this week. Got a big shitbomb project to do for college. Technical drawing. Lots of Geometry. I have 2 drawings planned out and also began working on the next Chapter for Uchiha Dark : Story of the Devil's Child. But I'm gonna hold them back for a while since I really gotta have this shit done by Friday. Normally I'd have my first drawing done by tomorrow but yeah. 

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